Supporting startups from seed stage to success story

Tech Nation is the leading growth platform for tech insights, connections, collaboration and talent, empowering ambitious founders and their teams with the access and knowledge they need from seed stage to success story.

Powered by Founders Forum Group, our approach unites the tech ecosystem placing founders from all corners of the UK and beyond at the forefront, amplifying their needs and challenges and empowering them to grow their businesses so they can positively transform our world.

Our impressive alumni include:

Unlocking Global Talent

Don’t live in the UK? We know that global talent drives innovation. And if we want technology to work for everyone, it has to be built by everyone. Our global talent visa programme fast-tracks the acquisition of exceptional people in the digital technology sector – enriching the UK’s entrepreneurial workforce with a diverse pool of talent from around the world.

Founding Partner

HSBC Innovation Banking

“We are delighted that HSBC Innovation Banking is the founding partner across the relaunched Tech Nation programmes including Libra, Climate and Future Fifty. These programmes provide high-impact founders and their leadership teams with invaluable skills, access to a powerful network of peers, investors, and potential clients, as well as expert advisory and mentorship to foster their companies’ growth. In partnership with Founders Forum and Tech Nation we will supercharge our shared mission to fuel growth by providing unparalleled support and opportunity for the innovation ecosystem, across all life stages and sectors.”

Erin Platts, CEO, HSBC Innovation Banking

New to the Tech Nation network: Creo & Motability Operations

Creo, created in partnership with Motability Operations, aims to establish a vibrant community that brings together disabled founders and entrepreneurs working on products designed to assist people with disabilities.

Throughout the year, founders, industry leaders and advocates with a strong passion for innovation centred around disability-related advancements will gather to discuss and seek to enhance the visibility and reputation of startups led by individuals with disabilities, fostering continuous growth and development.

Learn more about Creo here