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  • ACT Blade Ltd

    ACT Blade Ltd logo

    Edinburgh | Energy & Electricity | @ActBlade

    ACT Blade's vision is to produce the next generation of wind turbine blades for a net-zero future. The company is developing a lightweight and modular blade using sustainable and cost-effective processes and materials capable of delivering a step-change increase in energy production and reduction in costs.

  • Ambue

    Ambue logo

    Oxford | Buildings & Cities

    Ambue gives people information and advice to use energy more efficiently in their homes, by creating a unique Digital Twin of each home which is used to analyse the energy use and automatically generate technical documents, so that contractors can carry out the work. Our users save energy, which means they save money, put less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, and help combat global warming.

  • Better Origin

    Better Origin logo

    Cambridge | Agriculture | @BetterOrigin

    Better Origin develop and operate insect bioconversion solutions that allow farmers and food producers to turn food and agricultural wastes into valuable nutrients through insects. The company's goal is to democratise access to insect farming so that any farmer can access insect waste repurposing possibilities, in turn helping reduce the footprint of agriculture.

  • Bx Technologies Limited

    Bx Technologies Limited logo

    London | Carbon Removal & Offsetting | @BxEarth

    At Bx, we’re on a mission to show everyone that food can restore the Earth. Our climate technology platform helps consumers to choose fruit and veg that’s putting carbon back into the soil. We also work with the growers that produce these crops – helping them adopt regenerative farming methods with practical, data-powered clarity. Through our platform, growers, retailers and consumers gain the knowledge to turn intention into action.

  • Carbon Infinity

    Carbon Infinity logo

    London | Carbon Removal & Offsetting

    Carbon Infinity is developing a cost-effective, modular technology called direct air capture (DAC), removing carbon dioxide directly from the air in the atmosphere. Advanced carbon-capture sorbent material and module design, combined with waste heat or renewable energy and water, can be used to form the building blocks of the industrial economy; whether non-petrochemicals, plastics, synthetic fuels for aviation or shipping, and atmospheric carbon-enriched products (concrete, carbon nanotubes). Carbon Infinity is initially focused on facilitating the de-fossilisation of hard-to-decarbonise sectors.

  • Catagen

    Catagen logo

    Belfast | Transport | @Catagen

    CATAGEN provides best-in-class emissions data to the automotive industry, providing physical and virtual testing of catalytic converters for leading brands such as FERRARI, McLAREN, KTM, BENTLEY, ASTON MARTIN, JAGUAR LANDROVER and DUCATI. CATAGEN’s purpose is to clean and decarbonise the air. It provides customers with unique data so that they can develop their vehicles with the best calibration and thus optimised emissions. We are now using our patented re-circulating gas reactor test technology to develop new net zero technologies to produce green hydrogen and e-fuels more efficiently and with reduced energy input to decarbonise difficult sectors such as transportation and industry. This has led to UK Government funding awards from the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy to develop 5 projects within the green hydrogen value chain, including compression and carbon capture technology.

  • Earth Blox

    Earth Blox logo

    Edinburgh | Environmental Monitoring | @EarthBlox

    Earth Blox is a code-free, cloud-based, Lego-like SaaS that allows up-skilling of global teams in planetary scale satellite intelligence. Users can DIY their own Earth Observation Solutions using Earth Blox's modular blocks to rapidly identify illegal activities like deforestation and mining, monitor a supply chain, manage post-disaster recovery and support nature-based solutions. Earth Blox enables anyone, anywhere to customise their own satellite intelligence to exactly suit their needs.

  • Electric Assisted Vehicles Limited

    Electric Assisted Vehicles Limited logo

    Oxford | Transport | @EAVcargo

    EAV are the leading provider of last-mile transport solutions specifically designed for our evolving urban environments - making them zero-emission, low cost, reliable and future-proof.


    EMSOL logo

    London | Smart Cities | @emsol_iot

    EMSOL deploys leading-edge air pollution monitoring in conjunction with state-of-the-art, real-time vehicle tracking technology. By intelligently combining these datasets, EMSOL can, with unparalleled accuracy levels, identify exactly the who, what, where and when of pollution. This allows EMSOL customers to evolve from passive ‘observers’ into proactive climate heroes and achieve their net-zero goals.

  • Gardin

    Gardin logo

    Oxford | Agriculture | @GardinAgritech

    Gardin’s remote sensing technology aims to empower food producers by monitoring and delivering insights on plant health versus the growth environment to reduce waste and make growing food more sustainable. Gardin’s full-stack solution is engineered to measure plant crop physiological traits such as photosynthetic activity, biotic and abiotic stress and nutritional density. It will also drive correlations between the physiology of the plants/crops and the growth environment so producers can make meaningful interventions exactly when needed.

  • Magway

    Magway logo

    London | Supply Chain Solutions | @Magway_Limited

    Magway is a zero-emissions, scalable, intelligent goods transport system. Magway redefines logistics with a disruptive transportation system for consumer goods and raw materials that is intelligent, cost-effective and emissions-free. The system comprises high-speed, advanced software-controlled, linear motor carriages that can travel horizontally and vertically along routes which are just one metre in diameter. Magway’s solution improves the cost, control, certainty and cleanliness of intra-site and inter-site supply chain logistics. The company is currently focused on intra-site opportunities.

  • logo

    Reading | Energy & Electricity | @MeasurableUK’s platform aims to eliminate all wasted energy and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from buildings, automatically and without any extra burden to occupants. The m.e platform focuses on Small Power, sometimes known as Plug Load power, which can account for up to 40% of a commercial buildings’ energy consumption and has no useful management system. The m.e platform is designed to fit into this management gap, reducing total energy costs and GHG emissions by up to 50%, providing around a 4-year payback, and boosting occupant sustainability behaviour.

  • Miralis Data

    Miralis Data logo

    Lancaster | Energy & Electricity | @Fuuseio

    Miralis Data develops products that support the transition to zero-carbon vehicles and make companies more productive and efficient through better use of their vehicle fleets and the goods that travel on them. Miralis' main product is Fuuse, an electric vehicle charge point management platform that enables organisations to deliver more for their drivers, minimise operational costs and create new revenues.

  • Oxwash Ltd

    Oxwash Ltd logo

    Oxford | Washing | @oxwash

    Oxwash offer sustainable, on-demand laundry and dry cleaning services to both B2B and B2C market segments. Oxwash is a tech company at heart, with an in-house team of developers building a scalable solution to power the international laundry revolution.

  • Paua Tech Limited

    Paua Tech Limited logo

    London | Transport | @EvPaua

    Paua makes public electric vehicle charging a simple experience with a mobile app for drivers to find, charge and pay for charging through aggregating chargepoint providers and drivers. Businesses are supported with a centralised billing function and a fleet managers dashboard.

  • PowerMarket

    PowerMarket logo

    Oxford | Energy | @PowerMarketAI

    PowerMarket is digitalising and consolidating the entire life-cycle for enterprise solar assets, saving customers over 90% of their time and resources by providing an alternative solution to the current management which is riddled with long, expensive, fragmented and manually driven processes and software tools.

  • Qualis Flow

    Qualis Flow logo

    London | Buildings & Cities | @QualisFlow

    Qflow enables developers and construction teams to better manage their materials and waste. Using a unique combination of artificial Iintelligence and machine learning, Qflow automates the digitisation of material tickets and waste transfer notes as they enter construction sites, independent of supply chain systems. Qflow provides direct access to critical information on site, ensuring quality and safety of products.

  • Ripple

    Ripple logo

    London | Energy | @RippleEnergy

    Ripple enables people and businesses to part-own large scale wind farms and have the low cost, green electricity they produce supplied to them via the grid through utility partners. Ripple is the UK's first clean energy ownership platform, making fractional wind farm ownership and supply simple and affordable. The mission is to make clean energy ownership affordable and accessible to everyone.

  • Satellite Vu

    Satellite Vu logo

    London | Buildings & Cities | @satellitevu

    Satellite Vu was founded in 2016 with the aim to fill the void in high resolution thermal data from space. It has, since then, turned into a high-growth space tech company poised to help the globe address its sustainability challenges through high-resolution thermal imaging. Satellite Vu is on a quest to ensure any structure on the planet is energy efficient, and supports the reduction of businesses’ carbon footprint. In near real-time, Satellite Vu will use infrared technology to monitor the Earth and will be able to assess and determine insights into economic activity. This will allow businesses to make decisions in order to become more environmentally sustainable. Other techniques are more expensive, requiring dedicated inspection, and require users to know what structures to examine. Satellite Vu’s data gives a global picture and can help with lead generation, and like for like comparison globally

  • Solar Polar

    Solar Polar logo

    Peterborough | Energy | @SolarPolar

    Solar Polar has developed solar cooling that delivers the cheapest Watt of cooling. The system is designed to manufactured in the developing world and provides cooling for refrigeration and air-conditioning without any electricity or gas, using only natural refrigerants.

  • Solivus

    Solivus logo

    South East | Energy & Electricity | @solivus

    There are 2.5 billion metres squared of south-facing roofs in the UK alone. If half of these had solar, it would be enough to provide half the UK's electricity needs without the need to develop on greenfield sites. Solivus is an energy company decarbonising the planet starting with lightweight solar. Solivus wants to enable businesses, and - from next year - homeowners, to transition to cheaper, cleaner onsite energy generation for independent supply and control. In recent years, solar has progressed from a niche technology. Yet, we don’t see it on top of big stadiums, industrial estates or shopping centres. Many large buildings simply cannot take the weight of conventional solar and many homeowners do not like the look of solar on their roofs. The built environment contributes to 40% of global emissions. A new type of solar that is far lighter than conventional solar can turn low-load-bearing rooftops into high-energy generating assets.

