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What is the Fintech programme?

Our Fintech programme is tailor-made to support founders and the wider leadership team for UK fintech and insurtech companies. It consists of insights sessions delivered by some of the most established fintech entrepreneurs, investors and partners which give cohort members the tools and knowledge they need to scale. The programme lasts for six months and includes an in-depth induction, a series of learning sessions and networking events with key stakeholders.

Fintech is not currently accepting applications, but you can pre-register your interest in the programme. Or contact us at

Introducing our Fintech 5.0 cohort

This year’s cohort features companies at the cutting-edge of fintech innovation. These are the businesses that continue to prove the UK is a global leader when it comes to this tech sector, and why.

Click on each logo to explore more about the company and the incredible work they’re doing.

  • Abundance

    Abundance logo

    London | Finance | @AbundanceInv

    Abundance Investment is one of the UK’s leading ethical investment platforms, committed to addressing the climate emergency in a just way. It lets people invest for financial return and climate action through an intuitive and accessible digital-only platform in the businesses, projects and local authorities that are working to address climate emergency.

  • Anansi

    Anansi logo

    London | Finance | Insurtech | @withanansi

    Anansi has built an embedded goods in transit (GIT) insurance distribution platform for distribution partners and ecommerce merchants. Access to the platform is via open API, enabling third party logistics partners, ecommerce marketplaces and platforms, online retailers and freight forwarders to offer goods in transit insurance directly to their customers from within their own front-end environments at the exact point of need. It is the only solution that is automated to offer one-click signup, zero admin and parametrically triggered claims and payouts when a parcel is lost or delayed.

  • ApTap

    ApTap logo

    London | Finance | @ApTapUK

    ApTap provides simple bill management: a marketplace where customers can see all their bills and subscriptions in one place and switch to a new provider in a few taps. Its vision is to build the world’s largest subscription marketplace.

  • Bithyve

    Bithyve logo

    London | Finance | @BitHyve_

    Bithyve develops non-custodial products on the Bitcoin platform. It builds utilities and tools like wallets and vaults, as well as experiences that allow users to own their keys in a safe, secure, and simple way. Its flagship product is Keeper: a secure, privacy-focused, open-source multi-sig Bitcoin vault designed for long-term bitcoin saving and inheritance.

  • Bondsmith

    Bondsmith logo

    London | Finance | @bondsmithltd

    Bondsmith provides cash management solutions as a service in the wealth industry. Its mission is to bring banking to the wealth industry to enable partners to deliver a holistic financial services. It works in partnership with the wealth and banking industries, connecting them both with modern technology, streamlining processes and removing barriers.

  • Br-dge

    Br-dge logo

    Scotland | Ecommerce & Marketplace | Finance | @bridgeorch

    BR-DGE is on a mission to shift power and control back to merchants because payments have become too complicated, inflexible, and restrict choices.
    It has built an independent payment orchestration platform that’s simple to integrate and adopt. The platform resolves pain points in merchant payment stacks including payment failures, integrating multiple payment methods, expensive cross-border transactions and challenges switching providers.

  • Capital Pilot

    Capital Pilot logo

    London | Finance | @CapitalPilot

    Capital Pilot is building the investment superhighway, unlocking equal access to funding for everyone, everywhere. Capital Pilot is an independent rating organisation which measures investability; the attractiveness of a startup to potential investors. Its ratings system, developed with Imperial College, combines data and analytics with human assessments (currently) of a company's business model and team. It provides objective insights unto fund raising and scaling potential. It aims to help founders identify and fix flaws in their investor proposition early to maximise their chances of funding success.

  • Card Industry Professionals

    Card Industry Professionals logo

    London | Finance | @CardIndustryPro

    Card Industry Professionals (CIP) support SME's throughout the UK to accept card payments in-store, online and over the phone. By working with strategic acquiring partners, various hardware providers and engaging with software developers, it provides a range of solutions to suit each individual business.
    With the mainstream adoption of digital payment tools accelerated even further by Covid-19, it supports business owners within all areas of the UK, engaging within local communities directly to consult, educate and enhance the payment acceptance methods used currently.

