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The Global Talent Visa: Supporting employers’ to hire the best international talent

The UK’s digital tech economy continues to grow from strength to strength, with a new tech company created every 30 seconds, and more and more businesses on track to become unicorns. This of course, wouldn’t be possible without the incredible international talent that chooses the UK to build their careers, bringing their intellect, potential and power to innovate along with them.

So, have you found the perfect candidate for a role, but they aren’t currently in the UK? The Global Talent Visa is the vehicle to help them make the journey to the United Kingdom.

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Ultimately, we know one of the greatest challenges tech companies face is hiring and retaining great talent.  Our brochure will highlight how the Global Talent route will allow you to access talent efficiently, but with very little paperwork. 

Yasmina Rahiman
Head of People, Benevolent AI

BenevolentAI is focused on tackling some really complex problems at the intersection of science and technology.

We can only rise to the challenge by having multidisciplinary teams with diverse thought, ideas and perspectives, which we can only come from tapping a global talent pool. So, when we hire, we’re looking for the very best people for the job: we’re looking for a problem-solving mindset, for a particular set of expertise and alternative ways of thinking.

How does this help you?

We know one of the biggest challenges for any tech business is hiring and retaining talent. The Global Talent Visa is a powerful route, providing flexibility and efficiency, while being both cost-effective and family friendly. Ultimately, It can help secure exceptionally talented senior hires.

Once you’ve decided on the right candidate for the role, recommending the Global Talent Visa route can simplify the process for your perfect hire, and therefore – you too.

With UK immigration routes often being quite costly, for the right candidates, the Global Talent route allows organisations and individuals a streamlined process with minimal paperwork. You can access talent more quickly and relocate candidates to maximise their opportunities in UK tech.

Take a look at some of the key benefits of adding the Global Talent Visa to your hiring strategy:


Applicable to technical and non-technical hires


 Promote or reposition staff according to business needs


Relocate your new hire’s family

Time efficient

The whole application process taking 10 weeks maximum


£608 per application


Blend global talent with your existing hiring strategies (e.g. Skilled Worker

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Over 900 UK tech businesses, including some of the biggest companies on earth have at least one Global Talent Visa holder within their ranks, working to drive innovation forward.

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