  • Sourceful

    Sourceful logo

    Manchester | Supply Chain Solutions | @sourceful

    Sourceful is an end-to-end sourcing and supply chain platform focused on sustainability. With Sourceful, businesses can source, configure and design sustainable packaging from a network of vetted suppliers and automate their inventory replenishment. They can also leverage Sourceful's proprietary life cycle assessment tool to understand the impact of product decisions in real-time and offset their carbon footprint to achieve net zero.

  • Sphera

    Sphera logo

    Durham | Buildings & Cities | @spherauk

    Sphera is an award-winning speciality materials start-up focusing on low carbon, next generation construction material alternatives for the race to Net Zero. Their products include the world’s first carbon zero and carbon negative concrete blocks, and admixtures to accelerate concrete curing rate and decrease cement content. These innovations help to simultaneously tackle climate change and plastic pollution.

  • Spherics Technology

    Spherics Technology logo

    Bristol | Carbon Calculation | @Sphericstech

    Spherics is a cloud-based platform to help businesses measure, mitigate and manage their climate impact. The system integrates with established software packages and tracks and visualises the client's carbon footprint in near real-time. It then makes custom suggestions on how to reduce the impact by matching company data trends with climate science research, to offset any unavoidable carbon emissions.

  • Sunswap Ltd

    Sunswap Ltd logo

    London | Transport | @sunswap_ltd

    Sunswap is developing hardware and software to accelerate the decarbonisation of transport refrigeration. Sunswap's battery- and solar-powered transport refrigeration unit (TRU) replaces dirty and loosely regulated diesel incumbents currently used by supermarkets and other refrigerated fleet operators.

  • Supercritical

    Supercritical logo

    London | Carbon Removal & Offsetting | @gosupercritical

    Supercritical help businesses get to net zero by measuring their carbon footprint and selling them high quality carbon removal offsets.

  • Sylvera Ltd

    Sylvera Ltd logo

    London | Carbon Removal & Offsetting | @SylveraCarbon

    Sylvera considers itself the equivalent of Moody's credit ratings for carbon offsets. The company uses machine learning and satellite data to rate nature based offset projects. The market reference data produced is being adopted by the biggest buyers, traders and exchanges.

  • The Tyre Collective

    The Tyre Collective logo

    London | Transport | @Tyre_Collective

    The Tyre Collective is a cleantech company building innovative solutions to save our air from tyre wear. Tyre wear is the second-largest microplastic pollutant in our oceans and a stealthy source of air PM pollution. The company is spearheading the capture and monitoring of tyre wear, accelerating the shift towards zero-emission mobility.

  • Tred

    Tred logo

    Leeds | Finance

    Tred is a consumer fintech whose mission is to make money work for people and the planet. Its first product is the UK’s first green debit card that lets users track, reduce and offset their carbon footprint as they spend, and plants trees with profits. The company will soon be launching more products, like green investing and a sustainable marketplace, to help people turn more of their money green.

  • Unicorn Biotechnologies Ltd

    Unicorn Biotechnologies Ltd logo

    Cambridge | Biotech & Life Sciences | @Unicornbio

    Unicorn Biotechnologies is developing a fully automated manufacturing platform to enable cellular agriculture producers to seamlessly scale products from the lab bench to supermarket shelves. The full stack platform combines hardware, software and analytics to completely automate cellular agriculture manufacturing, reducing costs and increasing product quality. By providing a clear path to take cellular agriculture products to industrial scales, the company aims to drive the transition to animal free agriculture.

  • Xampla

    Xampla logo

    Cambridge | Biotech & Life Sciences | @XamplaUK

    Xampla makes a replacement for specific microplastics and single use film packaging, targeting three launch applications with a patented, next generation material: plant protein. Xampla aims to become one of a handful of biobased majors by 2040, supplying plant-protein and other related materials to the major plastics customers.

  • ZUoS Ltd

    ZUoS Ltd logo

    Edinburgh | Energy & Electricity | @ZUoS_energy

    ZUoS is an energy services platform to plan and operate a decarbonised energy system. ZUoS provides the ability to predict, schedule and control flexible demand at the local level in homes and businesses. By focusing locally, ZUos provides visibility and control enabling more renewables, low carbon heating and EV charging to be installed within each community.

Net Zero 1.0

  • Airex

    Airex logo

    London | @Airex_vents

    Airex has a mission to end fuel poverty. Aiming to reduce home energy consumption, Airex is an IoT-enabled smart ventilation control that helps reduce heat demand in homes, whilst managing indoor air quality. The system's in-built smart sensors monitor and analyse environmental conditions, while its cloud based algorithms automatically regulate air flow. Airex is approved by UK energy regulator Ofgem to be adopted under the ECO (Energy Company Obligation) scheme.

  • Antonym

    Antonym logo

    Leeds | @antonymtech

    The road freight market is worth £2.5 trillion, but it's a big culprit when it comes to carbon emissions. Antonym is tackling the issue with smarter, safer, cleaner and greener logistics. Using proprietary in-house EV technology and advanced manufacturing techniques like Metal 3D printing, Antonym offers a bolt-in plug and play solution to electrify existing diesel trucks to make them electric, zero-emissions, and noiseless.