  • Clowd9

    Clowd9 logo

    South East | Fintech | @onclowdnine

    Clowd9 is an innovative, technically advanced Issuer Processing Platform. Born in the cloud, it is a flexible, reliable, environmentally sustainable global payments processor. With an advanced tech stack and a highly experienced team of payments professionals, coupled with secure financial investment, Clowd9 has built the processing platform for the future. The end-to-end cloud platform utilises over 50 microservices allowing customers to chose the services required. This also ensures smooth updates without disruption and downtime. Clowd9 supports VISA and Mastercard and is an ISO messaging processor which means it can process any type of payment, dynamically converting QR Codes, crypto and biometrics at the point of sale.

  • Collctiv

    Collctiv logo

    North West | Finance | @collctiv

    Collctiv makes it easy for social organisers to collect and spend group money. By understanding how a group of friends or colleagues functions – and by putting the organiser at the centre of everything – the service makes it much more likely that the organiser will collect all the required money for a group purchase or booking. The contributors of the group don’t have to do any banking, download another app, create an account or even go to a cash machine - they just simply tap/scan to pay in less than 5 seconds – no account set up, no banking, no fuss.

  • CrowdProperty

    CrowdProperty logo

    West Midlands | Finance | @CrowdPropertyUK

    CrowdProperty is the UK's leading specialist property development lender, delivering funding with speed, ease and certainty to help small and medium sized property developers grow their businesses quicker and more profitably. With diverse sources of capital across global financial institutions, asset managers, family offices and private investors, it supports passionate property developers with their funding needs for residential and mixed-use projects throughout the UK, underpinned by market-leading scalable technology and deep asset class expertise.

  • Dapio

    Dapio logo

    London | Finance | @dapioapp

    Dapio is bringing the transformative benefits of Tap to Pay technology to Android users across the UK. Dapio makes it easy for businesses to accept cashless payments quickly and securely in-store, over the phone or on the move. Its technology transforms any Android smartphone into a direct card reading terminal. Without the need for a third-party device, just an existing smartphone/tablet and an app.

  • DebtStream

    DebtStream logo

    North West | Finance | Insurtech | @DebtStreamUK

    DebtStream is a digital ‘self-service’ debt collections platform offered through software-as-a-service, enabling any businesses carrying credit, such as debt collection agencies, lenders, and utilities providers, to engage with their customers online under their own brand. The platform enables clients to engage with their customers in a compliant, non-threatening or imposing manner, whilst reducing operational costs and increasing revenue.

  • Flow

    Flow logo

    London | Finance

    Flow Global enables customised liquidity solutions to small businesses in emerging markets (currently Uganda, Rwanda and Madagascar). Flow does it based on analysis of business transaction data using its proprietary technology platform called the Flow Liquidity Engine (“FLE”). Flow Liquidity Engine is a progressive platform with functionalities like data analytics, KYC, credit management, data based product design, payments, risk management, field force management with a layer of comprehensive reporting.

  • Fluency

    Fluency logo

    London | Finance | @fluencycbdc

    Fluency is a next-gen future-proof blockchain technology built from the ground up to enable companies to lead the way in financial services innovation:
    Features include: multi-level permissioned and private blockchain network; highly-resilient and cybersecure; built specifically to enable universal access to digital assets while enabling full customisation and interoperability; and CBDC future-proof.

  • Fuelled

    Fuelled logo

    West Midlands | Finance | Insurtech | @FuelledGroup

    Fuelled is the UK's first insurance broker specifically designed for startup and scaleup businesses. It serves a portfolio of businesses based across the UK, which includes It operates on a startup-to-exit model, meaning it can provide any insurance product a customer needs through their entire business journey.
    In the coming months Fuelled will begin development of bespoke insurance solutions which will help Fuelled become the first fully-automated business insurance provider in the world.

