The Power of Listening 

Gerard Grech, June 9, 2020 2 min read

Like many people, I have been reading a lot about the killing of George Floyd in America. Everyone will have their own personal responses to this event, and the long trail of historical wrongs that lie behind it. Mine have included anger at gross injustice; disappointment in humanity, and sincere hope that things will get better. 

As individuals we can look at these events, and choose to examine our own behaviour. The deeper each of us understands the depths of inequality and the tools to tackle prejudice, the greater the impact we can individually and collectively achieve.   

These are the commitments that we can each make to ourselves and to our colleagues. In a session last Friday, a number of our black colleagues shared their experiences with the whole company. It was an opportunity for everyone to listen and focus. I believe that even small, concrete steps such as this help build empathy and unity.

We know that we must start by listening more and better. Inequality exists in the wider tech sector, and as an organisation we have committed to action. We want to take time to hear, understand and work with black colleagues at Tech Nation, through our internal Diversity & Inclusion working group and in the tech community more broadly.  When we have consulted our team and the community, we intend to make decisions that can lead to real change.  And as we enact those steps, we will continue to engage inclusively and comprehensively to make sure we are on the right track. 


We are working towards three stages: 


  • Listen to and work collaboratively with black colleagues at Tech Nation, our internal Diversity & Inclusion group and tech community organisations and leaders. We will be looking to invest more in our D&I working group, providing it with the added tools it needs.
  • Gather best practice and excellence in anti-racism and inclusivity.
  • Understand what data can legally and practically be captured, so we are as transparently informed as possible as a sector and as an organisation.


  • Based on the above, assess, recommend and take the best actions, both short and long term, depending on their level of  lasting impact.


  • Continue to work collaboratively with tech companies, founder communities, media and investors to set best practice for the tech sector, resulting in greater equality and diversity.


As an organisation, Tech Nation works with hundreds of companies across the UK. We have a responsibility to strive for the best possible tech ecosystem, and offer resources for others to do the same. As a company committed to positive change, Tech Nation will stand firm when it comes to equal opportunity and genuine diversity. 

Getting it right takes time. Along the way, we may make mistakes. We look forward to working with the black and wider community and tech businesses to understand the change that is needed.

When we are confident that actions we can take are meaningful, inclusive and comprehensive, we will take the decisions that lead to real change, both in the short and long term. 


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