Celebrating global tech talent in the UK

The Tech Nation Visa Report 2022

Want to learn more about global talent in the UK and the Tech Nation Visa?

Our Tech Nation Visa event showcased the scale, impact and composition of Global Talent in the UK tech sector. The event welcomed anyone with an interest in international talent and how the Tech Nation Visa supports the high-skills needs of the UK economy, including applicants, alumni and wider leaders in our tech ecosystem.

This year’s report has been a celebration of the talented individuals from around the globe that have settled in the UK and helped transform the nation’s tech sector. This year, their stories, in their own words took centre stage.

Get to know the wonderful Lyubov Guk, Founding Partner at Blue Lake VC.

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Headline Sponsors

We are so delighted to have Fragomen and HSBC as sponsors for this year’s Visa Report, supporting incredible global tech professionals join the UK tech ecosystem.

What did the event cover?

The opportunities UK Tech has to offer talented people, like you!

The important role global talent will continue to play to take the UK’s tech sector from strength to strength.

Unveiling of the Tech Nation Visa Report, with data about Global Talent in the UK. 

High-profile experts and Visa Alumni within the tech sector. Find the inspiration you need to start your very own journey.

Here are some of the amazing speakers we featured

Lyubov Guk

Founding partner, Blue Lake VC & Visa Alumni member

Bade Adesemowo

Co-founder, Social Lender & Visa Alumni member

Devon Geary

Network & Partnerships Manager, Innovation Alliance & Visa Alumni member 

Herman Komashko

Principal Engineer, Safeguard Global & Visa Alumni member 

Russ Shaw CBE

Founder, Tech London Advocates & Global Tech Advocates

Lauren Apostolidis

Platform Director, AlbionVC

Trecilla Lobo

Senior Vice President, People, BenevolentAI

Rony Seamons

Chief People Officer at AMPLYFI

New this year: the ‘Faces of Visa’ feature

 Our ‘Faces of Visa’ feature within the report will immerse you into the lives of our Visa Alumni, so you can harness the inspiration, insight and clarity you need to start your very own journey – OR hire the perfect candidate and support their relocation to the UK with ease. We can’t reveal anymore than that, what can we say? We like to create a little suspense…

The Tech Nation Visa Report >

Want to know everything there is to know about Global Talent in UK tech, dive deep into the UK tech landscape and explore how your strengths are needed in our job market? The Tech Nation Visa Report takes you through it all. These are examples of the key results you’ll find inside:

25%of global talent visa holders are founders, with the majority in senior positions within UK tech companies
18%of UK tech scale ups have at least one non-UK founder
40% of Tech Nation Visa endorsees (1200) are non-technical tech professionals

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