Part 2: Tech skills /

Key Findings

1) Just under 10% of LinkedIn’s 23 million UK members have tech skills – around 2.2 million people

2) Tech skills are found across a wide range of roles aside from the usual suspects like Software Developers (6% of LinkedIn members with tech skills) and IT consultants (5%), including Salespeople (6%) and Creative Designers (3%).

3) And tech skills are being used across a diverse range of sectors aside from Technology (25%), including Professional Services (12%), Financial services (11%), and Architecture and Engineering (8%).

4) Tech skills are transferable – 36% of members now working in tech moved from non-tech jobs. 7% moved from Professional Services, 5% from Financial Services and Insurance and 3% from Media and Entertainment.

5) Members with tech skills are highly educated with 54% in the UK holding a Bachelor’s degree, and almost 30% with a Master’s degree.

6) The majority of graduates with tech skills stayed in Northern Ireland (75%), Scotland (69%) and London (68%) after they completed their studies at a university in the same region.

7) London and the North West saw a net gain of members with tech skills in 2016. Other regions in the UK experienced a net loss of members with these skills.

8) Even so, tech skills are found right across the UK. London has the highest proportion at 30%, with 15% in the South East, 9% in the East of England and 8% in the North West.

9) Of the top 10 countries, the highest proportion of members who arrived in the UK with tech skills in 2016 came from nations outside Europe. India (12%), the USA (10%), Australia (7%), Spain (6%) and France (6%) were the top 5 countries of origin.

10) Over half (51%) of this international talent moved to regions outside of London in 2016, whilst just under 50% moved to the capital. For 12% the destination region was the South East; 7% moved to Scotland, and 6% to the North West.

11) Whilst a large proportion of international talent moved to the UK in 2016 to work in Technology at 33%, 14% worked in Professional Services, 11% worked in Financial Services and 8% in Architecture and Engineering – showing the diverse range of sectors demanding international talent with tech skills.

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