12 of the Most Exciting Welsh Startups of 2016

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This article was originally posted on the Tech City UK website.

Tech Nation 2016 found well over 43,000 jobs in the Welsh digital tech economy and a digital GVA of around £600m. We hear about 12 exciting Welsh startups currently working with Innovation Point.

Here’s the low-down on 12 new digital companies making their mark on the tech scene. All based in Wales and being backed by Innovation Point, the organisation set up by Welsh Government to drive digital innovation and create opportunities.

They’ll be pitching to potential investors on 13 October in London’s Digital Catapult Centre as part of a ‘trade mission’ to London.  To find out more or to join the event on 13 October, please contact Innovation Point.

The Digital Dozen


The Cardiff-based startup was created to deliver business insights into possible technology or market disruptions by commercialising Intelligence Community artificial intelligence techniques initially developed for cyber surveillance.

The Company’s first product, DataVoyant, is capable of scanning all open Surface and Deep Web sources across every modern language; automatically interrogating, distilling and presenting underlying trends within hours using its proprietary and innovative technology.


Cellnovo is a state-of-the-art medical technology company specialising in diabetes, based in Wales and France. They have developed and marketed the world’s first connected all-in-one diabetes management system based on a micro pump that helps make life easier for patients.

Their breakthrough technology is comprised of 3 parts: an innovative patch pump that allows highly accurate and automatic insulin delivery, a sleek handheld device with an integrated blood glucose meter, food library and activity monitor, and finally, an online platform where data from the device is sent securely, wirelessly, and in real time.


Delio provides investment platforms to financial institutions that help better connect their high net worth clients with private market investment opportunities.


Delio was born out of the changing needs of today’s wealth creators who are increasingly investing directly in private equity, private debt and real estate, yet the offerings of financial institutions serving them have not evolved to meet these needs. 


DevOpsGuys help clients achieve greater customer engagement and unlock new revenue streams by making organisations more agile, scalable and responsive.

A global thought leader in the DevOps space, the company has been quoted in research by Gartner, Forrester and Microsoft, as well as contributing to several e-books from Computer Associates. Our blog has been listed in several global “Top DevOps blogs” lists.


doopoll is an online platform made for creating dynamic polls that enable effective decision making in workplaces. doopoll uses anonymous voting, live feedback, and offers its users the ability to edit ‘on the fly’ from any device.


Echosec gives people the power to search through social media based on location. The results of each search help to paint a picture of events as they are unfolding.

In less than a second their service is capable of contacting all of the services they tap into, aggregating and normalising their response, scanning for alerts and priority keywords and forwarding notifications directly to our users. The composite results are also live streamed to our connected end users.

Elidir Health

They provide core skills focusing on software development, design, project management and production we provide a practical, user-centric software solution to respond to the urgent need to simplify information flow within organisations.

A Global business-transforming data and care on the forefront of global tech and societal innovation, Elidir Health were established and through its associates now reaches Brazil, India, Australia, Colombia, and Spain.

Interceptor Solutions LTD

Have developed LinguaSkin – a product that enables a multilingual interface to be created for monolingual web applications quickly, easily and without changes to the target application.

LinguaSkin is unique in the market and is set to disrupt the multi-billion dollar software localisation industry. Their core technology product is WebSkin, a server based software application that intercepts web content after it is published from a web application. 

Learnium Limited

Learnium is a SaaS social learning platform that enables students and teachers to connect, communicate and collaborate online.

The company’s mission is to create a global learning network with people from all around the world connecting to learn. The Learnium team has began by improving online course delivery at both local and UK institutions, where they are focused on impacting 4.4M UK students.


A community-based learning tool that provides a safe and private environment in which participants of a leadership programme or a community of practice can share knowledge, support and learn from each other.

Noddlepod is unique in that it builds a knowledge database from the interactions of the community, allowing members to build on the collective wisdom of the group.


With offices both in Blaenavon and Pembrokeshire, RWA design and build e-learning solutions which are used around the world and that have focus on the learner. RWA designed, built and now continue to run the Aviva Development Zone online learning platform which provides eLearning solutions for over 8,000 insurance brokers in the UK.


Based in the Welsh Capital, Wealthify are an online investment service using technology and smart algorithms to democratise investing.

Their technology makes investing quick and intuitive and puts the customer in the driving seat: they use sliders to tailor their plan and can sign up in less than ten minutes, online or via mobile. Customers are always in control and get 24/7 access to a dashboard, where they can see exactly how their plan is performing and which funds their money is invested in.

Find out more about the Welsh digital tech economy by visiting the dedicated Cardiff & Swansea web page we built, following Tech Nation 2016.

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