15 UK tech scaleups join Tech Nation’s US Growth Workshop 4.0

15 UK tech scaleups join Tech Nation’s US Growth Workshop 4.0

This week our fourth cohort of UK tech scaleups will be joining the Tech Nation US Growth Workshop.

International expansion has been identified as one of the largest scaling challenges by UK scaleups, and the US is one of the top priority markets within the UK’s tech ecosystem.

All scaleups selected for the workshop have the resource and commitment to expand into the US within the next 12 months, and this workshop provides the insight, expertise and connections needed to accelerate their growth and success into the market.

The cohort spans across several tech sectors and industries including HealthTech, LegalTech and SaaS, with cutting-edge IoT and AI applications.

The two day workshop, sponsored by Fragomen, Foothold America, RSM UK and Wilson Sonsini is delivered by entrepreneurs and investors who have already scaled successfully into the market. The workshop includes educational and practical advice on the US ecosystem, go-to-market strategies, operational considerations, talent and recruitment, business development and fundraising.

Meet the cohort

Archangel Imaging

Archangel Imaging is making machines smarter, more useful teammates. Their smart cameras and AI co-pilots for remote environments – which help staff and autonomous systems delivering defence, security, safety and emergency – work without relying on GPS and connectivity infrastructure. They recently expanded into the US and opened an office in Syracuse, NY.


Deazy is a tech build platform enabling cost-effective, flexible and scalable development services for their fast growing clients. It offers an ecosystem of vetted nearshore teams through the Deazy platform, bridging the gap with the company’s UK delivery team, lowering the risk of outsourcing and making development easy.


Flock is a UK insurtech on a mission to make the world quantifiably safer with connected fleet insurance that enables and incentivises safer driving. Flock’s policies are backed by top underwriters, distributed by leading brokers and trusted by some of the UK’s most exciting fleets, including Virtuo, Grideserve and Jaguar Land Rover’s leasing arm ‘The Out’.

Offering more than the obligatory motor certificate and occasional claims payments, Flock’s connected insurance actively rewards safer driving. Specialising in self-drive hire, trades, own goods delivery, and courier, Flock lets safer fleets pay less.


Gaia is the world’s first IVF insurance, remaking how people make families. We help people plan, pay for and protect their IVF journey, making IVF more accessible for them. Because everyone who wants a family should have the chance to try.


HeadBox is the easy way to plan meetings and events with confidence. Their software products, headbox.com, Lead Feed and HeadBox Business allow customers and venues to book, manage and deliver everything in one place with no long searches, hidden costs or stress.

As the UK’s fastest-growing event tech brand backed by Guinness Asset Management and Deepbridge Capital, HeadBox are on a mission to bring people and spaces together to make brilliant things happen, everywhere.

Humanising Autonomy

Humanising Autonomy teach machines to understand how people behave so that any human/machine interaction is safe, efficient and – most importantly – more human.

By combining novel deep learning, behavioural psychology and statistical AI, they have developed powerful and ethical computer-vision software that predicts human decision-making. This means they can quickly, safely and accurately provide context around interactions between people and machines, whether it’s a consumer device, home appliance, vehicle, gaming equipment or any automated machine.

Humanising Autonomy will help you make better-informed decisions – just connect their Behaviour AI platform to your camera for real-time insights, or give them access to your video footage for crucial historical analytics.

Humanising Autonomy do all of this whilst prioritising individual privacy with ethical AI technology.


Immerse is the technology company behind the industry-leading virtual reality platform. The Immerse Platform is built for enterprise from the ground up and it helps companies create, scale and deploy VR training and maximise their ROI.

Virtual Reality is enhancing human performance in ways that were once unthinkable. Today, it is transforming the way we learn, explore and interact. As a frontrunner in training and education, Immerse recognised this potential early and focused on developing an open platform to help companies increase their ROI.

Immerse are uniquely positioned in that they have invested time in understanding the needs of large enterprises. As a result, they’ve developed a true open platform that answers the nuances and challenges of deploying and scaling VR training, helping to maximise employee performance.

Mission Zero Technologies

Mission Zero is revolutionising the CO2 value chain by offering affordable direct air carbon capture services at any scale. They are working to enable the fulfilment of Net Zero ambitions across industries by facilitating carbon removal together with storage and sequestration partners.

Their technology also allows them to bring cheap and clean CO2 as a product to consumers when and where they need it, at a much more competitive cost than what they are used to. Work with Mission Zero to circularise carbon and close the carbon cycle.

Nodes & Links

Nodes & Links is a technology company that works with global leaders in the project delivery space, from energy and construction to aerospace and defence. Their platform uses peer-reviewed technology and award-winning AI to help teams access critical project knowledge fast and easy. As a result, projects are delivered faster, more sustainably and at less cost. Nodes and Links are backed by world-leading investors and innovate with leading universities.


Provenance powers sustainability claims you can trust. The global leader in sustainability marketing technology, Provenance helps brands and retailers share credible, compelling and fact-checked social and environmental impact information at the point of sale. Provenance’s technology is already increasing conversion rates, brand value and market share for customers including Cult Beauty, Douglas, GANNI, Napolina, Arla and Unilever. Provenance is a mission-driven, independent B Corp; their vision is a world where citizens can make informed buying decisions that positively impact both people and planet.

Small Robot Company

Small Robot Company is reimagining farming to make food production sustainable. Using robotics and artificial intelligence, they have created an entirely new model for ecologically harmonious, efficient and profitable farming.

Zen Educate

Think Uber for teachers. The mission of Zen Educate is to change the world of education recruitment. Schools spend over £2bn a year on agency staff, with over £600m per year of that spent on fees that go straight to the recruitment agencies. So far, they’ve saved UK schools over £3m in supply teaching recruitment costs, and that number grows every day, meaning the funding can be put back into education within the schools.

Using the online platform, schools have access to hundreds of profiles of fully vetted teachers and support staff, who they can book at a click of a button.

Zumo Enterprise

For financial institutions and fintechs looking to ride the wave of the new economy and capture the needs of the modern consumer, Zumo Enterprise steps up as a trusted and sustainable digital asset partner, providing its integrators with intelligent, embedded digital asset solutions built with compliance and sustainability at their core.

Zumo Enterprise is a digital-asset-as-a-service platform, its modular technology offers a fast, flexible and low-barrier route to market, empowering fintechs, banks and payment providers to bring their consumers the tools of the future simply and securely while opening up new revenue streams, attracting new customers and supporting customer retention.


Wondrwall is passionate about reinventing the way we live, by creating intelligent and convenient net zero homes using the latest technology innovation.

Today’s lives are busier than ever and our climate is changing, that’s why at Wondrwall they have created a range of products that help you to manage your home and its energy use, so you don’t have to.

Their intelligent software and IoT products uses the latest self learning technology, along with a multitude of sensors that continuously monitors daily routines and adjusts itself for your convenience, and to save valuable energy.


Satis.AI is an AI powered operational platform for kitchens aimed at improving labour and process, and reducing order mistakes. Their targeted solution using Satis AI vision, forms a complete understanding of what is happening in real time, with cameras covering key kitchen stations. This is used to assist staff in real time via our next gen intelligent kitchen display systems. It delivers 25% higher speed of service, reduces mistakes in order by 40%, reduces the onboarding time by 20% and reduces labour idle time on peak hours by 10%.