Dive head first into UK tech

Does your team need to know more about tech startups, how the UK tech ecosystem works and, most importantly, how to best work with agile, fast-growth businesses?

Immersion is an interactive session designed to give your team a deep dive into the tech landscape, leaving them feeling energised and clued up about the state of play in tech.

What you can expect…

Suits groups of around 8-12 people

Lasts 2 hours (longer sessions can be developed)

Tailored to your business needs, following a consultation

Covers everything from the tech ecosystem and how startups operate to the future of tech

Interactive session encouraging attendees to bring their challenges for discussion

The lite version

A high level general overview of the topics – held at one of Tech Nation’s offices

The bespoke version

A more focused and in-depth version, which tailors the course to the needs of your organisation. Group rates available.

Select from six modules

How does the ecosystem work?

How does UK tech look on an international stage?

How do startups operate?

What does UK tech look like?

What are the biggest challenges in the tech industry?

What does the future hold?

“Tech Nation have a finger on the pulse of what’s happening in tech, our team learned a lot and we booked a workshop for another team at JLL as soon as we had finished our first session.’’

Tom Brammeld, Associate Director, Central London Office Agency