  • Gemba

    Gemba logo

    London | Finance

    Gemba is a financial institution built like a bank, allowing any company or a community to start their online banking app in under a day. With Gemba, corporate services worldwide can provide automated account opening and payment services right on their website and under their brand but managed 100% by Gemba. Gemba operates like a neo-bank with fully online account opening process for individuals and corporate clients. It provides online banking and mobile banking apps with no-code white label option with a very easy and inexpensive integration.

  • GoSolo

    GoSolo logo

    London | Finance | @GoSoloFinancial

    GoSolo is an all-in-one digital banking platform that makes it easy to start and operate a UK business. It offers the following features and services: UK company formation; GBP Business Account; Mastercard® contactless debit; virtual business address; exclusive partner discounts; intelligent invoicing; requests to pay via Open Banking; support of non-UK resident owners; multi-user access; and multi-company support.

  • Greengage

    Greengage logo

    London | Finance | @Greengageco

    Greengage is the first fully integrated financial services group bridging the traditional financial services space with the new digital innovations in cryptoassets and blockchain. Greengage aspires to be the next generation of merchant bank, taking deposits from and making loans to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and with a focus on banking cryptoasset companies. It is Greengage's mission to deliver merchant banking services to cryptoasset companies and SMEs – providing a robust digital banking platform using advanced technologies, facilitating cost-effective transactions within and across traditional currency and cryptoassets, by adhering to highest established standards of compliance and security.

  • Haruko

    Haruko logo

    London | Data analytics & business intelligence | Finance | @HarukoTech

    Haruko powers institutional access to digital assets globally. Founded by traders and engineers with experience operating in both traditional and digital-asset markets, Haruko brings together knowledge and institutional-grade technology to offer investors a comprehensive gateway to blockchain opportunities. Clients use the product to easily capture a granular set of risk metrics and get real-time pricing and analytics. Haruko's institutional-grade services seamlessly integrate with client systems to put crypto investing right alongside more established asset classes. Haruko has a growing list of sophisticated institutional clients and market participants relying on the platform for its ease of use, normalized connectivity across CeFi exchanges and DeFi protocols, accurate valuations, vast data sources and high performance analytical tools that enable effective digital assets portfolio management.


    HELPFUL logo

    London | Finance | @helpful_world

    HELPFUL offers an end-to-end financial solution for new economy businesses to manage funds, customer payments and supplier pay-outs of all sizes; from pennies to thousands, with multi-currencies, real-time instant transactions and over 60% savings compared to legacy payment solutions. It works with partners across the new economy, from music, to creator and influencer platforms, to circular and preloved platforms.

  • Insignis Cash Solutions

    Insignis Cash Solutions logo

    East of England | Finance | @InsignisCash

    Insignis Cash Solutions is a digital cash savings platform designed for individuals, companies, charities, and local authorities to earn better interest from their hard-earned cash. The platform offers access to over 35 banks and building societies offering exclusive, market-leading savings rates. Using bespoke technology, the Insignis cash platform allows clients to open and manage multiple accounts on one platform with a single-sign on, giving them complete transparency over their cash savings. The technology ensures that all bank rates are constantly monitored empowering clients to make informed decisions as to where they would like to hold their cash.

  • itsettled

    itsettled logo

    London | Finance | @itsettled

    itsettled is an award-winning and fully-automated credit control and debt recovery software which collects nvoices fast, reduces risk, and improves your cashflow.

  • Keebo

    Keebo logo

    London | Finance | @getkeebo

    Keebo is the credit card company for the bold and the passionate. It helps the new generation of freelancers, creators, entrepreneurs and young people get access to credit and start building credit to jumpstart their futures. Keebo uses open banking data to help customers get access to low-interest credit (even without a credit history) and build credit unlike never before. Its mission is to help people unlock the power of credit to live life on their own terms and realise their limitless potential.

