Helping the UK’s Artificial Intelligence scaleups
solve real-world problems

What is Applied AI?

Applied AI is Tech Nation’s first growth programme for Artificial Intelligence to help the UK’s most promising founders who are applying AI in practical areas and creating real-world impact. The programme is based on peer-to-peer support and the shared experience of later-stage founders, all curated under the values of honesty, intimacy and trust.

We know that scaling an AI company comes with its own set of unique challenges. This is a network that will unpack the AI-specific scaling journey, led by those who have done it and with the support of like-minded peers.

As we have already closed our third callout for the Applied AI programme, you can pre-register your interest to be the first to hear about application opportunities.

Who is the programme for?

To be eligible, your company could focus on anything from mobility to manufacturing, from e-commerce to healthcare, but your product must solve an identified, real problem.

The eligibility criteria:

  • Have headquarters in the UK
  • Have Artificial Intelligence at the core of your value proposition and your key product, not an excess feature
  • Seed to Series A* (or no more than £1.5m annual recurring revenue)
  • Take into account ethical considerations

*No agencies or consultancies

What does the programme include?


11 compact insight sessions over 6 months delivered by later-stage founders, all focused on key scaling challenges.


Meetups and dinners to better get to know your peers and connect you to relevant guests across VC, corporates and more


6 coaching sessions intimate Founder Circles with a startup coach to develop your leadership skills and  peer connections

Meet our previous cohort

Last year, the Applied AI programme received more applications than ever before. Our judges narrowed it down to 32 brilliant companies in a large variety of sectors, where Construction/Industry 4.0, Healthcare and Enterprise Software are the most represented sectors. Read more about Applied AI 2.0.

  • Archangel Imaging

    Archangel Imaging logo

    Didcot | @archangel_im

    Archangel Imaging uses AI at the edge and human-machine teaming to solve global problems like protecting people, animals and infrastructure. They have built AI-enabled cameras which operate in challenging environments and a human-machine teaming platform called Cerebella. Cerebella integrates smart cameras and other sensors to detect anomalies, allowing drone, robotic or human staff to respond in real time.

  • Arctoris

    Arctoris logo

    Oxford | @arctoris

    Arctoris generate drug discovery data on demand for pharmaceutical corporations, biotech companies, and academic centres globally. They provide remote access to a wide range of drug discovery experiments which they conduct on their robotic platform, enabling partners and clients to rapidly, accurately and cost-effectively perform research and advance drug discovery programmes, creating a convincing solution for fast, reliable and fully compliant research.

  • BKWai

    BKWai logo

    London | @BKwai_

    BKwai is radically improving the built environment throughout the lifecycle of assets – from planning, to construction, to long term asset management. They use data science and AI to leverage insights from manual measurements, sensor data and satellite data, resulting in next-generation products for construction and preventative maintenance for a more resilient built environment.

  • Caristo

    Caristo logo

    Oxford | @CaristoHeart

    Predicting heart attacks years before they happen, Caristo is disrupting diagnosis and treatment of coronary heart disease. This bold claim is supported by a solid science platform, with a string of groundbreaking publications in top-tier scientific journals. Caristo's vision is to be the predominant clinical AI provider in diagnostic imaging, with a plan to tackle major disease areas like diabetes and stroke.

  • CattleEye

    CattleEye logo

    Belfast | @CattleEye

    CattleEye is improving the lives of farmers and their livestock by developing the world’s first autonomous livestock monitoring platform utilising video analytics powered by deep learning AI. Farmers simply need to install a low-cost security camera over the exit race of their milking parlour, before cloud-based AI algorithms start learning how to identify their cows, monitor their welfare and an increasing number of other behaviours.

  • Cognitiv+

    Cognitiv+ logo

    London | @cognitiv_plus

    Helping to modernise the legal sector, Cognitiv+ empowers businesses and law firms with deeper insights on their legal data. Their machine learning technology automatically reviews, identifies and extracts key provisions from complicated corporate and legal documents.

  • Contilio

    Contilio logo

    London | @ContilioHQ

    Contilio is the first 3D AI platform that automatically provides actionable intelligence from 3D data collected from construction sites in real-time, enabling significant savings, semantic digital twins and automated payments for the $12tn construction industry.

  • Continuum Industries

    Continuum Industries logo

    Edinburgh | @continuum_ind

    Continuum Industries helps engineering professionals to design big, complex infrastructure projects better and faster. Their product, Optioneer, lets multi-disciplinary design teams automate their existing design process and use AI to explore millions of design options and find the best ones in hours rather than months.

