The Visa Report Launch 2021: Highlights

The UK Tech Guide For Global Talent

The event experience

Our launch event brought together representatives from across the UK digital technology sector from the UK government to some of the most exciting and rapidly growing tech businesses. All of them, keen to share in their passion for technology and the incredibly important role global talent continues to play in their growth. 

Hear what some of our fantastic speakers had to say

Our latest visa report shines a light on the enormous opportunities available for global talent to build rewarding careers or scale their own businesses in the UK. We grow stronger every year as we welcome more exceptional people – the best and brightest people from around the world through our Tech Nation Visa. In the first half of 2021 alone, we’ve seen over 1600 UK-based start-ups and scale-ups raise over $18 billion in investment. On top of all this, Tech salaries are on the rise – 50% higher than the average salary for all UK vacancies.

Gerard Grech, Chief Executive, Tech Nation

“Recipients of the Tech Nation Global Talent Visa play a vital role in the accelerated growth of this country’s most exciting scaleups. The UK’s growth absolutely has its roots in global talent – 15% of UK tech startups have at least one non-UK founder. Today’s report shows that this is just the beginning and I look forward to welcoming even more exceptional global talent to the UK for many years to come.”

Matt Warman, UK Government’s Minister for Digital Infrastructure

“Not only is tech work becoming more flexible with remote-first conditions offering opportunities for people to work in new, or different ways, but where talented people are being taught and trained is also rapidly changing. Around 217 million prospective skilled workers will be from emerging economies, compared to 143 million in the G7. It is critical that the UK maintains an emphasis on facilitating the movement of global talent from right across the globe to support the growth of its tech sector.”

Dr. George Windsor, Head of Insights, Tech Nation

UK founder and Oaknorth CEO, Rishi Khosla highlighted why the UK offers a unique location and opportunity for global business and talent to thrive:

  • It has four of the top ten global universities
  • It has a financial centre which is vital for fintechs
  • Regulators are incredibly forward-thinking
  • It has an incredible investor base both for early-stage as well as growth equity.
  • Having a timezone between Asia and the U.S helps immensely if you are building a global business. 
  • The UK continues to invest in it’s position as a core innovation centre. 

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Panel session takeaways

The Panellists: Russ Shaw, Founder, Tech London Advocates & Global Tech Advocates; Michelle Cheng, Head of Talent, Notion Capital; John Kiely, Senior Associate, Fragomen; Yasmina Rahiman, Director of People & Talent, Benevolent AI.

The Panel discussed the different skills the UK tech sector needs to be looking to attract from abroad and how to that. They highlighted:

  • More and more tech organisations are looking at global talent as a way to meaningfully solve their resourcing requirements.
  • A lot of this stems from positive experiences from early on when they do this and so they look to do it again and again
  • As an organisation, the Global Talent Visa offers a huge amount of flexibility to the individual and the company
  • More organisations need to take the step to engage with the Tech Nation visa and take the lead with promoting it as an opportunity to prospective overseas talent
  • The Global Talent Visa is a route to support both Technical and Non-Technical roles within the tech sector
  • When considering routes, really take the time to understand what the different visa routes offer and what they mean to you
  • If you are considering applying for the Visa, give yourself enough time to understand what you need to provide and to pull it all together 

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Alumni Q&A Takeaways

Anita Koimur,
Tech Nation Visa Alumni and Co-founder & COO at LiveFlow

“I didn’t identify as someone who is an exceptional talent until I reached out to alumni, who helped me work out that I actually am suitable for this visa.”

Anita emphasised that you shouldn’t underestimate how much the UK has to offer, not just as a place to work, but as a citizen. Her experiences have taught her that companies are all looking for people with a global mindset – and that the diversity within the UK tech sector is actually underestimated. She also encouraged networking with our Alumni.

Exploring The Report

Our eagerly-awaited 2021 Visa Report is finally here, highlighting another record-breaking year for the UK’s digital technology sector, which has seen massive growth in investment, skills and opportunities and that sees the UK rank only behind the USA and China as a digital technology superpower.

Our report focuses not only on the achievements of the digital technology sector so far, but also what is to come, with over $7 billion waiting to be invested in UK tech start-ups and scale-ups. With over $18 billion investment in 2021 fuelling rapid growth, there are more opportunities than ever before to work in UK tech, both as a founder and an employee.

In the event chat, you asked…so we’re answering

 A: How do I know if my experience is eligible? 

For more information on your eligibility please visit our Eligibility Quiz.

B: Can I get specific advice on my application?

Tech Nation is unable to advise on an applicant’s personal application. However, see our Alumni-led forum to find answers to already asked questions and post new questions to our alumni who will answer as best they can.

We also have our legal partners, Fragomen, who are able to help with your application or any immigration queries. 

C: What types of examples could people with a non-technical background provide as part of their application?

You can find a full list of evidence examples for business & technical applicants in our Tech Nation Visa Guide. We’ve included some examples below – click the arrow to see

  • Letter from an employer wherever applicable.  This is in addition to the required letters of endorsement and should be written by another individual.
  • Employment contract containing salary information including any bonus and equity options.
  • Documents detailing your significant contribution towards commercial success (such as evidence of sales pipeline built and delivered, growth generated, leads generated, processes developed and implemented).

 D: I’m looking to set up my business in the UK, can I do that on this visa? 

Yes the Global Talent Visa supports founders moving to the UK to start or expand a digital technology business.

Our alumni network now includes hundreds of global tech talent who have founded and grown their tech company here in the UK. 

E: What other support exists for global tech talent in the UK?

The Tech Nation Global Talent Visa is supported by an Alumni Network of over 1000 members who have all been endorsed by Tech Nation and received a Global Talent visa, offering a unique platform of peer support when moving to the UK. Tech Nation also provides a range of other growth programmes based on the stage of your company. Some programmes are tailored to the requirements of individual sectors, such as Fintech, AI and Net Zero.

F: I still have more questions – where do I look?

We have a comprehensive list of more FAQS here!