Tech Nation Report 2019: a regional view

Kane Fulton, May 13, 2019 2 min read

Tech Nation Report 2019 has arrived. In preparation for a post-Brexit world, the report this year focuses on UK tech on the global stage. The connectedness of our world-leading clusters means that we can leverage strengths and support one another across the country, in order to succeed internationally.

At the same time, we know that digital tech workers value insights into the strengths and weaknesses of clusters across the UK. Tech Nation Report 2018 contained a number of key findings, one of which was that the country is made up of digital suburbs, not just cities. For 2019, we wanted to shift the focus to the UK’s 11 economic regions while bringing you the latest city updates.

Community focus

With that in mind, this year’s report is supported by Tech Nation’s region-focused Community pages: Scotland, North East, North West, Yorkshire, Northern Ireland, Midlands, East of England, Wales, London, South West, and South East.

To give an indication of each region’s performance, we’ve included the latest available figures from the ONS on Digital tech turnover; Digital tech business count; Employment in the digital tech sector; and Digital tech productivity per worker.

In what will be more familiar to Tech Nation Report readers, we’re also bringing you the latest city developments, company case studies and stakeholder viewpoints for the cities featured in last year’s report.

Instead of bombarding you with all of this new information, we’ll be publishing those to coincide with Tech Nation Talks. It’s the name of our UK tour, where we’ll take Tech Nation Report 2019 to 11 cities across the country starting in the North East on May 23.

Mapping tech performance

Because there is relatively little change in ONS data in a single year, we have decided to update the city-level stats featured in previous reports every two years instead of on an annual basis.

But don’t fret, stats lovers: for 2019 we have worked with Dealroom to produce an Ecosystem Map that will offer interactive insights into the locations featured in last year’s Tech Nation Report, so you’ll be able to get down and dirty with data relating to a city near you.

This is a continuation of our commitment to embrace open data following last year’s report, which fully integrated it for the first time. We’ll let you know when our Ecosystem Map is ready, so check back here soon.

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