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Rising Stars is back…

Rising Stars is Tech Nation’s pitch competition for early-stage tech startups. Rising Stars will offer a platform to showcase tech startups at  a local, regional, and national level. This exposure will significantly boost brand visibility, attract potential customers, partners, and investors. 

You will benefit from significant profile raising throughout the competition, along with the opportunity to put your business in front of leading investors, influencers and corporates. We will even work with you throughout to ensure your business is investor ready, you are pitch ready, along with giving you access to top content, workshops and drop in sessions with key partners.

Rising stars will open for applications January 2024. Watch this space for updates or contact us at

Who is Rising Stars for?

We want to showcase the brightest and best that UK tech has to offer but applicants must meet a few simple criteria, including:

  • Incorporated between 1 and 3 years
  • Headquartered in UK
  • A digital tech business with a product or service to sell*
  • At Seed to pre-Series A funding stage.  If the company is bootstrapped, maximum annual revenues are below £1.5 million
  • Able to demonstrate market traction
  • At least one active client or pilot
  • Ambition to scale
  • Able to commit to Rising Stars dates

The prizes

We’ve spent time listening to feedback from previous Rising Stars winners and curating a bespoke package of support to help take your business to the next level, including:

Opportunity to showcase your company to investors, accelerators, entrepreneurs, corporate leaders and the UK tech community

Tech Nation content campaigns and press coverage to raise your profile

Pitch training and coaching throughout the competition by Pitch for Success

Opportunity to network with potential investors at the Rising Stars VC Office Hours

Content, masterclasses and bespoke support on selling into Corporates by Rocket Studio

Former winners of Rising Stars

Click here to see some of the incredible companies that won Rising Stars 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0…

  • Budibase

    Budibase logo

    Belfast | Data Analytics & Cyber security | @budibase

    Building custom software for your business in minutes, without coding, Budibase is an open source, nocode platform used for building web applications, to digitise your business. Small to medium sized businesses and digital consultants use Budibase to build and host apps, or for supporting their self-hosted deployments.

  • CGHero

    CGHero logo

    North East | Digital & Creative Tech | Ecommerce & Marketplace | @cgherofreelance

    CGHero is a collaborative talent platform for digital artistry in the media and entertainment industry, offering flexible access to over 6,000 'heroes' with vetted skills to deliver a wide range of creative production work including 2D, 3D, Animation and VFX.

  • ClearGlass

    ClearGlass logo

    London | Fintech | @ClearGlass

    ClearGlass is a digital intermediary between asset managers and pension funds. It collects underlying costs and performance data from asset managers and helps pension funds decide which is the best fund to invest in for their members.

  • Codices Interactive

    Codices Interactive logo

    Truro | Digital Entertainment | @quizkit

    Codices Interactive provides viewers with a live interactive video platform, enabling any broadcaster to create interactive shows. Its first product is now the most used gameshow creation tool on the Twitch platform, with 1,000+ monthly active broadcasters and 300,000 unique monthly viewers.

  • CoGrammar

    CoGrammar logo

    London | Tech For Good | @hypdev

    CoGrammar operates the largest coding education provider in Africa - HyperionDev. Through this, they source, select, train, and integrate full-time code reviewers from top African tech talent. This allows Western companies to affordably assess developers and technical team quality, whilst creating hundreds of jobs in African countries.hypdev

  • Define

    Define logo

    London | Lawtech | @trydefine

    Drafting made simple, Define optimises the contract drafting and reviewing process by allowing users to quickly access key information (namely all defined terms and references) in legal documents without ever having to leave the provision they are working on and lose their context of review. Define acts as a risk management tool and efficiency software that helps lawyers save time when working on legal documents.

  • Developing Experts

    Developing Experts logo

    Norwich | Edtech | @developexperts

    Empowering teachers and parents to teach science with confidence through a library of over 700 interactive, online science lessons.

