Tech Nation Visa Alumni Network

The Tech Nation Visa Alumni Network is for current and previous holders of the Global Talent Visa and is run in partnership with Visa Alumni members and Tech Nation. Whether you have just been granted your visa or if you have had it a while, you are welcome to join us.

No matter which stage you’re at – growing your network, moving into a new role or simply wanting to meet new people – our alumni network, with its mix of social and professional events across the country, is designed to fit your needs.

Our Alumni stories

Our Visa Alumni have incredible stories. Here you can read about their personal experience of applying for the Tech Nation Global Talent Visa and moving to the UK. With more than 1000 active members, our alumni are a growing community of experts in key technology systems, all of whom contribute to world-class innovation in digital technology.

The Visa Alumni Forum

Want to get a flavour of our alumni network? Have a query about your visa application? We’ve created a forum for current applicants and people who are considering applying for a Visa, where you can ask any questions you may have about the Tech Nation Visa and the application process,  to the people who have been through it.

**Please note, this forum is for the Tech Nation Visa only, the alumni cannot answer questions regarding other visa routes.***

Questions about the following?

  • The Tech Nation Visa application process
  • Life in the UK
  • How to make your application stand out
  • Eligibility and criteria for the Tech Nation Visa

Our Visa ambassadors

Tech Nation Visa ambassadors are a select group of Alumni who act as a ‘link’ between Tech Nation, the Alumni Network and the wider tech community. As key representatives of the visa, they provide insight from their experience as former applicants and the process of applying for the Global Talent Visa.

The ambassadors may help explain the purpose of the visa and provide a general overview of the application process, however they are unable to support individuals with applications or advise regarding the likelihood of endorsement.

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The Tech Nation Visa Alumni Network is for holders of the Tech Nation Global Talent Visa. It is run directly by the Visa Alumni ambassadors in partnership with Tech Nation.

Alumni Interviews

In this video series, discover how the Visa application works, why people chose the UK and much more.

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