Practical advice and support for tech talent moving to the UK

Whether you’re moving from Europe, North America, Or far East Asia, making the decision to relocate is a big one. Knowing that the support will be there to help you build a comfortable professional life can make all the difference. 

Our 8 week course Thrive, is a practical, cohort-based accelerator for international tech talent with the ambition to move to the UK. Delivered remotely, through a series of live masterclass and small deep dive group sessions we will provide you with support in your first few months in the UK to help you get the most out of the UK tech community. 

The guidance you’ll receive on the course

We will provide you with the expertise needed to settle into your new life in the UK quickly and accelerate your introduction to the UK’s tech ecosystem. This will include practical tips from those that have ‘been there and done it’, to support you and your families search for a comfortable home, rewarding careers and access to opportunities in the UK. You’ll also have a network of peers and mentor guidance to help define your goals for your new life in the UK.  

Competitive advantage

It can be hard to progress your career when moving to a country, knowing what and who you need to know. Thrive will help you to:

  • Quickly build your professional network here
  • Make the right tax, legal or business decisions for work in the UK

Support system

Finding a great community of friends and support can make all the difference to your experience in the UK. Thrive will help you to: 

  • Connect with peers going through the same journey to the UK as you in the cohort
  • Access support and resources to know the cultural norms here and how to connect with local communities with shared interests

Realising your ambition

Whether you’re building a career, business or both here in the UK. Thrive will help you to: 

  • Quickly understand the job market in UK tech and how to hire and be hired
  • Learn from a diverse range of tech founders in the UK who have moved to the UK and set up their own business here
  • Get practical support and guidance to define your goals for success in the UK

Course Topics

The course covers 6 topics crucial to tech talent moving to the UK: 

  • Why the UK & Everything you need pre-arrival
  • What to expect in your first 3 months?
  • How do you find your community in the UK?
  • How to hire and get hired in the UK
  • Understanding your region in tech
  • From startup to scaleup: how to found and scale here

Who is Thrive for?

Thrive is for talent moving to the UK to work in our tech sector and who want to accelerate their introduction into the ecosystem. After reading the criteria below, if you still have questions – check out the answers to our FAQs here.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Will be working within the UK’s digital economy 
  • Can commit to up to 2.5 hours contact time a week
  • Have already been approved for a UK Visa (strongly recommended)
  • Have the ambition to connect with and integrate within the UK’s tech sector
  • Are able (or your company is able) to pay for the programme fee

Typical applicants:

  • Tech leaders (In ‘C-Suite’, ‘Heads of’ roles) moving to the UK to start a new role as part of a UK tech startup or scaleup
  • Tech founders (or soon to be) moving to the UK to found or grow their tech business in our tech sector
  • VCs or Investors moving to the UK and looking to land and build their network in the UK’s tech sector
  • Tech talent in-between roles. You’ve got plenty of experience but are looking to change and find the next great opportunity in UK tech
  • Don’t fit into any of the above? Don’t worry, you can still apply and share with us your background and why you’d be a great fit for the Thrive programme

What does the course involve?

Masterclass Sessions

These sessions will explore fast growing tech sectors, from leading experts in the ecosystem.


Benefit from live Q&A sessions, subgroups and discussion forums. This is your opportunity to share, debate and problem solve together with people that understand and empathise with you.  

Peer-peer Learning

Connect with like-minded people, on the same journey into UK tech with you. We’ll also personalise mentorship attuned to your specific needs and pain-points. 

Have your say

Shape parts of the programme depending on your pre submitted questions in advance of speaker sessions 


Perchpeek’s app combines award-winning technology with a global team of relocation experts to provide a relocation service that is accessible to everyone. Whether it’s planning your council tax, sorting you healthcare or getting a bank account, we’ll guide you through all the challenges of moving to the UK from start to finish. ( *As part of the Thrive+ package)

Exclusive Network Platform

Get 6 months access, absolutely free (worth £300)

Our speakers

Thrive is open to all UK visa holders

*not just the Tech Nation (Global Talent) Visa.
**This programme does not affect the outcome of any visa applications.

Pricing options


1. Access to the core programme

2. Curated peer-peer group with mentors

3. 6 months access to Tech Nation’s network platform (worth £300)

PRICE: £1000 (inc. VAT)


Access to everything included in the Thrive package, PLUS PerchPeek’s end-to-end relocation service

PRICE: £1360 (inc. VAT)

As an employer, how does this help me?

We also have a specific package available for employers looking to hire and retain global talent. This offering will allow your employees to feel more at home, happier, more productive and more appreciative of their opportunities in your organisation, as they make the transition to the UK.

What people think about the programme

“​​The location of our birth determines so much of our future, the Thrive Programme is one way to help create a level playing field with opportunities for global tech talent. It will also help us attract and support great global tech talent to BenevolentAI and the UK, to contribute to our creative thinking and build globally accessible innovation and tech.”

Trecilla Lobo, SVP People at BenevolentAI

“Every immigrant has a different story. But every one possibly would face the similar challenges while moving to a new country. I was not an exception. The Tech Nation Thrive programme is something which should have been there when I moved to the UK. It’s imperative to have such a fast-track programme in place, that helps newcomers in understanding the tech ecosystem, find collaborative minds and makes your journey an easy one.”

Subhash Ghosh, Founder of The Lemon Group

Our programme partner

Perchpeek is the relocation company that helps anyone live anywhere. Their app combines award-winning technology with a global team of relocation experts to provide a best in class relocation service that is accessible to everyone. Whether it’s planning your council tax, sorting you healthcare or getting a bank account, we’ll guide you through all the challenges of moving to the UK from start to finish.


How long does Thrive last?

  • 8 weeks of course delivery
  • Perchpeek relocation service will be available anytime throughout the course

How is Thrive structured

  • Thrive is structured chronologically in 3 sections based on transitioning to the UK: Moving to the UK, living in the UK & Thriving in the UK.

How many places are available on the programme and what is the selection process? 

  • For this first edition of the cohort, we will be taking on 30 people. Based on the selection criteria here, we will review each individual application on a case by case basis. 

Does Thrive help me with my Tech Nation Visa Application?

  • No, the Thrive programme is completely separate from the Global Talent Visa application process and is aimed at those who have already received a Visa to enter the UK. 

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