What are the opportunities and challenges for digital tech founders in Norwich?

Kane Fulton, May 10, 2019 1 min read

What does Norwich have to offer ambitious digital tech entrepreneurs? We asked the following stakeholders and business leaders to find out. For granular data on Norwich’s digital tech ecosystem – including its companies (and founders), accelerators, and workspaces – see Data Commons.

Sarah Mintey, founder and CEO, Developing Experts, says:

We have an excellent talent pool to draw through the University of East Anglia. The Local Enterprise Partnership has also invested in the company. As a result, we are committed to building a global company with Norwich as its HQ. We have a number of major opportunities that we are currently working towards both in the UK and overseas, so we are having to maintain a balance and focus on both.

Neil Garner, founder and CEO, Thyngs, says:

The business was founded by people already based in Norwich and there is now an excellent local talent pool driven by many fast-growing local tech businesses. There is also a fantastic grassroots local meet-up and event scene, which culminates every year in a 54-Hour hackathon called SyncTheCity. We are currently working with many UK businesses, while also working for many global brands. We also have sales presence in New York and Sydney, have manufacturing partnerships in China and expect increasing international business.

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