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We want to help you embed D&I into your business so that it will continue to scale and thrive. D&I doesn’t require a huge budget to implement, and it’s something everyone can and should be involved with. Here are some specific actions you may want to consider taking, which we’ll be exploring in more depth throughout this guide: 

  • Take an unconscious bias test: Everyone should question their own unconscious biases, because whoever we are, we’ve been shaped by our environment. Tackling these biases is ongoing work. Harvard University’s Implicit Bias Test is a helpful starting point, and Pragya Agarwal’s ‘Sway: Unravelling Unconscious Bias’ provides further information about how to tackle the biases you identify. 
  • Host a leadership meeting dedicated to D&I: Set expectations for inclusive leadership behaviours to ensure all your senior leaders are on the same journey, using personal profiling to aid discussion.
  • Create manager accountability for talent development: To help you do this, identify blockers to progression and create targeted interventions. Read more about this in the HR & People section. 
  • Set goals for representation at all business levels: Set goals for hiring diverse talent into all roles to enable a faster pace of change and growth. Read more about this in the HR & People section. Note, however, that all recruitment decisions need to be based on hiring the best candidate, as it is unlawful to select an inferior candidate solely because they fit within a specific D&I goal.

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