Where to start with measuring D&I investments

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While your business’ D&I framework will impact your company across all departments, and in a number of ways that are difficult to measure quantitatively, there are some strategies you can use to effectively measure the results of your D&I investments. 

Here are a few results you should be consistently measuring, according to The Unmistakables’ ‘difference dividend’ framework:


  • % of sales from different audience groups or demographics
  • Sales/profitability changes tracked back to D&I changes
  • Increases or decreases in staff hiring & attrition costs 


  • Employee satisfaction and other internal culture metrics (see inclusion monitoring)
  • Compare company data (e.g. employee churn rate) to other organisations within your industry/at a similar stage of growth to gauge the strength of your company culture 
  • Measure employee productivity levels (see this guide from BreatheHR)


  • Use Glassdoor, social media comments/reviews and Google reviews to gauge internal and external opinions of your company, and identify areas for improvement

D&I Funding checklist

  • Actively look for investment funds that are interested in Diversity & Inclusion measures 
  • Build a leadership team with different backgrounds and lived experiences to develop cultural confidence amongst your board in order to appeal to investors.
  • Set out your business’ D&I objectives, and allocate a meaningful D&I budget to help deliver on the strategy and execution. 

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