“It is definitely the most powerful and prestigious visa to be on”

Satyajit Das, April 27, 2020 3 min read

Satyajit Das came to the UK in 2014 to study a PhD at Cambridge. Originally from India, he specialises in software engineering and received the Tech Nation Visa in 2018. Here, he tells us why he chose the UK and his experience applying for the Tech Nation Visa:

“I came to the UK in 2014 to do a PhD at Cambridge University.  I really enjoyed being amongst so many brilliant and diverse groups of individuals, spanning a multitude of topics. After completing my PhD I stayed in the Cambridge area and started my job as a Software Engineer. As a working professional I can see how open the UK is, and how well it recognises talent.

My favourite things about living and working in the UK are the friendly people, the respect towards history and tradition, opportunity in every profession and a variety of options in sports or other leisurely activities.

It became much easier for me to continue working for my current company after getting the Tech Nation visa, since they no longer had to wait to get their sponsorship license. It made my transition from a Tier 4 Visa to Tier 1 Visa way easier.

Being recognised by Tech Nation has been a true honour. It has given me a lot of flexibility in my life as well as in my mindset. The UK is a truly unique country which offers a diverse range of options to everyone. And being endorsed here as a talent is a special feeling to me. It is definitely the most powerful and prestigious visa to be on. It has made me feel on top of the world and it’s humbling at the same time, especially when I meet other successful Tech Nation visa alumni with their incredible stories.

Due to the flexibility of this visa, I am now even more incentivised to work on my own ideas on top of my day job as a Software Engineer. One of the ideas I’m working on is a gamified vocabulary learning app called Coolern. I am currently in the process of launching it to some Indian school students who want to learn English.

Another idea of mine is a developer tool which helps Software Engineers understand code easily in a visual manner. I have found a co-founder to work with me on this idea and very soon we are going to launch it.

If you’re thinking of applying for the Global Talent Visa, first of all you should read through the criteria and documents list. If you feel like you can manage to get these documents then you should certainly go for it. Accept that it will take some effort and time to get through the whole process but it is definitely worth it!

However, if you feel like your profile isn’t up to the mark yet, the list will at least give you a good idea about the profile of an ideal candidate, and how you can put efforts in specific areas to reach that level. It may take time but it’s certainly achievable.

There is a very strong network of Tech Nation Visa Alumni through Slack and a Facebook group, so do join this if your visa application is accepted. We organise events at least once a month to get together, discuss ideas and we help each other out. Given the current situation with Covid-19, we have continued to connect through Zoom calls. We’re a very active community and always looking to be very welcoming to the new people who join us.

Apart from this, there are several Facebook/Meetup groups in most areas in the UK based on interests. For example I’m part of groups for tennis and software engineering. No matter what you like, you will find like minded people in the UK.

Do what makes you happy. Go for it even if it seems very hard. You will always end up making at least one person happy”


Can you see your own career thriving in the UK’s tech sector?

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