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A Recent Report From the Startup Europe Partnership (SEP) has Identified 400 Tech Companies in the UK Classed as ‘Scale-Ups’.

The SEP aims to report on startups and startup success around Europe in order to act as a platform to stimulate the continent’s tech growth. They conduct investigations to define the trends occurring in the startup ecosystem in order to give an outlook of the future. Findings show that the UK has a large amount of tech scale-ups – ICT companies that raised more than £1m in the last three years. 15 UK-based companies also achieved what SEP class as ‘scaler’ status – having raised more than $100m each:


Findings from this report confirm many tech startups from the UK and beyond are making the successful jump to becoming multimillion pound companies and large job creators. As well as those raising over $100m, the report showed a total of 112 scale-ups raising more than $10m.  The report also shows that the UK represents 25% of all European scale-ups, 10% more than Germany – the next highest ranked nation:

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 16.01.02

Conducted by PEDAL Consulting and Ud’Anet under the framework of Startup European Partnership, ‘The Preliminary Study’ coincides with the opportunity for new companies to apply for Tech City UK’s Future Fifty programme. The Future Fifty is designed to facilitate access for members to Government, foster an environment in which companies can continue their growth in the UK, as well as build links to London’s institutional investor base and capital markets.  We recently released a report documenting the companies and their success, which can be downloaded here. Applications are now open for new members until November 27th.

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