What does the future of your workplace look like?

What does the future of your workplace look like?

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Workplaces are changing and so are employee expectations; we take a look at what needs to be considered when preparing your business for the future.

How we work has changed forever, and that shift has inspired employees to seek workspaces that offer more than just four walls. Increasingly, employees expect easy ways to work away from a desk, collaborate inside and outside the office and transform the day through technology. 

Yet, while employees are seeking flexibility, collaboration and inspiration from their workspaces, many businesses are stuck with rigid leases and space that no longer works. The right office space can create fitter businesses that are more sustainable and productive, with happier people.

There are six ways we have identified that can help your office fit your business and its needs:

  • Find people-centric spaces

A global shift has likely changed the way you and your employees look at office space and the role it plays, whether it be driving collaboration, health and wellbeing or becoming a technology hub. It is crucial to understand what is important to both your business and employees when finding the right office. Then you will truly be able to have a space that works for everyone.

According to our research 70% of employees consider the office to be the perfect place for team building and collaboration. (JLL Reimagining Human Experience, 2021)

  • Plan for hybrid and flex working 

It’s no secret that people want more flexibility to work outside the office. But at the same time, most employees also enjoy the face-to-face connection an office brings – putting pressure on businesses to support everyone’s needs wherever they choose to work.

Did you know? 63% of employees want to keep the possibility of alternating between different places of work. (JLL Worker Preferences Barometer, 2021)

“JLL made us aware of all options available in the marketplace and handled the negotiations expertly.”

Tim Hely-Hutchinson, Hachette UK
  • Future-proof and innovate your office

Employees expect more from you than ever before when it comes to meeting their needs. So it’s no surprise that businesses who energise and support their people are the ones leading the way – and that starts by creating the right workplace environment.

According to JLL’s Regenerative Workplace 2021 report, the three most sought-after office services and amenities by employees are relaxation spaces, healthy food services and outdoor spaces.

“We have found working with JLL invaluable. Their scale and connections enable us to achieve more than we could ever do without them.”

James Layfield, Central Working
  • Building a healthier, greener office

Climate change is a growing issue on everyone’s mind. And for businesses, there’s never been more pressure to be more sustainable. With 40% of emissions coming from buildings, making your office greener can go a long way to helping you achieve your environmental goals.

70% of millennials prefer to work for organisations with a sustainability agenda. (Fast Company, 2019)

  • The right office network for you

When you’re building your business at speed, having the right office network to support your expansion is critical. And your office space shouldn’t slow you down as you launch new initiatives and enter new markets. We can help you to plan for your growth by shaping the right mix of inspiring permanent offices and flexible spaces to enable you to adapt quickly to growing employee numbers.

The way that we all work is changing, and its important to take the right steps to make sure you protect your business and its people during uncertain times.

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