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About the report

Why is research on international talent important?


  1. See House of Commons Science and Technology Committee (2016) Digital skills crisis. Second Report of Session 2016 -17
  2. See for example, MAC reports on Tier 1 and Tier 2 non-EEA migrants working in the UK.
  3. See (2016) Visas and Immigration [Available at]
  4. Ibid.
  5. Vargas-Silva, C. (2016) The Fiscal Impact of Immigration in the UK. Oxfod: The Migration Observatory. [Available at:

What data is used?


  1. See MAC reports on Tier 1 and Tier 2 non-EEA migrants working in the UK and DCMS (2016), DCMS Sectors Economic Estimates Employment Update [Available here]
  2. Nomis (2016) Annual Population Survey [Available here]
  3. Spilsbury, M. (2016) Dynamic mapping of the information economy industries. London: Nesta/Tech UK.
  4. We used SIC codes to encompass all workers in the digital tech industries, including non-digital tech jobs in the digital tech sector. Digital jobs are changing/growing at a rapid rate therefore we recognise that this data may not reflect the most up to date landscape.

What other data is available?

Data from employer surveys

Administrative data from the Home Office

Next steps for data


  1. Nesta (2017) The UK needs a Skills MapAvailable here

Outline of the UK’s Points Based Immigration System


Tech Nation Talent

A four-part series of reports on the talent and skills dynamics of the UK tech sector.

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