  • Better Dairy

    Better Dairy logo


    Better Dairy leverages precision fermentation to produce animal-free dairy products. Unlike many existing plant-based products, Better Dairy’s products feel and taste the same as their traditional dairy counterparts, but don't use animals as part of the production process, making them sustainable and ethical. Better Dairy is in the final phases of R&D and plans to have its first product range, animal-free cheeses, ready by 2023, with market launch set for 2024.

  • Boxergy

    Boxergy logo

    Edinburgh | @BoxergyLtd

    The best way to drive adoption of clean energy is to lower the cost. Boxergy’s mission is to provide home energy cheaper, greener and smarter by selling it, and the hardware required, as a service. Their Hero platform brings together existing low carbon technologies to maximize efficiency and integrates them with their smart tariff. This allows customers to buy energy when it's cheap and green, and use it when they want.

  • Circulor

    Circulor logo

    London | @Circulor1

    Manufacturing and recycling supply chains are complex, global and often involve dealing with human rights or environmental issues. Circulor empowers businesses to fully manage their supply chains and drive responsible sourcing and recycling. Circulor creates an immutable record of the chain of custody of materials, linking the end products to their source. This traceability data also enables organisations to make informed decisions to reduce their carbon footprint.

  • Clubzero

    Clubzero logo

    London | @cup_club

    Clubzero is a platform for brands and retailers to manage and track consumer reusable packaging for the Food and Beverage industry. On a mission to reduce single-use plastics from circulation, Clubzero enables customers to halve CO2 consumption by switching to reusable packaging. Clubzero manages its end-to-end reuse system by charging customers a flat per order fee to collect, sanitise and redistribute their packaging.

  • Connected Kerb

    Connected Kerb logo

    London | @connectedkerb

    Moving to electric vehicles en masse is impossible without the corresponding infrastructure. Connect Kerb’s EV charging and smart cities infrastructure champions sustainability, connectivity and flexibility. Connected Kerb are innovating and developing an entirely new, environmentally sensitive combined infrastructure that has the potential to enable everyone to transition to electric vehicles, while providing an interoperable platform for current and future technologies.

  • Earthly

    Earthly logo

    London | @projectearthly

    Earthly is a tech platform giving businesses a new way to lead the fight against climate change. Focused on natural carbon removal, Earthly helps businesses invest in natural climate solutions that take them beyond carbon-neutrality to become climate-positive. Investments support projects that protect, restore and re-establish crucial ecosystems like forests, peatlands, mangroves and seabeds. Each project is vetted by an independent scientific board, monitored by satellite, and visualised on a shareable immersive platform.

  • Electron

    Electron logo

    London | @ElectronDLT

    Electron is an energy technology company unlocking value in decarbonising energy systems by enabling granular, market-based interactions. Electron’s product, ElectronConnect, is a market platform for use by network operators, distributed energy resource operators and others to optimise the combined use of network capacity and zero carbon, zero marginal cost power. Ultimately, the deployment of multiple applications of ElectronConnect will deliver a system-wide market infrastructure offering opportunities for innovation and efficiency in energy system management which are not available in the undigitised systems of today. Electron is accelerating the energy industry’s transition to Net Zero.

  • elmo

    elmo logo

    London | @elmodrive

    elmo is a carbon neutral electric car subscription service providing flexible and affordable EV 'usership'. The platform offers fully-integrated, personal e-mobility, with insurance, maintenance, breakdown, road tax and a carbon offset donation included as standard. On top of this, elmo is the world’s first MaaS (mobility-as-a-service) platform to include a home charge point, discounted renewable energy and public charging access - all wrapped into a single monthly bill.

  • Ember

    Ember logo

    Edinburgh | @rideember

    Ember is the world's first 100% electric intercity bus operator and is building its own ultra rapid charging network. Ember's mission is to make a zero-carbon, zero-traffic world a reality. Its tech led approach delivers an integrated platform for managing vehicles, chargers, routes and drivers - allowing them to operate EVs at a higher utilisation than anyone else. Ember’s technology improves the passenger experience, supporting a modal shift away from cars and improving social inclusion.

  • Enso Tyres

    Enso Tyres logo

    London |

    Tyres are the automotive industry’s big dirty secret, contributing enormously to carbon-emissions, air-pollution and micro-plastic pollution. Despite electric vehicles (EVs) accelerating towards a carbon-neutral future, tyres have thus far been neglected. EVs are heavier and have higher torque, wearing tyres faster and creating more harmful tyre pollution than normal cars. ENSO addresses this problem by developing more efficient, durable and sustainable tyres for EVs.

  • Giki Social Enterprise

    Giki Social Enterprise logo

    London | @GikiEarth

    The average UK carbon footprint is 9 tonnes per person per year. To help people live more sustainably, Giki’s mobile app enables people to find more sustainable and healthy products in UK supermarkets. Giki Zero is an interactive, step by step guide to a sustainable life, which helps people to understand, track and reduce their environmental footprint, drive change through their own actions and set their own personal path towards net zero.

