Part 3: Future Talent /

Next steps

Building on the findings in this report there are a number things you can do as a founder to ensure that the future tech workforce is more inclusive and diverse.

Of those young people who wanted a career in tech, 70% were young men, and only 30% young women. The perception that tech is a less viable career option for young women must be addressed, as an employer, this should start with recruitment culture. To reduce gender bias in your recruitment processes, you can:

Young people feel most strongly about work life balance, 51% suggested this career factor is Very important. As a tech employer, here are three practical steps that you could take to facilitate a company culture conducive to a fulfilling employee experience:

These findings point to the need for action – driving better information, recruitment processes, and transparent company cultures. The benefits of an inclusive tech economy and diverse workplaces cannot be overstated. The UK tech community has a responsibility to young people, after all, these people are our future talent.