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As WeWork continues to exert its dominance over the global co-working market and expanding its presence across the capital, we caught up with the London team as they open their largest space to date in the UK. 

As we open a new space in Moorgate, we couldn’t be happier to welcome UK creators to the WeWork community. As a global leader in culture, tech, and commerce – and as a city that strongly supports its entrepreneurs – London is the perfect fit for us as we continue to expand internationally.

Even before welcoming members to our first London space in October of 2014, we were impressed with the city’s strong small business infrastructure and creative scene, as well as the diversity of its tech ecosystem. Our community here is dynamic and eclectic: from freelancers and entrepreneurs, to startups and small businesses, and divisions of large corporates. There are constant opportunities for networking and collaboration, and the energy of this city is palpable, which is exactly the vibe we cultivate a community of creators.


(WeWork, Southbank)

As with expansion into any new market, there’s tremendous excitement, but also anticipation as to how our spaces and our community will resonate with the existing workforce. There are always cultural and logistical differences to consider with each location, and often a need to explain what WeWork is and what our value proposition is but as the Deputy City Lead, that’s part of the thrill: getting to know a city – its customs, its preferences, its quirks – and then allowing those things to inform the design and aesthetic of the physical space. We love joining neighbourhoods and inhabiting buildings with a story, and then creating a new story together.


(WeWork, Soho)

As evidenced by London’s booming startup scene, there’s been a shift in recent years toward a new way of work – a worldwide move towards entrepreneurial culture. We’ve seen it in the US and in major cities around the globe. Fewer people want a 9-5 job in a conventional office space. Instead, the growing generation of millennials in the workforce are looking for a more fulfilling experience. They want to be part of something larger than themselves, and WeWork is accelerating this movement by empowering our community to work to make a life, not just a living.

Our rapid growth in London is further proof of this shift. We’ve been able to connect with entrepreneurs, as well as with a lot of small businesses who are really appreciative of open collaborative environments. With 23,000+ members worldwide and more joining every day, we’re certain that the WeWork community will continue to strengthen. More members means more connections, which means more business. It’s a virtuous cycle.

Affordable space for startups and growing businesses is at a premium in London, particularly in the East End. We are excited to grow with the diverse and independent workforce here and help fulfill the demand for workspace. By expanding our presence in the UK – we’re getting ready to welcome members to our fifth location – we hope to reach an even broader pool of entrepreneurs, freelancers, and artists who are looking to build their life’s work.


(Tech City UK’s current home at WeWork, Moorgate) 

Whether at a desk Monday through Friday, or working from a common space once a month, becoming a part of WeWork means becoming part of a larger community and part of a network that extends beyond the confines of physical space. We’re always eager to connect with people who are bringing new ideas and innovations to the world. That energy is at the core of our value proposition, and we can’t imagine a better city than London for that energy to thrive.


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