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Tech Nation is the official Home Office designated endorsing body authorised to assess endorsement applications from individuals with expertise in digital technology and who want to come to the UK under the Global Talent Visa.Together Tech Nation Global Talent Visa Alumni have contributed to the growth of the UK tech ecosystem, now worth more than $1Trillion. 

The Global Talent Visa Alumni network represents a captivating tapestry of cultures, perspectives, and backgrounds. Despite this rich diversity, each member of this exceptional network discovers common threads weaving through their experiences. They are bright, possessing a keen intellect that propels them forward. They are curious, driven by an insatiable thirst for knowledge and discovery. And above all, they are ambitious. Ambitious to learn and grow, to evolve into the tech leaders of the future, and to immerse themselves fully in the UK experience.

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Alumni Profiles

Our global Talent Alumni are diverse in experience and nationality. They have worked all over the world in a wide variety of roles and organisations. Each year we are proud to endorse diverse, talented and driven tech founders and professionals representing a myriad of different professions and cultures.

For those considering applying for the Global Talent Visa and seeking to understand our criteria, our alumni case studies offer invaluable insights into what it takes to secure endorsement. Whether you come from a technical background or a business-oriented profile, our case studies provide detailed accounts of successful endorsements, offering a firsthand glimpse into the qualities and experiences that resonate with our program.

Technical Profiles:

Explore case studies featuring individuals with technical expertise, ranging from software engineers and data scientists to cybersecurity specialists and AI researchers. Learn about their innovative projects, groundbreaking research, and contributions to advancing technology within their respective fields.

Business Profiles:

Discover case studies highlighting entrepreneurs, business leaders, and professionals with expertise in areas such as product management, marketing, finance, and operations. Gain insights into their entrepreneurial journeys, leadership capabilities, and strategic vision for driving business growth and innovation.

Visa Alumni Forum

Speak to our friendly alumni who’ve been successful in the application process here. Please note, this is not official immigration advice.

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Once you’ve secured the Global Talent Visa, you can gain access to a valuable network of individuals who have successfully navigated the highs, lows, and intricacies of setting up life in the UK. These experienced guides have been there, done that, and are ready to support you in making a seamless transition.

Connect with active members and get the opportunity to build personal and professional relationships with them through our community events, monthly meetups and slack group.