  • Conundrum

    Conundrum logo

    Cambridge | @conundrumai

    Tackling the beast of industrial automation, Conundrum uses AI-driven technologies to address personal data management, quality control and optimization. Conundrum oversees a whole production process and assists factory engineers in decision making, helping to reduce waste and downtime, and prevent defects and unexpected shutdowns.

  • ILOF

    ILOF logo

    Oxford | @iLoF_tech

    Creating an AI-powered digital library of disease biomarkers - and helping to find Alzheimer’s cure, ILoF is enabling a new era of personalized medicine by using AI and photonics. They leverage machine learning to drastically reduce the cost and time of drug discovery, and provide screening and stratification tools in an affordable, fast and portable way.

  • LGN

    LGN logo

    London | @lgn_ai

    LGN is developing AI to AI communication protocols for the future of mass scaled autonomous system deployments. Their software has been proven to improve model performance on hard classes by 180% when using just 2.5% of the training data, which translates to a direct saving in transfer, compute, processing and storage costs. This allows businesses to scale out the training and deployment of multi-sensor AI systems without exploding their costs.

  • Logically

    Logically logo

    Brighouse | @Logicallyai

    Logically combines advanced AI with the world’s largest fact-checking team to help governments, businesses and the public uncover and address harmful misinformation and deliberate disinformation that is increasingly spread across the world. They have a mission to bring credibility and confidence to news and social discourse globally, aiming to restore trust in a fractured media landscape.

  • Machine Labs

    Machine Labs logo

    Edinburgh | @machine_labs

    Improving the way consumers shop online, Machine Labs is an automated email marketing solution for e-commerce stores. They harness data science and implement AI to improve email communications, helping store owners to develop quality customer relationships and exponentially boost their sales.

  • Metis Labs

    Metis Labs logo

    London | @Metis_labs

    The control of many manufacturing processes still relies on human judgement and experience, which can result in product quality defects, low productivity, and unnecessary CO2 emissions. Metis uses AI-enabled technology to encode human judgement into software - improving the efficiency and reliability of manufacturing processes. Their product includes self-service vision systems, real-time analytics platform, and closed-loop intelligent process control.

  • nPlan

    nPlan logo

    London | @nPlanHQ

    nPlan provides AI-driven risk analysis for major construction projects. They help their clients understand uncertainty and risk using machine learning tech and the world’s largest dataset of construction programmes. Their insights are used to change the course of major capital projects, providing greater certainty and saving tens of millions of pounds.

  • Okko Health

    Okko Health logo

    Bristol | @okkohealth

    Using your smartphone to protect your sight, OKKO is bringing real-time monitoring of eye health into the hands of patients and linking straight to eye care professionals. OKKO’s software allows patients to self-monitor their sight between in-person hospital visits, through interpreting interactions with a simple video game. It flags those people who may be having problems with their vision ahead of time, to promote early diagnosis, early treatment and to save sight.

  • One Big Circle

    One Big Circle logo

    Bristol | @1bigcircle

    One Big Circle are improving safety and operations in industrial environments. Initially developed in the UK rail sector, their intelligent video solution applies Machine Learning to understand environments to raise alerts and increase efficiency and safety. For example, they use thermal camera technology and ML to identify excess heat in sections of electric rail which could cause a dangerous fault.

  • Optellum

    Optellum logo

    Oxford | @Optellum1

    Beating lung cancer with AI, Oxford-based Optellum helps clinicians identify, diagnose and track at-risk patients in the early, hence curable stages. Optellum developed the world’s first AI-based Decision Support platform to manage these patients, validated in studies led by lung cancer guidelines authors.

  • Panakeia Technologies

    Panakeia Technologies logo

    London | @Panakeia_Tech

    Cancer diagnosis requires a pathologist to examine biopsy images, followed by additional lab tests. This process takes 3-30 days and costs hospitals hundreds of pounds per patient. Panakeia Technologies offers an AI-driven platform for rapid, instrument-free precision cancer diagnostics which eliminates the need for multiple lab-based tests making diagnosis 10 times faster and 16 times cheaper.

  • Rahko

    Rahko logo

    London | @rahkoAI

    Rahko is one of the world's most advanced teams in quantum machine learning. With the ambition of "solving chemistry", Rahko is accelerating the discovery of new materials, batteries and drugs with groundbreaking simulation capabilities. Rahko works in collaboration with large companies whose future success depends on cutting-edge discovery capabilities, and several of the world's largest quantum hardware manufacturers and quantum cloud providers.

  • Re:Infer

    Re:Infer logo

    London | @reinferio

    Driving revenue and efficiency with conversational AI, Re:infer mines communications data (emails, chats, calls, support tickets) in real-time. It works by extracting multiple semantic intents, entities and sentiment in communications traffic that uncover detailed analytics behind every customer. Re:infer is used to discover, measure and automate processes so that businesses can scale revenue growth and better understand customer retention.