  • Kin Fund Services

    Kin Fund Services logo

    London | Finance | @kin_funds

    The purpose of Kin Group is to make life easier for asset managers. It is a 'one stop shop' that enables asset managers to focus on doing deals. Currently the business focuses on the Venture Capital asset class, but plans to broaden this to include other alternative investments. The firm offers a broad spectrum of fund services to VC's including; fund management for 3rd parties; fund administration (including custody & nominee services); compliance consulting; company secretarial support; and software-as-a-service.

  • Kinherit

    Kinherit logo

    South West | Finance | @kinheritltd

    Kinherit helps people set up their Will and wider planning, so that their family get a carefully managed process/plan upon death. There is much more to good planning than just the Will, and it necessarily involves careful consideration of the practical, financial AND full legal options. Everything Kinherit does is based off its tech-platform, which is central to the client-journey and the integrated handover planning across family members, advisers and other key people.

  • Knoma

    Knoma logo

    London | Education | Finance | @Knoma_io

    Knoma is passionate about education. Its mission is to enable access to lifelong learning through providing fairer finance for learners. The upfront cost of accessing education is a barrier, preventing people from taking on continual learning & accruing modern, digital skills. Knoma’s ethical finance solution aims to change this. Its partnerships with leading education providers enable students to spread course cost - interest & fee free. The “Pay with Knoma” button is integrated at the point of sale on partner’s websites and students can apply for ethical finance in less than a minute, 80% of applicants receive a real-time decision. Knoma also offers a marketplace where its partner’s courses are promoted to drive additional enrolments. Through Open Banking & LinkedIn data, Knoma tracks wage and employment pre/post the course to establish the ROI of a course over time. Knoma provides future learners with a predicted ROI & career trajectory to help inform course selection.

  • Kroo

    Kroo logo

    London | Finance | @get_kroo

    Kroo is a neo bank trying to disrupt the traditional banking models by creating a bank that people truly love.

  • LemonEdge

    LemonEdge logo

    London | Finance | Insurtech

    LemonEdge combines a modern, purpose-built financial engine alongside a customisable low-code platform with a suite of advanced reporting and scenario tools. Its cloud-native technology has been designed to support the unique and varied requirements of the private capital industry at scale and across asset classes.

  • Lenkie

    Lenkie logo

    London | Finance | @teamlenkie

    Lenkie Technologies provides the embedded lending infrastructure to enable online platforms to become a source of funding for their business users. It provides the capital, licences and credit scoring technology to add an end-to-end lending solution as part of an existing platform experience - all powered by Lenkie. Using its technology, platforms can provide embedded lending services to their business users creating financial inclusion at scale for millions of small businesses. Lenkie’s product comprises a credit underwriting engine and a loan management system, all delivered as an embedded experience through SDKs and APIs.

  • Mazuma

    Mazuma logo

    Wales | Finance | @MazumaGB

    Mazuma is the UK’s first and leading subscription for accountancy services. Mazuma has pioneered innovation that has taken them from a humble purple envelope in the post for clients to submit documents to their accountant, to developing their own software (MazApp) that will take a pile of receipts to a set of accounts in under an hour. Unlike all other providers of compliance based services, Mazuma do all of the data entry and bookkeeping on behalf of clients - differentiating them from the larger market and appealing to the "shoe box of receipts" client. Using bespoke technology Mazuma can deliver accountant verified management accounts to clients in 12 minutes each month as well as providing payroll and VAT services when required and year end accounts production and tax compliance.

  • Millicent

    Millicent logo

    London | Finance | @Millicent_io

    Millicent is building the infrastructure for people-first finance, using regulator-friendly, and community governed blockchain based financial rails, alongside full-reserve stablecoins. Its GTM product is a simple to use stablecoin powered "neobank", with plans to will open its underlying infrastructure to other service providers.

