What do we mean by Diversity and Inclusion?

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“Diversity: the art of thinking independently together” –
Malcolm Forbes

Diversity refers to the different types of people that make up a society. Usually, it refers to protected characteristics such as race, age and gender, but it can also refer to differences in ways of thinking or behaving. Having a diverse workplace is about having teams that are made up of different types of people, with different backgrounds and viewpoints. Note that the term ‘diversity’ can be applied to many things, so it’s important to be specific about what it means in your organisation.

An inclusive workplace creates the culture, conditions and opportunities for everyone to thrive. Without an inclusive culture, diverse talent won’t join or, if they do, they won’t stay, because the environment will not be one in which they feel included or able to reach their full potential.

Wherever you are in your scaling journey, this Diversity & Inclusion Toolkit aims to help you and your leadership team build a genuinely diverse and inclusive company. 

Whether you’re looking to build upon your existing D&I framework, or simply need some help getting started, this toolkit is filled with actions that you can take right now, as well as longer term goals to work towards. We’ve included useful tools, resources and links, as well as case studies from companies which have successfully initiated D&I policies. The following guidelines are structured by department, so you can share the toolkit with colleagues and implement the guidelines on a function by function basis. 

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