What is the Tech City UK Cluster Alliance?

Avatar, July 17, 2014 1 min read

This article was originally posted on the Tech City UK website.

We like to think of the UK as one big brain, with tech clusters across the country – like different parts of the brain—talking to each other and sparking innovation.

That is why we’ve created the Tech City UK Cluster Alliance. The Alliance is focused on surfacing digital expertise across the UK; helping clusters and the companies within them find customers, partners and funding; enabling the UK wide digital community to feed back to Government and have a strong voice in the conversation; and working to build a blueprint for the build-out and growth of new clusters.

There is a huge opportunity to make the most of our cities’ respective digital strengths. Every city is a tech city, with its own unique DNA. Cities need to build up their local tech skills and infrastructure, while forging deep links with other tech clusters across the country. We’re better when we work together – our voice can be louder.

The current clusters in the Alliance are Scotland, Northern Ireland, Manchester, Newcastle, Sunderland, Liverpool, Birmingham, Bristol/Bath, Cardiff, Sussex, Cambridge and Sheffield/Leeds.

On Thursday 17 July, we are bringing together 5 of the UK’s tech clusters where each will showcase 2 early stage startups to represent their region. We intend to mix tech talent from across the UK with investment opportunities and new relationships. The following clusters will be making an appearance: Manchester, the North East, Bristol, Cardiff, and Sheffield/Leeds.