Part 3: Future Talent /

Key Findings

1) Technology was the most popular choice of future career for young men at 36% of responses, whilst Creative and design (26%) and Professions (36%) was most popular for young women.

2) Technology was the fifth most mentioned career for all Reddit users. The young people discussing careers tended to mention sectors like ‘Finance’ and ‘Energy’ more often when talking about careers.

3) But for UK careers discussions, Technology was slightly lower down the rankings. It was the sixth most mentioned career behind ‘Finance’, ‘Energy’, ‘Industrials’, ‘Cyclical consumer goods and services’, and ‘Healthcare’.

5) Young people aged 16 are more likely to want to work in tech than other age groups surveyed (21%). On the other hand young people aged 19 and older expressed a preference to start their own business and work in Retail.

6) Those who wanted to work in technology cited ‘the fast moving and exciting nature’ of the sector (55%), ‘interesting jobs’ (54%) and ‘good pay’ (50%) as reasons for wanting to work in the sector

7) Young people cited job security as the most important aspect of future work (93%) followed by Salary (92%)

9) Many young people in our survey felt that work experience was crucial to getting their first job (65%), and that they would consider an apprenticeship instead of a university degree if it offered a way into a professional career (60%).

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