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Over the next four weeks, we are going to provide you with the essential information you need to understand the European Digital Single Market strategy (DSM).

The Digital Single Market: Pillar 1

The Digital Single Market: Pillar 2

The Digital Single Market: Pillar 3

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The DSM discussions are very much in the incubation stages and it may be 2016 by the time we see any consensus or implementation. However, it’s vitally important that the UK digital ecosystem knows the facts. The proposals are hugely significant. It will have incredibly far-reaching implications for digital business operations across the EU. It covers everything from packaging to geo-blocking to broadband to the harmonisation of fiscal and consumer protection regimes.

Digital Single Market

The intention of the DSM is a positive one; for the consumer, the entrepreneur and policymakers. The scale of the approach is expansive but the three main areas of focus are harmonised e-commerce, creating a level playing field for digital networks and removing regulatory barriers to maximise the growth potential for all digital businesses operating within the EU. As with all such significant policy agendas, lobbies are gathering in all areas to campaign vociferously for and against; from US and BRIC fears of EU protectionism, to EU idealists promoting a genuinely free and empowered digital citizen. At this early stage we are tracking the DSM’s development closely.

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If your eyelids get heavy when you read policy jargon, here’s a short informative clip to get you started and stay tuned for our concise summaries of the main points over the coming weeks. Also, sign up for DSM event taking place on Tuesday, June 23rd.

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