“Becoming a part of the UK tech scene was a life-changing experience”

Alejandro Brega, July 27, 2020 2 min read

Originally from Argentina, Alejandro is a tech founder. He holds a B.S in Computer Science and has extensive experience in technology, e-commerce, cryptocurrencies and online advertising industry (ad-tech). He’s worked with companies like Woord, MediaFem, OLX Group, and Telecom. Alejandro came to the UK in 2017 after receiving the Tech Nation visa in 2016. Here, he tells us his story.

“What I enjoy most about living and working in the UK is the British culture – it’s so rich in history and heritage, with lots of castles, churches, museums and beautiful countryside. Almost all cities in the UK have museums and castles, and a history that I enjoy learning about. I really like living in London, it’s a wonderful, multicultural city, and it’s close to almost any country in Europe.

When I first heard about the Global Talent Visa, I thought my skills would be a great fit for the tech sector in the UK. Being recognised by Tech Nation and receiving the visa means a lot to me. Tech Nation helped me take the first step when I arrived and receiving the visa gave me a lot of confidence to start my journey here.

Becoming a part of the UK tech scene was a life-changing experience. I met tons of smart people and learnt so many new things. After I received the Tech Nation Visa, I got my first job in the UK in a company called Softbit, a crypto exchange.

One very special thing that happened when I came the UK was that I was selected to be a founder on the Antler programme. Antler is an early stage VC and the world’s largest tech startup generator. The Antler program is divided into two phases. The first phase is dedicated to finding a co-founder, validating your ideas and then starting to build the business. At the end of this phase, all the teams present to Antler’s Investment Committee. When we presented, Antler selected the project I founded with two partners from the program, and we raised £120k in pre-seed money.

The second phase is an acceleration track, where my company Traktion was formed. We enable startups to scale by using AI to connect them to experienced and verified digital marketers. We are currently still in the second phase, and using the Antler funding to get enough traction to raise our seed round.

My advice to future Tech Nation Visa applicants would be to take advantage of Linkedin, it’s a really easy and effective way to reach leaders in your industry and get insights to the job market. All the people I contacted in the UK before coming here were super open to providing insights or feedback if asked gently. I also used Facebook Groups to find support and make connections; there are some private groups for visa alumni where everyone can share their experiences or ask for support.

If you’re still unsure on whether you should take the leap, I think the main phrase to keep in mind is  “Always do what you are afraid to do”.


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