Tech Nation Global Talent Visa Report 2024: 10 Years of Global Talent in UK Tech

Tech Nation Global Talent Visa Report 2024: 10 Years of Global Talent in UK Tech

In our Tech Nation Global Talent Visa Report: 10 Years of Global Talent in UK Tech, we paint a picture of the changing face of global talent working in UK tech and outline how the UK can continue to develop as an attractive destination for global talent.

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Tech Nation Visa Report 2024

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With a combined market value of more than $1t in 2023, the UK tech sector is one of the world’s top destinations for global talent. Tech Nation administers endorsements for the digital technology strand of the Global Talent visa, enabling the best tech talent from around the world to build their careers in the UK.

Over the past 10 years, Tech Nation has endorsed more than 5,000 highly skilled global professionals, providing them with the opportunity to join the UK tech ecosystem via the Global Talent Visa. And one in four are founders, launching exciting new businesses and driving the development of UK tech.

In our report, we reveal the makeup of global talent in UK tech and the current state of the UK tech ecosystem. Plus, we celebrate 10 years of global talent through 10 in-depth interviews with 10 of our all-star visa alumni, uncovering the real, transformative impact of the visa programme on people’s careers and lives.

Our Key Findings:

Global Talent in UK Tech:

  • The top locations for UK global talent are: Europe, Africa, India, North America, China, and Australia.
  • They mostly work in: Apps and software development, AI and machine learning, and fintech.
  • 1 in 3 have software engineering skills.
  • 95% are educated at bachelor’s degree level or higher.
  • Quality of life, job opportunities, people, and diversity are the top reasons they choose to pursue careers in the UK.
  • Together, they’ve contributed to the growth of the UK tech ecosystem, now worth more than $1 trillion.

Investment in UK Tech:

  • The UK tech sector is the third most valuable in the world after the US and China, and the number one tech ecosystem in Europe.
  • Over the past decade, UK tech startups have raised $171.9b in venture capital investment.
  • In 2023, at $21.3b, UK tech startups raised more than double that raised by startups in France ($9.3b), Germany ($8.2b), Sweden ($5.2b), and other major European markets.
  • Up to 64% of investment in UK tech startups comes from overseas.

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