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Measuring equal pay

Cambridge wanted to make sure they were acting in accordance with their commitments and social responsibility. One of their first initiatives was to examine company salaries and gather data on where there might be any pay discrepancies between different groups.

“We undertook an equal pay review to ensure there is no pay discrimination. We’re proud to share that we’re an equal pay employer.”

The results validated their HR and people policies and set a benchmark for future growth and company evolution.

Activating superpowers

SIF Health


SIF Health employed a technical director with Asperger’s syndrome. Their leadership team wanted to understand how best to adapt their working environment to enable the director to thrive.

They spent time finding out how best to adapt their working practises and developed initiatives like providing thinking time within meetings, talking about Asperger’s as a coding superpower rather than a disability, and normalising the provision of space and time when needed.

Not only is the director thriving in the role, he is strengthening the company’s inclusive culture to help enable other employees to embrace who they are and grow personally and professionally.

“He is now mentoring other developers who have autism/Asperger’s to help them realise that it’s not a disability but a superpower.”

Eliminating the hiring bias



Humans are biased. It’s part of our evolutionary nature. We strive to reduce our biases, but they can still creep into our behaviours, our designs and even the way we hire people.

However, companies that don’t seek to redress the balance don’t just miss out on potential candidates, but could also be losing valuable time in the recruitment process.

MeVitae wants to mitigate the cognitive and algorithmic biases that exist in the hiring process.

“We build technology to debias different steps of the hiring process, from sourcing top diverse talent to blind recruiting, all within a company’s HR function and Application Tracking System. Our work means there has been up to a 30% increase in gender and ethnicity diversity in participating companies. Other benefits have included a doubling of the number of candidates applying for roles and time savings of up to 80%.” 

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