  • e-Surgery

    e-Surgery logo

    Norwich | Healthtech & Biotech | @eSurgeryCares

    e-Surgery is the UK’s leading prescribing service and sustainable online pharmacy. Patients simply need to go to their website, choose the treatment they need, fill in a simple health questionnaire and wait for next day delivery in discreet recyclable and biodegradable packaging. They're a private healthcare provider radically proving the idea that private healthcare can be affordable and that these efficiencies can be made available for the masses.

  • Elemental

    Elemental logo

    Derry | Healthtech & Biotech | @Its_Elemental

    Elemental is an award-winning tech for good company with the purpose of empowering and enabling individuals, families and their carers to better connect into community-based programmes, services and interventions that make a positive impact on their lives. Through an innovative digital platform, it provides teams with the technical connectivity they need for multi-sector partnership working, leadership, and the measurement of mobilisation of support where needed.

  • eLocker

    eLocker logo

    Derby | Hardware & Devices & IoT

    Locker management made easy, eLocker connects Bluetooth enabled locks to the internet via an IoT gateway. Already working with Amazon, DHL and Kuehne and Nagel, it’s the world's first wirelessly managed locker solution.

  • logo

    Cambridge | Hardware & Devices & IoT | @FoundriesIO

    Rising Stars 2.0 winners address security and device management for IoT and Edge devices by developing software micro-platforms. They provide a self-service cloud solution with turnkey services to develop, secure, deploy and maintain embedded IoT and Edge compute products. They enable secure IoT devices and provide lifetime software maintenance at a fraction of current costs.

  • LiberEat

    LiberEat logo

    Aberdeen | Healthtech & Biotech | @LiberEatApp

    LiberEat makes life easier for people with dietary restrictions. It provides bespoke menus, supermarket grocery options, and recipes to users with options filtered by their requirements, helping businesses such as restaurants and supermarkets become more accessible, and providing useful analytics and insights. It has the potential to seriously reduce harm from food allergies.

  • Metasonics

    Metasonics logo

    Bristol | Hardware & Devices & IoT | @MetasonicsCo

    Developing the next generation of customised, scalable acoustic metamaterials, changing the way we use and interact with sound.

  • Neatebox

    Neatebox logo

    Edinburgh | Tech For Good | @neatebox

    Tackling personal loneliness and communication, the Neatebox “Welcome” platform removes barriers and promotes empathetic relationships between consumers and customer service teams, promoting real societal change and heralding a new age of understanding and communication.

  • People Matter Technology

    People Matter Technology logo

    Ringwood | Artificial Intelligence | SaaS | @peoplematterltd

    People Matter Tech’s mental wellness platform is a safe online space that measures and improves mental wellness at work, without surveys. Their AI learns who you are and how your digital environment impacts your burnout risk, offering personalised recommendations.

  • PPC Protect

    PPC Protect logo

    Chorley | Data Analytics & Cyber security | SaaS | @ppcprotect

    Rising Stars 1.0 alumni PPC Protect develop automation software for PPC advertisements, aiming to minimise the effects of click fraud and ad fraud for digital media advertisers, a criminal activity that is estimated to cost up from $19bn in 2019 - and it shows no sign of slowing down.

  • RoleMapper

    RoleMapper logo

    Exeter | HRtech | @rolemapper

    How jobs are designed and job descriptions are created is critical to attracting and retaining talent, but the process for designing jobs is broken, manual and disconnected. RoleMapper helps organisations to design and manage jobs, and create great job descriptions that increase hiring diversity and workforce flexibility.

  • SeedLegals

    SeedLegals logo

    London | Lawtech | @seedlegals

    The world's first and only automated legal service for funding rounds, SeedLegals make it super easy for startups to raise investment and manage company equity at a fraction of the cost of traditional service providers. No paper. No law firms. No accountants. Everything's done digitally on their platform. Launching back in 2016, today they are the largest closer of funding rounds in the UK.

  • Serelay

    Serelay logo

    Harwell | Tech For Good | @serelaytech

    Enabling mobile device users to capture verifiable photos and videos, and platforms receiving these to query them for authenticity of content, time and location.

