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By tech sub-sector

Share of non-UK nationals varies considerably across tech sub-sectors

The analysis shows that IT SIC codes tend to have higher levels of both EU and non-EU workers, as distinct from those that relate to telecommunications and forms of manufacturing in the sector.

For instance, Other IT & computer services activities and Computer consultancy activities both have 5 per cent EU workers, and 9 per cent non-EU workers.

Particularly in the case of non-EU workers, the share is higher in digital than in non-digital industries at 4 per cent.

Wired telecommunication activities has a lower proportions of non-UK nationals employed – with 3 percent EU and 4 per cent non-EU workers.

Share of employment (2011-2015) by tech sub-sector

Share of employment
Tech sub-sector
(4 digit SIC)
Rest of EU Non-EU UK
Other IT & computer
services activities
5% 9% 86%
Computer consultancy
5% 9% 86%
Computer programming
6% 8% 86%
Wireless telecommunications
4% 6% 90%
Wired telecommunications
3% 4% 93%
Manufacture computers &
peripheral equipment
6% 6% 88%

Note: The analysis above is based on workers whose main job was in the digital tech industries and excludes sector that have small sample sizes in the APS.