  • Minted

    Minted logo

    London | Ecommerce & Marketplace | Finance | @TheMintedApp

    Minted is a unique platform that bridges the world of physical assets and fractional ownership. It aims to make it seamless for people to enjoy the benefits of owning physical assets like investment grade precious metals without the strenuous process of where to buy, how to store.

    Minted's secure platform and mobile app makes it super easy to buy, sell and store physical precious metals. When customers buy from Minted, the asset becomes theirs, looked after by Minted and delivered to the customer on request. The customer can even sell it back to Minted instantly and have the money available as cash.

  • Multiply

    Multiply logo

    London | Finance | @multiplyai

    Multiply creates technology that provides personalised financial advice at scale. This enables businesses to provide their customers with financial plans and recommendations across savings, investments, protection and pension products. By matching a business’ products to their customers’ needs, Multiply improves the value businesses provide to their customers, increasing engagement, retention and conversion.

  • Nexus Frontier Tech

    Nexus Frontier Tech logo

    London | Finance | @NexusFrontier

    Nexus FrontierTech accelerates enterprise decision-making processes for the finance and banking Industry with a proprietary platform that enables them to create and implement AI algorithms in their work flows. Its platform currently has three main pillar products to help banks in their risk assessment, KYC/AML and ESG portfolio research. Its ability to consolidate all types of unstructured data allows it to structure any process like a lego block, so that the solutions can be easily scaled. Its automation enables higher productivity, consistency across geographics with a truly centralised system, improved transparency and audit trail accounting, and ROIs of more than 10x.

  • Ningi

    Ningi logo

    Midlands | Finance | @ningiltd

    Ningi is a software-as-a-service company providing a single, integrated tech platform to small firms of financial advisers in the UK. Giving advice in the UK is a long, convoluted process swamped in red tape and inefficiency. As a result, giving advice is expensive inaccesibly for most people. The FCA have highlighted up to 27m adults in the UK fall into the advice gap, and each could stand to be £5k better off per year if they had access to advice. While investment is going towards solving this problem - powering up advisers through tech, this is largely focused on the big guys (banks, networks etc.) which are famously bad at innovation. Ningi's focus is to make smaller, ambitious and nimble advice firms more efficient through tech, meaning they can do more of the valuable stuff - spending time help people manage their finances.

  • Nosso

    Nosso logo

    East of England | Finance | @withnosso

    Nosso helps families invest for their children’s futures in a collaborative way and pass down wealth between generations. A customer can create a goal for their child’s future and start investing for it through a range of financial products such as Junior ISAs, General Investment Accounts and Trusts. They can then invite their partner to manage the account together and other family and friends to contribute tax efficiently for the child’s future. Any contributor can also add pictures and messages with contributions turning the traditional experience of gifting and wealth transfer from a cold transactional process to a joyful emotional process. Nosso invests all contributions into the stock market into funds of the parent’s choice. Contributors can track their gifts and top up easily. Nosso is currently working on the ability for them to all see how much they’ve gifted vs annual allowances and receive guidance to help them make the most of their tax limits and allowances.

  • Ondato

    Ondato logo

    London | Finance | @ondatokyc

    Ondato is a tech company that streamlines KYC and AML-related processes. Ondato provides technological solutions such as digital identity verification, business customer onboarding, data validation, authentication, and more. These provide the highest standard available of KYC online or offline on-boarding for all business and customer types, orchestrated from a single interface. Ondato is turning compliance into a business benefit for its customers helping to create a better and safer environment for organizations and individuals.

  • Plend

    Plend logo

    London | Finance | @Peoplelend

    Plend is the UK's first B Corp consumer lender on a mission to make credit history, history. Plend has assembled a world-class team of credit risk, open-banking, machine learning and B2C fintech leaders who have built and tested the PLEND Score®, a proprietary lending model that enables people to access credit at genuinely affordable rates in the UK.

