“Living in such a country is nothing short of a miracle. Nothing can prevent me from realising my dreams”

Mukesh Adhvaryu, December 11, 2019 3 min read

Our Tech Nation (Tier 1) Visa programme gives innovative and exceptional talent an opportunity to thrive in the UK. This month we spoke with Mukesh Adhvaryu who has been growing his business in London following the approval of his visa in 2016.

Here he discusses what the Visa means to him, his upcoming ventures and his advice to future applicants.

Living and working in the UK

The United Kingdom chases excellent talent because it knows that success will follow. To me, living in such a country is nothing short of a miracle and nothing can prevent me from realising my dreams, as long as I give my best to achieving them.

As for living here, where do I start? Beautiful landscapes, marvellous beaches, people with a great sense of humour! These all sit perfectly alongside such a morally and ethically unbiased work culture. This list is endless and collectively results in me saying that the UK and India are my home, the rest of the world is just a tourist destination.

Being recognised as an exceptional talent

Being endorsed as an exceptional talent was indeed an exceptional event. I am honoured to sit alongside hand-picked individuals. And although it feels comforting to have the power to fulfil my dreams, it scares me.

When you make a tall promise to an individual, it’s easy enough to live up to those expectations, but when you make a promise to bring exceptional talent to a whole nation, that becomes a whole new ball game.

Thoughts on the future

Moving here has made me dream about the United Kingdom and India working together to rule the digital industry.

I am committed to creating the next ‘Google Story’ but I am aware that two things may happen to me. Either I will die as an unknown techie who everyone forgets after his funeral or I will be remembered as someone who created history in the world of digital technology and made the United Kingdom and India very proud.

My hope is the latter and I aim to prove my worthiness through hard work, loyalty and unconditional love for my work.

I understand the complexity of this journey and often comfort myself with a quote from philosopher, George Santayana, who said that “difficult is that which can be done immediately, impossible is that which takes a little longer.”

I am incredibly thankful that I have five years ahead to address the “impossible” and “little longer” parts of the above!

My next projects

When I applied for the Visa, my dream project ‘mnmVirtualControlFramework’ was in a very primitive stage. Since then, it has evolved significantly and now stands thoroughly tested for the MS Desktop environment.

More recently we have developed a cross-platform 2D graphics engine and windowing system which has the potential to change the contemporary practises of UI development, as it can offer one of the lightest possible options for software development. This will also hopefully empower us to release the framework for other popular platforms such as Android, IOS, Mac-OSX and Linux.

Looking ahead, our next venture is a development studio with a view to enabling low-configuration machines to be self-sufficient for application development in the near future – cutting massive infrastructure costs of deploying high-end machines for the purpose.

Tips for Tech Nation Visa applicants

I would encourage anyone not to be daunted by the documentation requirements for the Tech Nation Visa, it may take a while, but you will figure it out.

Before you do anything, make the most of the information available in the public domain and make sure you keep to the guidance when applying.

Finally, this Visa is for people who want to make a difference. It’s for people who believe in themselves. It’s for people who strive to be a leader or who believe they have the talent the country needs.

If you are any of the above, then this is for you. As I said earlier, the UK chases excellent talent because it knows that success will follow, so make sure you are the talent they are looking for.

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