Taking your startup global: Tips from the CEOs of Trello and Typeform

Martin Bryant, May 24, 2017 1 min read

This article was originally posted on the Tech North website.

Last week, Tech North was at the TNW Conference in Amsterdam with our 2016 Northern Stars winners. We were mainly there to support the companies, but we took the opportunity to talk to some tech industry leaders. We focused on getting business advice from companies you might use yourself as a tech entrepreneur.

Michael Pryor is the CEO of Trello. Now part of Atlassian, this project management tool is a key part of many a tech company’s workflow.

Pryor told us how Trello’s original parent company, Fog Creek, learned from past mistakes to make the product a success. When it comes to going global, he says it’s all a case of planning ahead from the start.

David Okuniev is Co-CEO of Barcelona-based Typeform. The company’s form-building tools are popular with market research and customer service bods.

Okuniev told us what it’s like to share the CEO job with a colleague and transition from a life of making music to running a startup. As for going global? It’s all in the product.

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