  • logo

    Birmingham | Ecommerce & Marketplace | @shopperdotcom is a community-driven global marketplace for online and offline voucher codes, covering thousands of e-commerce sites. It automatically applies the best value voucher code at checkout in one click for both mobile and desktop devices.

  • Sparkbox

    Sparkbox logo

    Southampton | SaaS

    Working in the retail and fashion space, Sparkbox uses machine learning to reduce stock, improve profitability, and prevent over-discounting by optimising prices. Their AI helps retail teams leverage their data, understand the impact of pricing decisions and make the most of the inventory they own

  • SupplyWell

    SupplyWell logo

    Liverpool | Edtech | @supply_well

    SupplyWell is a digital recruitment solution putting control in the hands of teachers and schools. It connects teachers and schools together directly removing the need for slow and costly traditional agencies, which allows teachers to earn more while schools pay less and ensure that wellbeing comes as standard.

  • Talking Medicines

    Talking Medicines logo

    Glasgow | Healthtech & Biotech | @TMedicines

    Talking Medicines captures the digital voice of the patient, aggregating it into patterns of behaviours and commercialising it to brand managers in pharmaceutical companies through subscription access. They put patient centricity at the core of what they do, aiming to improve outcomes of medicines.

  • Tended

    Tended logo

    Lincoln | Hardware & Devices & IoT | @tended

    Offering intelligent personal safety wearables and monitoring systems that provide all-round safety solutions for individuals and businesses.

  • Tickr

    Tickr logo

    Liverpool | Fintech | @my_tickr

    tickr is transforming impact investment for Europe’s next generation of investors. For people who want to invest, but want to have a positive impact on society and the environment at the same time, tickr's app allows users to invest in socially responsible companies with as little as £5.

  • tootoot

    tootoot logo

    Manchester | SaaS | @tootootofficial

    tootoot is award-winning software that supports the psychological safety and wellbeing of individuals within education, sport and the workplace. tootoot provides a way for individuals to raise a concern to their organisation with complete confidentiality

  • Vet-AI

    Vet-AI logo

    Leeds | Healthtech & Biotech | @PetJoii

    Combining the expertise of qualified vets and groundbreaking new technologies to deliver mobile, on-demand veterinary care, direct to pet parents.

  • Vimma

    Vimma logo

    London | Digital Entertainment | @vimma_ai

    Vimma is building a productivity suite for passion entrepreneurs. Its app helps bloggers, vloggers and content creators manage their day-to-day business with simple tasks and processes. Vimma has over 20,000 registered users, and users have completed over 2 million productivity tasks with its app.

  • Vitaccess

    Vitaccess logo

    Oxford | Healthtech & Biotech | @vitaccess

    Giving patients a voice, Vitaccess are creating powerful, real-world evidence platforms to quantify patients’ experience of treatments and illness. Their smartphone app and real-time data analytics dashboards together provide biopharmaceutical clients with evidence of how drugs and treatments affect patients' quality of life every day, outside of the clinical setting.

  • We Build Bots

    We Build Bots logo

    Cardiff | Artificial Intelligence | @ebuild_bots

    We Build Bots delivers AI powered automation to the public sector, helping organisations deliver better, faster and cheaper citizen services. Leveraging bots, voice and conversational analytics, they help the public sector make better use of the data they collect, making it more predictive and more productive.

Don’t just take our word for it…

“Being a Rising Stars Finalist gave us a massive stamp of credibility – both externally for investors and internally for the team.”

Deirdre McGettrick, Founder & CEO, uFurnish

“We’ve been approached by investors who saw us in the Rising Stars campaign – usually we are the ones chasing them –  incredible!” 

Jonathan Lloyd, Founder, CGHero

“Rising Stars has allowed us to gain additional market credibility at an early stage and take this momentum into our fundraising and sales processes.”

Rhys Hodkinson, Head of Growth, Define

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