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By time

From 2011 to 2015 the share of employment of EU workers in the digital tech industries rose from 4 to 6 per cent

Share of employment over time (from 2011-2015) in UK digital tech industries

Year Rest of EU Non-EU UK
2015 6% 7% 87%
2014 5% 7% 88%
2013 5% 7% 88%
2012 5% 8% 87%
2011 4% 7% 89%

This is important, because over the same time period, the share of non-EU workers remained relatively stable at 7 per cent.

This compares to the UK’s non-digital tech industries where the share of EU workers rose from 5 to 6 per cent and non-EU workers stayed at 4 per cent.

The share of UK nationals in non-digital tech industries declined – from 91 to 90 per cent, although overall employment of UK nationals increased from 25.7 million to 27 million workers.

The share of employment of EU workers in the tech sector has risen in line with its rapid growth over the past four years.

This could be an indication that the employment needs of the UK’s tech industry have outstripped the supply of domestic skill with EU migrants, to a certain extent, making up for this shortfall 1


  1. There are a number of other factors that have a bearing on this share of employment. This includes but is far from limited to supply of relevant domestic skills, the economic performance of other countries, the conditions of their labour markets and political situation.