  • Hark

    Hark logo

    Leeds | @harksys

    How businesses and big buildings consume energy needs to change if we’re going to hit net zero in 2050. Hark is tackling this issue by helping enterprises increase efficiency, maximise yield and reduce waste. Hark provides energy analytics and industrial IoT for enterprises, allowing Energy Managers and Asset Operators to easily connect to, monitor and control their buildings, energy meters and industrial process assets.

  • LettUS Grow

    LettUS Grow logo

    Bristol | @LettUsGrow

    LettUs Grow design the farms of the future. Their aeroponic farming technology and farm management software for indoor and vertical farms delivers higher crop yields, reduces the environmental impact of agriculture and makes farmers’ lives easier. The products also enable people to grow produce nearer to the point of consumption, which reduces the carbon footprint left by fresh produce.

  • Lixea

    Lixea logo

    London | @LixeaNews

    Tackling the issue of unsustainable materials, Lixea’s BioFlex process takes any type of woody biomass that normally would be unrecyclable and separates the components to make them usable by converting them to products, such as high-quality fine and bulk chemicals, bioplastics, renewable fibres and biofuels once again. It does this by using low-cost, environmentally friendly solvents, called liquid salts or ionic liquids.

  • Naked Energy

    Naked Energy logo

    London | @NakedEnergyLtd

    Naked Energy is redefining solar energy solutions and tackling the global challenge of decarbonising heating and cooling. Their product ‘Virtu’ is 44% more efficient than existing solutions and takes up 40% less space. Virtu combines solar heat and power, saves the customer money and saves the planet - all within a single elegant product that is easy to install and maintain.

  • Petalite

    Petalite logo


    Petalite has dedicated the last seven years to research and development for charging technology, with four years dedicated purely to electric vehicle charging technology. The result was SDC, a solution that meant the company’s customers and their customers (the electric vehicle driver) can reliably charge in a cost effective way. Since late 2020, Petalite has grown in strength in regards to employing an elite team of engineers and business development specialists to now bring the business to commercialisation. 2022 is the year to invest in electric vehicle charging infrastructure and Petalite’s whole team is dedicated and passionate to improving reliability and future costs for all stakeholders. This makes Petalite one of the best EV charger solutions globally in terms of technical innovation, high reliability and low future costs. Petalite is looking to support the EV charge needs for energy companies, fleets, local authorities, commercial businesses and EV drivers.

  • Pivot Energy

    Pivot Energy logo

    Poole | South West

    Pivot has created a living building energy model designed to attract more development for eco-friendly houses in the UK’s social housing sector. The platform uses machine learning and AI to generate an energy efficiency projection that is 90% + accurate. Once a project is designed, Pivot’s industry-leading performance insurance guarantees the results, de-risking investment decisions.

  • Reath

    Reath logo

    Edinburgh | @reath_id

    The true extent of the environmental and climatic impact of our throwaway culture is becoming worryingly clear. Reath enables businesses to break the pattern and transition away from single-use, by applying track and trace technology to solve the data problems inherent in reuse models. They are currently developing the world's first global Open Data Standard for reusable packaging.

  • Route Konnect

    Route Konnect logo

    Cardiff | @RouteKonnect

    Route Konnect makes traffic more predictable and more eco-friendly by making smarter junctions and predicting the amount of vehicles and people. By using real-time automated insights from their combined camera and LiDAR traffic sensors, they’re able to produce a dashboard giving the ability to see the road network at any time during the day, enabling people to make smarter choices that avoids traffic jams and causes unnecessary pollution and burning of fossil fuels.

  • Sero

    Sero logo

    Cardiff | Buildings & construction | Energy | @sero_group

    Sero provides a technology solution for planning, implementing and operating net zero homes in both new build and retrofit sectors. Sero partners with organisations in the residential housing sector, which includes Housing Associations, Housebuilders and most recently Banks and Building Societies. All of these organisations are looking to understand the "Pathway" to Net Zero, how much will it cost and what are the risks and opportunities. Sero collects data on properties and uses its intelligent cloud based platform to forecast the home into a future Net Zero energy system, forecasting the changes required along the way. Sero also supports the resident engagement, through all stages of the retrofit journey and into the future by providing a technology solution that enables Sero to become the operator of the home. Residents receive an innovative new service offering; comfort, not kilowatts.

  • Small Robot Company

    Small Robot Company logo

    Salisbury | Agriculture | @smallrobotco

    Small Robot Company’s mission is to help farmers feed the world while regenerating the planet. Using robotics and artificial intelligence, Small Robot Company has created an entirely new model for sustainable, efficient and profitable farming, which it calls Per Plant Farming. SRC’s sustainable farmbots Tom, Dick and Harry, along with AI brain Wilma, will plant, monitor and treat arable crops autonomously. This increases yields, soil quality and biodiversity, and reduces carbon emissions. This will decrease variable costs for farmers: 20% saving on seed usage, and up to 90% saving on chemicals. It also has the potential for yield increases of 30% - 40% globally. Finally, it will reduce cultivation energy in arable farming by up to 90%. The Net Zero potential here is huge: net capture and storage of between 1.42 and 5 tonnes CO2/ha per year is possible with regenerative farming, rising to up to 9 tonnes with Small Robot Company’s system. Founded 5 years ago, SRC employs 51 people, and is now rolling out its commercial offering to 50 farms.