  • Recycleye

    Recycleye logo

    London | @recycleye

    Recycleye is training the world’s most powerful machines to bring total transparency, traceability and accountability to the waste management industry. Their team of technologists and creatives has developed computer vision algorithms that replicate the power of human vision to identify every item in entire waste streams - broken down by material, object and even brand.

  • Robok

    Robok logo

    Cambridge | @Robok_Vision

    RoboK is using new techniques in computer vision and deep learning to build optimised 3D sensing and perception software solutions for low-power computing platforms. In short, it’s enabling cars and machines to ‘see’ and ‘understand’ the implications of changes to their environment. They obtain 3D information efficiently from a combination of sensors (primarily cameras) and enable object detection, classification, localisation and depth estimation on low-power embedded systems.


    SATAVIA logo

    Cambridge | @SataviaUK

    Simplifying aviation decision-making, SATAVIA is helping to make flying smarter and greener. SATAVIA is the only solution delivering actionable insight in aviation which is able to combine and validate multiple environmental, weather, aircraft and maintenance datasets. It makes aircraft condition monitoring 20% more accurate, and delivers fuel savings and emission reductions.

  • Sonrai Analytics

    Sonrai Analytics logo

    Belfast | @SonraiLtd

    Conceptualising raw data into actionable insights, Sonrai performs modern-day precision healthcare analysis. Operating in a no-code environment where storyboards can be created, it allows invested clients to derive new findings in the data lakes they create. This, in turn, helps them to drive their own value proposition to entice new clients and investors.

  • Talking Medicines

    Talking Medicines logo

    Glasgow | @TMedicines

    Talking Medicines use AI to capture the true voice of the patient. They combine conversational AI, self-reporting through connected devices and smart surveys to provide data-driven, dynamic market intelligence on the usage of medicines for drug companies. Real-time, compliant insights can replace traditional focus groups, prescriber reports and clinical profiles to tell pharmaceutical companies who is using their medicines, how, and what they really think of their brands.

  • Techspert

    Techspert logo

    Cambridge | @techspertio

    The world’s first AI-driven solution to knowledge exchange, Techspert maps the world's expertise by using AI to match experts to business customer needs. Their platform provides an efficient and convenient interface for customers to engage in primary research, and gain insight through calls and surveys with precisely matched experts, as well as efficiently handling payments to experts for their time.

  • Vector AI

    Vector AI logo

    @vectoraitrade transforms document and email-driven operations in global logistics. Their platform intelligently gathers content so that operators can respond rapidly to customer and other third-party demands. Built for logistics transactions, including customs declarations, the Vector platform is designed to drive high-performance operations teams using AI.

  • Vinehealth

    Vinehealth logo

    London | @vinehealth_

    Vinehealth increases the quality of life and survival of cancer patients by using a combination of behavioural science and AI. Their app allows patients to track, understand and optimise their care, supporting them to feel in control and better self-manage. Through this, Vinehealth generates crucial real-world data to inform healthcare delivery and drug development.

  • Voice IQ

    Voice IQ logo

    Manchester | @VoiceIq

    VoiceIQ is a no-friction phone system for enterprise sales teams that increases revenue and drives automation with the power of voice AI. VoiceIQ’s platform predicts the best time to call contacts and detects and tags important points in conversation in real-time. With seamless integration into the world’s leading CRM systems, VoiceIQ reduces post-call admin to zero.

  • We Build Bots

    We Build Bots logo

    Cardiff | @wbb_ai

    Changing the way governments engage with citizens, We Build Bots has developed an AI-powered citizen service automation platform. It leverages chatbots, voice and data analytics to help Public Sector organisations deliver better, faster, cheaper citizen services. They’ve processed 3 million interactions to date and use that data to help the Public Sector better understand their citizens.

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We want to do things differently

Artificial Intelligence is making waves. With countries around the world investing heavily in grand plans and strategies for technology, it has never been more important to support AI that is solving real-world problems in the UK. Dame Wendy Hall, Regius Professor of Computer Science at the University of Southampton and a member of the Applied AI judging panel, explains that more impactful changes and initiatives are continuing to be actioned for AI.

The UK has continued to make strides as an international leader in Artificial Intelligence, since the recommendations of the AI Review that I co-authored in 2017. From the launch of the bespoke AI & Data Sector Deal, to the recently announced AI Council, we are seeing impactful initiatives announced to continue this important work. I am therefore thrilled to see that Tech Nation has created a tailored, nationally-focused growth programme for entrepreneurs in the Applied AI space

Dame Wendy Hall, Regius Professor of Computer Science at the University of Southampton

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