  • Punk Money

    Punk Money logo

    London | Finance | @PunkMoneyHQ

    Punk Money is a new frictionless way to lend or borrow money at fair, affordable rates, creating legally-binding loan contracts and connecting both parties' bank accounts. Lenders monetise their spare cash by lending it to friends or family members, choosing the exact interest rate and duration over which they pay it back. Borrowers benefit from hassle-free loans from people they know, with no credit checks or exorbitant fees, loan terms from 0% and automatic repayments that build their credit scores.

  • Recap

    Recap logo

    London | Finance | @recap_io

    Recap makes crypto taxes simple. It helps users calculate crypto taxes in a simple-to-use, privacy-focused app. With thousands of transactions across different wallets, blockchains and exchanges, crypto taxes can be messy. With Recap users can easily track their crypto portfolio, optimise their tax position and automatically calculate their crypto taxes.

  • RiskSave

    RiskSave logo

    London | Finance | @RiskSaveTech

    RiskSave powers digital investment. Its modular platfrom solution allows tech-savvy firms and their customers the fastest route to market. This entails helping fintechs integrate investing functionality via API, while also providing regulatory support, user onboarding, brokerage and trading services.

  • Rooster

    Rooster logo

    London | Automotive | Finance | Insurtech

    Rooster is on a mission to reduce the overall cost and hassle of car ownership. Starting with insurance, it has reinvented how risk is measured, priced and distributed to make it fairer, cheaper and smarter for safe drivers. Unlike the rest of the market which bases prices on crude demographics, Rooster uses behavioural data collected pre quote to more accurately predict and price risk. It offers safe drivers savings of up to 40% off their car insurance vs the best price in the market. It is now building out additional products and services to solve the high cost of car ownership, with the vision of building the ultimate car owners' super app to help enable everyone, regardless of their demographic profile, to have access to reliable and affordable transportation.

  • Sentient Machines

    Sentient Machines logo

    London | Education | Energy | Finance | Insurtech | @sentient_tech

    Sentient Machines is an AI startup with ground-breaking technology demonstrating that emotional intelligence is not only possible in sentient machines, but completely necessary. Its platform is leveraging university research with 25+ algorithms running in parallel, understanding context and emotion for ultimate human/computer synergy. It's starting with transforming call centres; the platform gives full transparency of contact centre communication, categorising and flagging emerging issues, non-compliance, and agent performance challenges.

  • Ship Shape

    Ship Shape logo

    Wales | Adtech & Marketing | Finance | @VcShipShape

    Ship Shape is a search engine for private markets and venture Ccpital, enabling investors to market themselves to attract relevant dealflow through their thought leadership and content.

  • Siege FX

    Siege FX logo

    London | Finance | @siegefxltd

    Siege aims to deliver significant execution cost savings to participants in the wholesale foreign exchange (FX) market globally. To do so, it is developing the technology to operate dark mid-rate matching environments where participants access unique sources of market neutral liquidity. In addition, Siege is also redesigning associated execution processes such as order compression and trade allocation in order to significantly reduce operational costs. Siege is an independent London-based fintech which operates cutting-edge financial market technology that is entirely developed in-house.

  • SkenarioLabs

    SkenarioLabs logo

    London | Energy | Finance | Insurtech | @skenarios

    SkenarioLabs helps property owners, portfolio managers, banks and insurance companies make more responsible decisions through our objective, transparent and accurate risk and value assessment platform. It does this by creating virtual representations of building portfolios and using machine learning-based analysis engine to model changes to their components (such as windows, roofs and heating systems) in order to assess the impact on energy usage, carbon intensity and value. This enables clients to make better, more sustainable decisions regarding their assets without taking their eye off of return on investment.

