Resources to support Ukrainian talent

As millions of refugees flee the escalating crisis in Ukraine, now is the time to come together and support Ukrainian professionals rebuild their lives, livelihood and future – free from the threat of violence and uncertainty. We’ve put together a list of resources you can use to access the help you need, or get involved with the effort as a volunteer / potential employer.

Job platforms
Mentorship & scholarship opportunities
Evacuation support groups & volunteering
Advice for employers
How businesses can help

Job platforms

UA talents is a job platform for displaced persons from and within Ukraine. On UA Talents, companies from all over Europe can advertise their job openings to people from Ukraine who have lost their employment due to the war.

Discover more about them here.

Over 2 million Ukrainians refugees have now fled the war. This includes thousands of highly skilled professionals. You can support by hiring them, wherever they are from this platform.

Registered users include developers, marketers, managers and more. Learn more here.

Mentorship & scholarship opportunities

For anyone wishing to mentor Ukrainian refugees in terms of how to handle job interviews in different parts of Europe/ the UK, sign up to do so here.

As a pioneer of lifelong learning, ESCP is committed to helping Ukrainian refugees by offering them a tuition-free certificate programme on its European campuses. In addition, ESCP will provide as of now 10 scholarships (for an amount of approximately €200K) to allow Ukrainian students to join one of the school’s programmes, subject to admission.

Find out more here.

Evacuation support groups & Volunteering

Join the WhatsApp group here now to organise the evacuation of your employees.

Techfugees is the tech community supporting refugees and displaced people since 2015. It exists to empower displaced persons whilst supporting tech innovations designed by, with and for them. The organisation has now launched over 30 action groups for European countries – including the US – across both Whatsapp and our Slack.

Find out more about getting involved here.

Sunflower Relief is a grassroots volunteer-led network that aims to connect the immediate needs of Ukrainian locals with immediate local solutions, emergency supplies, services, support, and capture first-hand accounts of the evolving situation on the ground to share with the wider world.

Find out more about getting involved here.

UkraineNow is a global decentralized effort to help Ukrainians and other nations deal with the humanitarian crisis and consequences of a brutal invasion by the Russian Federation. You can get involved as a volunteer, or help relocate Ukrainians too. Find out more here.

Advice for employers

 This kind of crisis requires careful and sensitive handling, and Fragomen want to share their unparalleled experience and provide insights into the immigration ramifications of the situation, focusing on guidance for employers. Read more here.

How your business can help Ukraine

How can your company help Ukraine and the 2.5+
million war refugees who’ve fled to neighbouring
countries? PWC spoken to experts and volunteers
working on the ground to define the following steps here.

Actions Your Company Can Take to Help Ukrainians : a comprehensive guide can be found here.

Post the guide on your blog and promote it on social media. You can also share the link with your potential job candidates from Ukraine.

For the latest response from our Visa team, supporting tech professionals affected by the conflict: