The UK’s first springboard programme for disabled founders and entrepreneurs innovating around disability.

Welcome to Creo, the UK’s first springboard programme for disabled founders and entrepreneurs innovating around disability.

Creo, forged in partnership with Motability Operations, exists to amplify and connect disabled and neurodiverse Founders, and entrepreneurs innovating around disability, and to provide them with the knowledge, connections and tools to scale their startups. 

Creo is a first-of-its-kind springboard programme for founders, based on openness and intimacy. It is where honest conversations happen about what it means to be a disabled or neurodiverse founder, or a founder innovating around disability, and what it takes to succeed. It consists of industry expert-led workshops and content, peer-to-peer support, and coaching sessions. The programme will run September through to December 2024.

Applications for our first Creo programme are now open!

Who can apply

The Creo Programme is for pre-seed to pre-series A tech startups based in the UK. The company must have at least one founder who self-identifies as disabled or neurodiverse, or the company must be innovating around disability or neurodiversity.


Creo companies will have:

  • At least one founder that self-identifies as disabled or neurodiverse – this member must have a majority/equal equity stake in the business
  • OR the company must be innovating around disability or neurodiversity
  • HQ in the UK
  • A product or service, ideally within the tech sector but not essential
  • Seed to pre-Series A funding stage. If bootstrapped, your annual revenue is below £1.5m
  • A commitment to community – be able to demonstrate a willingness to support your founder community
  • Proof of impact – the company must be working on a venture that has a positive socio, economic or environmental impact or if innovating around disability or neurodiversity this should be to improve life, community, equity, or inclusion of disabled and neurodiverse people

Have questions for us?

Interested in applying but have some questions for us?

Join our upcoming FAQs webinar, hosted by Programme Lead Chantelle Young.

We’ll provide more details on the Creo programme and give you the opportunity to have your questions answered!

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Creo FAQs

Who can apply to Creo?

Creo is open to disabled, deaf and neurodiverse founders, as well as entrepreneurs who are innovating around disability and neurodiversity. Applicants must have a startup or business idea that is ready to scale.

How does Creo define disability and neurodiversity?

According to the Equality Act 2010, disability is defined as a physical or mental impairment that has a substantial and long-term negative effect on your ability to perform normal daily activities. We include bipolar disorder within this remit. Neurodiversity refers to variations in the human brain and cognition, including conditions such as autism, ADHD, dyslexia, dyspraxia, Tourette’s syndrome, and complex tic disorders.

What can I expect from the programme?

Participants can expect to receive industry expert-led workshops and content, peer-to-peer support, and personalised coaching sessions. The programme aims to foster openness and intimacy, facilitating honest conversations about the realities and challenges of being a disabled or neurodiverse founder.

Is there a cost to join Creo?

No, it is free to take part in the Creo programme thanks to the generous support of our partners, Motability Operations and HSBC Innovation Banking.

What is the selection process like?

Once applications are submitted, they will be reviewed by our panel of judges. Shortlisted candidates may be invited for an interview or further discussions to ensure the programme is a good fit for their needs and goals.

Can I participate if my startup is not directly related to disability or neurodiversity?

Yes, as long as you are a disabled or neurodiverse founder, you are welcome to apply. We also support entrepreneurs whose innovations are aimed at improving the lives of those with disabilities or neurodiverse conditions.

How accessible is the Creo programme and events?

The Creo programme is designed to be fully accessible to all participants. The kick-off and closing events are held in person at venues that are fully accessible. The rest of the programme will be conducted virtually to ensure maximum flexibility and convenience for all participants.

The venues chosen for our in-person events are fully accessible. This includes wheelchair access, accessible restrooms, and other necessary accommodations to ensure everyone can participate comfortably.

Our virtual sessions are hosted on platforms that support various accessibility features, including closed captioning, screen reader compatibility, and the ability to adjust visual settings. We strive to ensure that all participants can engage fully in the sessions.

We encourage participants to inform us of any specific accommodations they require, whether for in-person events or virtual sessions. We are committed to making all aspects of the programme as inclusive and supportive as possible.

We will provide additional accommodations for participants who are deaf or hard of hearing, including options such as closed captioning during virtual sessions. Please let us know your specific needs when applying.

All programme materials are available in accessible formats. This includes digital documents compatible with screen readers, large print versions, and other formats upon request.

We encourage you to communicate your accessibility needs during the application process or as soon as they arise. Our team is dedicated to providing the necessary accommodations to support your full participation in the programme.

Do I need to provide proof of disability or a diagnosis to apply?

No, we do not require proof of disability or a diagnosis. We allow people to self-identify as disabled or neurodiverse. We recognise that disability means different things to different people and respect each individual’s experience and self-identification.

Lead Partner

Motability Operations deliver smart, sustainable solutions that improve our customers’ mobility in a fast-changing world.

Supporting Partner

HSBC Innovation Banking provides commercial banking services, expertise and insights to the technology, life science and healthcare, private equity and venture capital industries. HSBC Innovation Banking UK is a subsidiary of HSBC Group, benefiting from its stability, strong credit rating and international reach to help fuel its growth.