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Welcome to the Global Talent Visa

The Global Talent Visa enables the best tech talent from around the world to work in the UK’s digital technology sector, contributing their cutting edge expertise and creative skills. 

Whether you’re an experienced coder or an established tech marketeer, our top tier visa offers great flexibility and freedom. You and your family will be able to seize opportunities enriching your lives and careers, without having to regularly update your visa status.

Please note, Tech Nation cannot advise or respond directly to enquiries regarding endorsement applications or reviews. Please contact the Home Office in the first instance with any enquiries or issues. See the official Global Talent Visa page for more information.

Why join the Global Talent Visa


Change your job or start up on your own without needing to update your immigration status.

Family Programme

Your spouse and any children under 18 can come with you. Get more info here.

Low Cost

The total cost of application is only £716 per person (+ UK healthcare surcharge).

Amazing Network

Join our network of over 2000 visa alumni members, to share your skills, knowledge and opportunities.

Legal Support

Please note, applicants are not required to instruct a professional adviser in order to apply for Tech Nation’s endorsement or the Global Talent Visa. Applicants have a choice of adviser. The provision of immigration advice is professionally regulated, you should check that your adviser is listed with a regulatory body such as the OISC or Law Society.  You may find a list of regulatory bodies here:

Regulatory bodies for immigration advice

Tech Nation has a partnership with the law firm Fragomen in order to assist applicants with their search for a legal adviser. Tech Nation does not consider an applicant’s choice of legal adviser and it has no bearing on how applications are processed.

Legal Support From Fragomen

Fragomen is a leading law firm dedicated to immigration services worldwide. The firm has over 5,500 immigration professionals and support staff in more than 60 offices across the Americas, EMEA and Asia Pacific. A member of the Am Law 100 and Am Law Global 100, Fragomen offers immigration support in more than 170 countries.

If you are a Global Talent Applicant or Alumnus seeking paid legal representation for your global talent visa application or paid legal representation on other immigration matters…

Global Talent Alumni Network

Awarded the Global Talent Visa?  Want to join our active and vibrant Alumni Network?

Global Talent Visa Application Checklist

1. Preparation

Read the Home Office Official Guidance: Ensure you understand the general process and requirements.

Read the Tech Nation Guide and Application Criteria: Familiarise yourself with the specific criteria and expectations for the Tech Nation endorsement.

2. Self-Assessment

Conduct a Personal Audit: Evaluate your experience and achievements against the criteria outlined by Tech Nation.

Research Successful Applications: Review case studies on our Success Stories page and speak to alumni via the forum to gather insights and context. This will help you understand what a strong application looks like.

3. Application Pathway

Assess Criteria and Decide Pathway: Match your background and experience to the appropriate application pathway (Talent or Promise). Determine if you meet the criteria for endorsement.

4. Building Your Application

Gather Evidence: Following the Tech Nation Application Guide, collect documentation that demonstrates your achievements and experience.

Contact Referees: Reach out to professionals who will provide reference letters to support your application.

5. Home Office Application

Start your application: Begin the process on the official Global Talent Visa site and pay the application fee for endorsement.

6. Endorsement Application

Submit to Tech Nation: Within 30 working days of submitting your Home Office form, submit your endorsement application and evidence on Tech Nation’s platform.

7. Post-Endorsement

Notification: If endorsed, Tech Nation will notify the Home Office, who will then notify you.

Global Talent Visa Application: You have three months to apply for your visa through the Home Office website.

8. If Not Endorsed

Right to Appeal: If you believe there was a mistake, apply for an Endorsement Review via Tech Nation. The review process is free.

9. Additional Information

Immigration Advice: The provision of immigration advice is subject to regulation by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) when given in the course of business, whether paid for or free. Any advice posted on this forum is the opinion of the author and must not be provided, or taken as, professional immigration advice. Should you require immigration advice and services you should ensure the adviser is regulated by the OISC or another Designated Professional Regulator.


How long do I have to submit my endorsement application?

30 days from when you submit your form to the Home Office.

How long does endorsement take?

Up to 8 weeks.

How long does the visa application process take?

Up to 3 weeks. Please note this MUST be done within 3 months of receiving your endorsement.

How long does the endorsement review process take?

If your endorsement application was refused and you believe a mistake was made, an endorsement review will take place 4 weeks from when you submit your review form.

Updates from the Home Office

09 January 2024

The Home Office has released an information notice regarding the endorsement body contract for the Global Talent Digital Technology visa route. The endorsement process for this visa route is expected to remain with Tech Nation as the endorsing body until the end of 2024, whilst the Home Office considers the option of identifying a new endorsing body or remaining with Tech Nation.

Tech Nation will continue to process endorsement applications for the Global Talent Visa on behalf of the Home Office and applicants can continue to apply as normal.


I am currently in the UK on a different visa, can I switch to the Global Talent visa?

You can switch to the Global Talent visa whilst in the UK on another visa, however you cannot apply to switch if you’re currently in the UK in one of the following circumstances:

You must leave the UK and apply for a Global Talent visa from abroad if you’re in one of these categories. All information on switching to the Global Talent visa can be found on the Home Office website.

When do Visa applications open and close?

Whilst the formal process runs between April to April each year, there is no open or close date regarding applications for the Global Talent Visa.

Can Tech Nation advise me on my application or my supporting documents prior to submission?

No, we are unable to review your documents prior to submission. Please ensure that you carefully read the official Guidance from Home Office for the Global Talent Visa, as well as Tech Nation’s Guide. Sending your application to Tech Nation before submission will not increase your chances of endorsement and may delay your application being processed.

What types of roles are eligible for the Global Talent Visa?

Both Technical and Business type roles are eligible for the Global Talent Visa. There are no formal restrictions regarding role types or specialisms, partly due to the fast-changing nature of the technology sector. However, within our guide, you will find a list of example roles that are considered suitable and unsuitable for this visa route.

Where do I send my application?

The application process for Stage 1 is completely online, you do not need to physically post any documents. To submit your application, you must first apply to the Home Office for endorsement by Tech Nation. Once you have completed this Home Office application, you must then complete a Tech Nation application form. You can save and return to your application at any time before submitting. After submitting you will not be able to amend or provide additional documents.

How do I track the progress of my application?

You will receive an update from the Home Office on when your payment has been processed and again when Tech Nation has been notified of your application. Tech Nation will not provide you with an update directly as all correspondence must go via the Home Office.

Can I apply for Settlement in the UK (also known as Indefinite Leave to Remain)?

You may be eligible for Settlement under this visa route. The qualifying period depends on whether your visa is granted under the criteria for either Exceptional Talent (3 years) or Exceptional Promise (5 years).

Where should I submit enquiries regarding endorsement applications or reviews?

Please note, Tech Nation cannot advise or respond directly to enquiries regarding endorsement applications or reviews. Please contact the Home Office in the first instance with any enquiries or issues. See the official Global Talent Visa page for more information.