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Following the recent launch of Tech Nation, we are running a series of profile pieces on each of the digital clusters featured in the report

South Wales is emerging as a tech force to be reckoned with as our report shows that there are 28,000 people in digital employment. The majority of the digital companies in the area are based in Cardiff or Swansea and 98% expect their revenue to grow next year. Startups in the area report great social networks  as a major benefit and are supported by organisations such as Welsh Innovation Centre for Enterprise and Cardiff Start.

Tech companies in South Wales have great options when it comes to co-working spaces with the likes of FoundersHub, Indycube, GloWorks and TechHub Swansea all providing affordable, collaborative options. This cohesive community feel is also boosted by industry groups such as Unified Diff, Cardiff & Swansea Start, Games Dev South Wales and Digital 2015.


The cluster has a wide range of talent, with key sector focus on HealthTech; Data Management & Analytics; and E-commerce, as well as great TravelTech, FinTech and games development companies. Successful local startups include health app Nudjed and photo printing API Pwinty.

Funds such as Business Wales’ Digital Development Fund and Cardiff University’s Fusion IP partnership were mentioned by three quarters of companies as having helped with access to finance, though funding remains a concern. Students are also assisted by the Alacrity foundation in Newport which helps graduates set up high-tech enterprises.


CEO of Welsh ICE, Gareth Jones, commented on the diversity of digital companies in the area: “It’s a really diverse sector. There’s a strong HealthTech community that works with the BioTech companies we have here, but also lots of data companies and E-commerce.”

Three companies were profiled in the report:



To find out more information about the South Wales digital cluster, download the Tech Nation reportview it online or visit our core project partner DueDil’s Online Interactive Guide.

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