Usecure helps your team get smart about security and avoid expensive mistakes

Martin Bryant, October 3, 2016 2 min read

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Picture the scene: an employee gets an email asking them to read a shared document. They click the link, enter their username and password… and your whole business is compromised because it was a fake email sent by scammers.

This is just one of the scenarios that Usecure, a new startup out of Manchester, wants to end. The company helps your employees get smart about information security – and then it makes sure they act smart too.

Usecure’s online interface tests all your employees about their knowledge of a range of issues like phishing, social engineering, and use of public Wi-Fi. Once it knows how much everyone knows, it can help each individual fill in the gaps in their knowledge via online training.

To make sure their newfound wisdom has sunk in, employees will get spot tests. For example, Usecure might send them a fake phishing email and judge them on their response. The startup reviews the content of its courses regularly to ensure it’s up to date.

Usecure lets you track your team's security awareness over time.

Usecure lets you track your team’s security awareness over time.

Fighting the rising tide

Major hacks hit the headlines with alarming regularity these days. That means data security should be a big deal for businesses large and small. Usecure is one of a number of companies that aim to reduce CEOs’ stress levels through employee training and testing. Other firms in the space include KnowBe4 and Meta Compliance, but Usecure hopes to stand out by personalising its training and testing to each individual employee’s needs.

Usecure is proudly based in Manchester and the founders say one benefit of the city is its strong tech and professional services sectors. That has made it easy for them to outsource many business functions locally, stay lean and focus on selling the product.

Usecure launches today at a price of £10 per user per year. The company offers site licenses for big businesses, a 25 percent discount for local government bodies and a 50 percent discount for the education and non-profit sectors.

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