“People here create and build things that improve accessibility and equality for everyone”

Lev Perlman, July 19, 2019 2 min read

Lev Perlman is a technology consultant and full stack software engineer from Israel. He was endorsed for the Tech Nation Visa in 2019. In the latest instalment of our series on exceptional talent, Lev tells us about his experience in applying for and receiving this Tier 1 Visa for the UK.

The tech scene in the UK is thriving, and not only in the capital. Wherever you look, there is someone trying to do something better, easier and more accessible for everyone. You never run out of things to learn, stories to hear, projects to work on and ways to help others.

UK tech doesn’t just innovate for the sake of innovation; people here think, create and build things for people, to improve accessibility and equality for everyone.

A lot of planning had gone into what I would do if I were endorsed, and when that moment finally came, everything escalated very quickly. Within two months I was in the UK, had started my personal consulting company, and was working with local entrepreneurs and startups, meeting new and interesting people all the time.

The endorsement not only gives you a “green light” to build your professional and personal future in the UK, but it also helps you to get involved with a wide range of growth programmes, highly skilled individuals, exclusive communities, potential clients and prospective investors.

Today I work as a consultant with various entrepreneurs and companies at different stages. I assist with delivering any aspects that a startup might require, which could be technological, structural, methodological, or anything to do with hiring, management and delivery.

It is very difficult for a person like me to believe that they are “exceptional”. But a lack of belief stops many people from achieving greatness. 

Because of that, I suggest completely detaching yourself and your feelings when you’re thinking about the visa, and preparing your application. Ask other people to assist you with it; look at the facts, read the requirements several times, and use a pen to mark which requirements you meet, and how.

You are going to be considered for endorsement by your work and your achievements, not your feelings or your self-confidence. So forget about these factors, and concentrate on the facts.

If you are considering applying for the Visa or are in the process, sometimes there is nothing better than a person to talk to. Don’t feel awkward or afraid, the Tech Nation Visa Alumni are genuinely interested in helping you. I would love to support anyone through the process and help in any way I can. Feel free to reach out!

If I were going to offer a single piece of advice to a prospective applicant, it would be this: being mindful and transparent about your failures, weaknesses and vulnerabilities is the only way to achieve greatness.

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