Tech Nation Visa Alumni Network

The Tech Nation Visa Alumni Network is for holders of the Tier 1 Exceptional Talent visa. It is run directly by the visa alumni members in partnership with Tech Nation.

Tech Nation Visa Alumni chose the UK for many reasons, including the diversity of the local tech scene, the quality of universities, startup accelerators, and the ease of starting and scaling a business. Alumni have created a growing community within the tech ecosystem of individuals recognised as contributing world-class innovation in digital technology.

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Why did you choose the UK?

Where are our alumni from?

Tech Nation Visa Ambassadors

The Tech Nation Visa Ambassadors are a select group of Alumni who act as a ‘link’ between Tech Nation, the Alumni Network and the wider tech community. As key representatives of the visa, they provide insight from their experience as former applicants and the process of applying for the Tier 1 Exceptional Talent visa.

In the know…

In this video series, discover how the Visa application works, why people chose the UK and much more.