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Investment balance

The balance of total investment made into tech companies at different stages of scaling growth by region, city and sector in the UK.

  • Investment balance looks not at the number of businesses in a sector or geography, but at the total investment made into companies at the respective stage of growth. It gives an impression of the performance, rather than the pipeline of scaling tech companies, and should be used alongside Business balance to get a perspective of the relative investment weight of different stages.
  • Belfast (54:32:14), Dundee (54:26:20) and Exeter (59:14:27) are the tech hubs to watch in 2021, with Scale Ratios that indicate they have the highest growth potential. These cities have the highest proportion of seed stage companies compared to any other in the UK.
  • Supporting this, from an investment perspective, Belfast witnessed a doubling of pre-seed (£0-800k) investment, Dundee saw over £300k of investment in Eversens, a biotech firm, in 2020 - compared to a higher proportion of Series A investment in 2019 into the likes of Intelligent Growth Solutions, who focus on Agritech, and Exeter saw early stage investments in edtech firm Maths Kitchen, and SaaS platform Re-Flow (2019-2020).

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