  • StepEx

    StepEx logo

    London | Education | Finance | @stepexfinance

    StepEx's mission is to provide the infrastructure to remove the price barrier to quality education. StepEx is the world's first regulated provider of Future Earnings Agreements (FEAs), where students pay for their education with a share of their future potential earnings. StepEx offers this service as embedded finance. Education providers are able to embed FEAs into their current application process with a simple link, and are then able to fund their courses off of their own balance sheet, without incurring any regulatory burden or operation costs. The result is that education providers can increase the utilisation of the seats in their classes and improve the quality of their students.

  • Syntacog

    Syntacog logo

    London | Finance | Lawtech

    Syntacog is a regulatory technology company helping businesses to manage compliance with complex laws across multiple jurisdictions (international, national, local). It uses patent pending technology to create expert systems that guide users through the regulations. First, it captures legal and regulatory expertise at a nuanced level of detail and make this expertise scaleable through automation. Second, it captures detailed facts about businesses and products in order to apply this regulatory expertise to assess their compliance status. These two layers of data enable power tools like the Health Care Regulatory Explorer, which provides regulatory guidance to medical device startups, helping them understand how the regulations apply to their businesses and what they need to do to get to market.

  • Tranch

    Tranch logo

    London | Finance | @tranch_hq

    Tranch is a B2B Buy Now Pay Later solution enabling SaaS and services to offer payment flexibility to sell more annual plans, close deals quicker and get paid upfront. The platform’s decision engine funds payments between £10-250k over 3 to 12 months. Businesses, from startups to mid-market, access the platform either through: a pay with tranch option in their sales and invoice process; directly on the platform to spread payments for any supplier. That supplier is then signed onto the platform as a partner creating a growth loop.

  • Zvilo

    Zvilo logo

    London | Ecommerce & Marketplace | Finance | @zvilo_official

    Zvilo is on a mission to become the first credit-led PSD2 complaint digital bank for the Balkan region, with the aim of bringing digital financial innovation to the Balkans and for Balkans living in the UK and EEA. The countries of focus are: Kosovo, Albania, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia. At a later stage Zvilo will also be expanding its digital bank to other developing and emerging markets across Central Asia, Africa and MENA. Its unique business model will provide SMEs with access to working capital financing, alongside digitalized banking services which offer up to 85% savings on fees. The core pillars of this model are cost-saving, convenience, connectivity, and accessibility.

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Who is the Fintech programme for?

Fintech is for founders and companies that want to achieve their potential and who are ready to scale. To be eligible for the programme, your company must meet the following criteria:

  • Have headquarters in the UK
  • Be a digital tech with fintech or insurtech product or service to sell
  • The company is at Seed to Series A funding stage.
  • If the company is self-funded, minimum annual revenue is £100k and maximum is £1.5m
  • Open to all B2B, B2C and B2B2C companies
  • The company is more than 1 year old
  • Has the ambition to scale!

*No agencies or consultancies

What does the programme include?

Insight sessions

Founder-focused sessions delivered by world-leading fintech entrepreneurs covering core issues, from investment to sales, partnerships and international expansion.


Events of networking bringing together corporate executives, investors, government representatives, regulators and other decision makers together around the cohort.


Networking sessions designed with the technical leadership team in mind, to foster peer-to-peer exchange and explore the challenges faced by CTOs and Head Devs.

What people think about the programme

“I’m excited to be a judge again for the next cohort for Tech Nation’s Fintech programme. As a founder myself, I know how valuable that this programme is, and I’m looking forward to seeing the roster of companies lining up to try and secure a place. I would highly recommend applying!” 

Christian Faes, Exec Chair & Co-founder, LendInvest

“I think it is a really great idea to get people going through exactly the same pains at the same time in the same sector. This has really succeeded in pinpointing and solving our problems, and I loved the session where the founders came and talked about growing their teams, talking very openly about their troubles and what went right and what went wrong.”

Georgia Stewart, Co-Founder & CEO, Tumelo 

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