Tech Nation Visa Alumni Network is here!

Maria Palmieri, July 31, 2017 2 min read

This article was originally posted on the Tech City UK website.

We’re excited to announce the launch of the Tech Nation Visa Alumni Network; a new group for exceptionally talented Tech Nation Visa holders providing networking opportunities, support, and advice for its members.

The Tech Nation Visa scheme has gone from strength to strength since it launched in 2014 to help attract the best tech talent in the world to the UK.

A fourfold increase in applications last year saw hundreds of world-leading individuals apply for the Tech Nation Visa from across the globe.

Tech City UK has now endorsed over 400 remarkable individuals for the Tier 1 (Exceptional Talent) visa for digital technology, including:

  • 89 applicants from the US, 76 from India, 25 from Nigeria, and 18 from Canada, Russia, and Australia;
  • Over 145 founders, making over a third of all visa alumni company founders;
  • 110 software developers, 55 business development specialists, 53 data scientists, and many more applicants active in a range of roles.

Our applicants chose the UK for the diversity of the local tech scene, the ease of starting and scaling a business here, and for the quality of its universities and startup accelerators. Hear for yourself in our video interview series with our alumni.

There is now a growing community of Tech Nation Visa holders working in the UK tech ecosystem. Our alumni are innovative, curious, driven, game-changing individuals. We recognise that our Tech Nation Visa alumni have a continued drive to learn and network as they settle in the UK and develop their ideas. That’s why we’ve created the Tech Nation Visa Alumni Network.

In the coming months and years, this group will function as a networking and support group for some exceptionally talented people who have chosen the UK to pursue their dreams in digital technology.

The group will act as the ultimate ‘soft landing’ for visa holders who’ve freshly arrived in the UK, often without contacts and far from their families. As well as practical advice on the seemingly simple – opening a bank account in the UK is harder than it might seem – it will provide support and networking opportunities for its members.

The Network contains the best of the best, and we will be working with some of our alumni as Ambassadors for the scheme, who will work to promote the scheme through their own networks and channels. Check out some of their profiles on the new Alumni Network page.

Going forward, we will work with our ambassadors – and our alumni more broadly – to promote this fantastic scheme to as wide an audience as possible, both here in the UK and abroad, helping to ensure that the UK benefits from world leading international tech talent.

Received your Tech Nation Visa and want to join the Alumni Network? Request to join the Linkedin Group here

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