  • Spark EV Technology

    Spark EV Technology logo

    Newmarket | @sparkevtech

    Spark EV Technology develops and supplies personalised journey prediction and map display software for electric vehicles of all sizes. By combining data (such as vehicle size, driver experience, weather predictions) with Machine Learning algorithms, it significantly improves journey prediction accuracy compared to existing vehicle systems. Their goal is to accelerate EV adoption by providing their automotive customers a trusted on board system to remove range and time anxiety for drivers.

  • Surple

    Surple logo

    Newport | @SurpleUK

    Surple helps businesses make smarter energy decisions through their energy management software. They pull data from buildings into their cloud-based software, which runs analytics to provide actionable insights to their users, helping them to reduce energy use, carbon emissions and ultimately their costs. Businesses in the UK have an opportunity to collectively save £6bn through energy efficiency and Surple is making this process easier to manage.

  • tepeo

    tepeo logo

    Maidenhead | @tepeoheat

    Tepeo tackles the UK’s biggest challenge to achieving it’s Net Zero target: rapid and low cost decarbonisation of domestic heating. Their product combines electric resistive heating with ultra-high density dry core thermal storage (40kWh) to deliver the performance of a fossil fuel boiler without the associated emissions. In parallel, the enormous amount of flexibility it provides supports self-consumption of renewables and supports balancing of the electricity grid.

  • Topolytics

    Topolytics logo

    Edinburgh | @topolytics

    Topolytics analyses waste at scale and generates invaluable insights for the recycling industry and waste management sector, preventing more materials from ending up in landfills or seeping out into nature. By using data science, they make the world’s waste visible, verifiable and valuable. Analysing data on commercial, industrial and post-consumer waste from multiple sources and systems, they use machine learning and mapping to make sense of this complex combination of materials.

  • Wondrwall

    Wondrwall logo

    Manchester | @wondrwall

    Creating intelligent homes for a sustainable future, Wondrwall is a technology company dedicated to changing the way we live and how we use energy. Combining intelligent AI powered home automation with clean energy production and super efficient heating systems, Wondrwall helps the world's homes save money, time and the environment.

  • Zeigo

    Zeigo logo

    London | @zeigoenergy

    Zeigo uses machine learning to reduce the complexity surrounding renewable energy procurement, making it easier for corporations, renewable energy developers and suppliers to switch to, or offer, renewable energy solutions. It’s a one-stop-shop for stakeholders to transition to clean energy through Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) and short-term contracts. Zeigo uses data insights to increase market transparency.


Started in 2021

Libra 1.0

  • AirMaths

    AirMaths logo

    London | Edtech | @air_maths

    AirMaths is an online maths education platform, curating personalised learning materials and tutoring services for GCSE and A-level students. It aims to democratise education with the power of machine learning, providing a personalised learning journey with minimal human involvement to drive costs down and make top-quality tutoring affordable to less privileged students. The company also aims to level the playing field for learning maths and mitigate elitism in the UK education system.

  • Baselime

    Baselime logo

    London | SaaS | @baselimeHQ

    Baselime makes it easy to identify and troubleshoot defects in serverless architectures. With Baselime's tools, identifying bottlenecks and resolving incidents is painless, and IT teams can Ssop aimlessly firefighting when there's an outage.

  • Boxx

    Boxx logo

    London | Health and Fitness Tech

    Boxx is a boxing-inspired fitness brand with both a digital content platform and a physical studio. The company is currently developing 'the peloton of boxing', a connected product designed to blend in beautifully at home.

  • Brijj Limited

    Brijj Limited logo

    South West | SaaS | @brijjpm

    Brijj is a project management tool built for data and analytics teams to collaborate with their stakeholders so they can deliver high-quality, actionable insights, together.

  • Chanodil

    Chanodil logo

    Midlands | SaaS | @chanodil

    Chanodil is an automated sourcing platform that helps brands build faster, leaner and more responsible supply chains. Its mission is to create the world’s most trusted supply chains, offer the most responsible and innovative sourcing solutions and provide the most seamless experience for both brands and manufacturers. Through the platform, brands are matched with the required suppliers for their business and can then use the platform to communicate, share tech packs, receive quotes, request samples and manage production from design all the way to delivery - all from one dashboard while tracking all the actions in the supply chain.

  • Compare Ethics

    Compare Ethics logo

    London | Retail Tech / Net-Zero | @compareethics

    Compare Ethics verifies businesses' sustainability credentials using patent-pending technology and ensures clear returns on investment for businesses increasing their sustainability standards. For consumers, it provides a trusted source of sustainability information.

