Growth. Opportunity. Imagination.

That’s what it means to work in UK tech.

Here, every 30 seconds an out-of-the box idea gives rise to a new tech company in the scaleup and startup ecosystem – an ecosystem worth over $500 billion dollars. From AI, Fintech, Deeptech all the way down to Net Zero and a whole host of sectors in between, the UK is the place to be, with talent from over 100 nationalities that have already made the move to build dream careers. One thing they all have in common? Ambition.

Join a nation with global collaboration at the very foundation of its tech success, and realise your ambition.

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The work life | Exploring the UK

The work life

As the UK reaches investment record-highs, and emerging tech such as Edtech, CreaTech and Healthtech (to name a few) takes centre stage here, it’s never been a more exciting time to work in this tech network. Collectively in 2020, these up-and-coming sectors raised $67bn in investment. As newer sectors gain traction and more established ones evolve, opportunities and jobs are being created every single day. In 2020 the number of unique tech jobs advertised per month in the UK outweighed that of key countries in Europe by 259% on average. Ultimately, the UK represents an opportunity for the exceptional to create real impact.

Don’t just take our word for it – our Alumni share some key career milestones:

“Since coming to the UK my experience with the tech scene here has been incredible. I had the opportunity to work on an entrepreneurial venture with Entrepreneur First (The top Deep Tech incubator in Europe). With EF I worked on an entrepreneurial idea to globalise healthcare through medical travel, and my work was features in the IMTJ journal.”

Alexi Youssef, healthcare innovator & tech entrepreneur, Ukraine

“I am currently working for an Edinburgh-based start-up company, Space Intelligence ltd. as their Senior Analyst and the first employee to join the founders. Space Intelligence is a Scottish AI and space data analytics company, which grew rapidly since I joined (within the space of 18 months they have grown to a team of 10 employees). Since I have worked there, we have passed incredible milestones, like winning several projects related to AI and big data from spaces in the UK and globally.”

Keiko Nomura, machine learning specialist, Japan

“One very special thing that happened when I came the UK was that I was selected to be a founder on the Antler programme. Antler is an early stage VC and the world’s largest tech startup generator. The Antler program is divided into two phases. The first phase is dedicated to finding a co-founder, validating your ideas and then starting to build the business. At the end of this phase, all the teams present to Antler’s Investment Committee. When we presented, Antler selected the project I founded with two partners from the program, and we raised £120k in pre-seed money.”

Alejandro Brega, tech founder from Argentina

Meet Sarveen Chester from Singapore – now working in London, as the Head of Expansion & Authorisations at Shares, a UK based Fintech.

Exploring the UK

As you enjoy the thrill of the tech activity and innovation in the UK, this will still leave time to explore all the landscapes, city life and advantages the UK has to offer.

The sights to see

From cities to seasides, castles and cliffs.

Pictured here: London, Dorset, Newcastle, Warwick, Cornwall & Dover.

The bonuses

Global leading healthcare, transport & education

Learn, where inspiration is endless.

Some incredible tech businesses began their stories within the four walls of some top tier universities. The University of Cambridge has schooled the founders of Starling Bank , Octopus Investments, Bulb and Ada Health. Oxford University has played a part in the stories of founders of Monzo, Lendable, GoCardless and Beamery.  Leeds, Sheffield and Manchester universities have also made strides – combining their efforts to launch the Northern Gritstone Fund to back R&D led companies.

Did you know…?

68% of students in the London School of Economics are international. The University Alumni includes founders of OakNorth and TrueLayer.

The University of Nottingham was the springboard for Exonate, working on improving the treatment of patients with retinal vascular diseases.

The University of Leeds gave rise to Xeros Tech, a platform technology company that is reinventing water intensive industrial and commercial processes.

Explore the top 10 universities for converting research into businesses here.

Lead, without limitations.

The UK provides the right combination of tech, talent, capital and mentorship to build fulfilling careers and companies in the sphere. Attracting more Fintech investment than anywhere else in Europe, along with the number of Unicorns growing tenfold in the last decade alone – it sets the scene for fast-paced growth.

The scaling environment

With over 250+ Angel investor groups, and an incredible 73% of venture capital coming from overseas, the appetite to invest is growing greater day by day. Plus, you’ll be joining the network of networks. Being a leader, doesn’t mean you have to do it alone. Alongside Tech Nation’s programmes, Entrepreneur First and Digital Boost provide platforms to learn as you build tech your business. Tech hubs aren’t limited to London alone, with Silicon Fen and the West Midlands also being major players in the tech scene. Our Entrepreneurial Engagement Managers will tell you there’s scope to build all around the UK.

125 tech unicornsin the UK

The UK is third behind only the US and China on this front.

23% of VC investmentraised by a non-UK born founder in 2021
$1trillionis the UK tech ecosystem valuation in 2022

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