  • Disrupting Beauty Limited trading as Beautonomy

    Disrupting Beauty Limited trading as Beautonomy logo

    London | Ecommerce & Marketplace | @beautonomy

    Beautonomy is a marketplace where beauty content creators can monetise their expertise with customisable products creators can design and promote, helping them to monetise their social media channels.

  • Eccobell Limited

    Eccobell Limited logo

    London | Proptech / Saas | @Eccobell_app

    Eccobell is a "contactless as a service" provider, building an ecosystem of on-demand web applications using contactless technology to innovate how people access, communicate and interact with each other. The first product in the ecosystem is a "video doorbell as a service" for houses, apartments and commercial buildings, enabling anyone, anywhere to communicate with guests at just a tap. The product replaces redundant intercom systems allowing visitors to simply scan a display code outside an entrance to talk directly with residents wherever they are on any smart device or mobile.

  • Finders Force

    Finders Force logo

    London | HRtech | @FindersForce

    Finders Force provides shift-booking software to connect, hire and interact with agency staff across the entire traffic management industry. The platform connects depots with quality operatives using artificial intelligence and is designed for systemising the hiring of operatives, monitoring performance stats and automating every component of staff management.

  • Flair Impact

    Flair Impact logo

    London | HRtech | @flairimpact

    Flair Impact is a people analytics company with a survey-based product that helps organisations measure and build anti-racist cultures. Flair Impact's mission is to create a world in which all ethnicities can thrive.

  • Framework

    Framework logo

    London | Edtech | @use_framework

    Framework is the world's first on-demand business school, especially made for the people building the businesses of the future. After successfully launching Founders Academy - a 9-month alternative MBA programme for startup joiners in partnership with Founders Forum - Framework is now productising their curriculum into a mobile learning experience that can scale globally.

  • happaning

    happaning logo

    London | Social Network | @thehappaningapp

    Happaning's service is like Google street view, but with video. Happaning lets you watch an event from any perspective, at any time and from anywhere in one immersive, navigatable experience.

  • Herby Box

    Herby Box logo

    London | Healthtech & Biotech & Life Sciences | @herbybox

    Herbybox is a direct-to-consumer luxury herbal tea brand, with natural benefits. The company is at the intersection of herbal tea and the supplement world, offering tea that is more than just tea. Herbybox is now stocked in Selfridges.

  • Hutano Diagnostics ltd

    Hutano Diagnostics ltd logo

    South East | Healthtech & Biotech & Life Sciences

    During the 2014 West African Ebola outbreak, Zimbabwe-born founder and CEO Atherton Mutombwera was shocked to learn how many deaths could have been prevented through wider availability of diagnostics, and that across the African continent there were only 14 centralised laboratories that could diagnose Ebola, the lack of which contributed to the 70% fatality rate. In response, Hutano Diagnostics is developing a modular configurable Lateral Flow Device (LFD) platform. This platform is modular and configurable for either single disease, or simultaneous multiple disease diagnosis, on the same LFD strip. Once developed, the platform reduces the time to LFD development in preparation for future specific disease outbreaks from 2 years to 6 months.


    ICI CARE logo

    London | Beauty / Consumer Goods / Net Zero | @ici_care

    ICI CARE is building machine-learning software to create personalised haircare products with natural raw ingredients.
    It uses plastic-free packaging, building a company that will benefit the community.

  • Jobseekrs Limited

    Jobseekrs Limited logo

    North West | HRtech | @jobseekrsapp

    Jobseekrs is the world’s first video interactive job site that mitigates bias at the screening and sourcing stages of the hiring process with a particular focus on screening for culture fit and matching for company culture-add through a series of psychometric-type questions.The company's mission is to become the primary and most unbiased job-search and matching engine on the internet while ensuring that everyone is better engaged with and has more equal chances at all job opportunities. It also aims to further scale the platform to use cognitive data and AI to help make hiring more predictive and even less biased.

  • Loopcycle

    Loopcycle logo

    London | Saas / Net Zero | @Loopcycle_

    Loopcycle is a product traceability platform redefining the management, recovery and resale of valuable secondary products. Loopcycle aims at revolutionising the way that businesses manage, recover and resell their physical assets, driving integrity within the reuse marketplace. By embedding a unique product ID, called ‘Cyclecode’, the platform facilitates whole product lifecycle visibility and direct interactions between manufacturers and end-users where intermediaries control product distribution. Loopcycle is helping businesses to deliver the net-zero carbon target and move towards a circular economy while maximising their commercial value.

  • NxSteps Group Ltd

    NxSteps Group Ltd logo

    South East | Healthtech & Biotech & Life Sciences | @nxsteps_uk

    NxSteps is a digital healthcare solutions company focused on maximising human performance through the knowledge of biomechanics. It operates a blended economic model of both traditional product revenue and SaaS-based app-delivered technology. Its IoT-powered wearable smart insole, application and AI voice coach aids professional and everyday athletes to achieve their health and fitness goals by optimising performance whilst preventing injuries in an objective, understandable, actionable and repeatable way to ensure physical longevity.

  • Optimum Health Ltd

    Optimum Health Ltd logo

    London | Social Network | @Kami_Coach_

    Optimum Health has developed Kami, a parental wellbeing data company building a first-to-market emotion detection and digital support system solution for working parents. It has secured grant funding from Innovate UK and investment from Google, signed two pilot partners, built a 20+ client pipeline and established a distribution partnership with a group of day nurseries. it is now advancing to market with the beta product.

  • Ruka Hair Ltd

    Ruka Hair Ltd logo

    London | Beauty / Consumer Goods | @rukahair

    Ruka Hair's vision is to become the definitive hair brand for black women, globally. Ruka started the journey with extensions, combining a conscious, digital-first brand and community with a product refined through a scientific and user-led approach. Beyond providing textures that truly match Black women's hair textures, Ruka is completely reshaping the experience through the personalisation in the RUKA quiz, helping people texture match and find the right extensions for them.

  • ScreenHits TV

    ScreenHits TV logo

    London | Digital Entertainment / Creative Tech | @ScreenHits

    ScreenHits TV is a streaming video aggregator app that provides audiences with a single place to stream across their new and existing services. ScreenHits TV is addressing the current fragmentation and subscription fatigue challenges in this new and exciting world of app TV. It creates a one-stop guide to search libraries across platforms and live online TV without switching platforms or signing up for new services. The service is particularly relevant given that 2020 was the year when global subscriptions for streaming services passed 1 billion.

  • Shwap

    Shwap logo

    South West | Retail Tech / Net-Zero

    Shwap is a software solution to help fashion, homeware and lifestyle retailers monetise the secondary market of their products, and earn revenue from products they’ve already sold. Shwap's technology leverages peer-to-peer resale in order to give the UK’s 200,000 retailers a means to monetise the secondary market of their products without incurring operational costs. Shwap developed software that retailers can integrate into the e-commerce stores, or point-of-sale systems that enables Shwap to identify and then manage the lifecycle of products as they move between different owners. Using this software Shwap has created a frictionless resale platform that creates products listings in real time as users shop.

  • Talley

    Talley logo

    London | Health / Mental Care / Saas | @talley_app

    Talley provides a safe space to share experiences by anonymously connecting members on-demand, via in-app audio conversations, to everyday people (trained Listeners) who have experienced or are overcoming the same challenges as those members and can empathise with them. Talley aims at being the first line of defence enabling users to address those day-to-day emotional distress issues (e.g. anxiety, depression, loneliness, toxic relationships, grief) which may lead to severe mental health problems if left unchecked.

  • ThrillXR by Thrill Digital

    ThrillXR by Thrill Digital logo

    London | Gaming / Web3 | @thrilldigitall

    ThrillXR is a gamified virtual world for digital fashion. With gaming and blockchain technology, ThrillXR created a virtual world for fashion retail. Users can visit this virtual world via a PC or VR headset, enter 3D versions of real stores with other users and buy the digital version of real clothes for their avatars. ThrillXR is backed by Epic Games, creators of Fortnite, and mentored by Unity, Rise (Microsoft for startups) and the University of Cambridge Innovators for sustainable fashion.

  • Trapar

    Trapar logo

    Scotland | Travel and Tourism | @traparUK

    Trapar connects customers to quality local transport operators.
    It gathers comprehensive requirements and share these with vetted operators. In this way, Trapar can provide quality assurance for customers and efficiency for operators.

  • Voltric Mobility Technologies LTD

    Voltric Mobility Technologies LTD logo

    South West | Smart Cities (including Transport & Autonomous Vehicles) | @voltricuk

    Voltric is a mobility-as-a-service provider dedicated making the growing demand for all forms of mobility practical, sustainable and efficient. The all-inclusive electric vehicle subscription service allows consumers to access a range of road-ready, electric cars all for one price per month without the concerns of managing insurance, tax, MOT and everything needed to get onto the road.

  • White Label Loyalty

    White Label Loyalty logo

    Yorkshire | Adtech & Marketing | @WhiteLabelLoyal

    White Label Loyalty believes that loyalty is broken and makes it the company's mission to fix it. 75% of loyalty programmes fail because they are built as one-size-fits-all, are not data driven, do not involve no personalisation and mostly only reward based on transactions. Instead, the company offers a data-driven technology platform that helps businesses increase revenue and retention by understanding, predicting and influencing customer behaviour.

  • Your FLOCK

    Your FLOCK logo

    North West | HRtech | @_YourFLOCK

    Your FLOCK is a SaaS platform that uses data and science behind what motivates people at work to enable teams to be more productive and engaged. Your FLOCK is working on machine learning-driven software that helps managers coach their teams by providing users with activities tailored to their motivations and designed to help them be more ‘in-sync’ and work more effectively as a team.

This page does not include Founders’ Network companies, which number ≈570.