Empowering Sustainability Leaders To Drive Lasting Change

Empowering Sustainability Leaders To Drive Lasting Change

In an era of mounting environmental challenges and escalating calls for corporate accountability, the demand for empowered sustainability leadership has never been more urgent.

Yet many Chief Sustainability Officers (CSOs) lack the necessary access, resources, and authority to effectively champion sustainability initiatives. According to a 2022 survey by PwC, roughly half of all CSOs find themselves two hierarchy layers or more below the C-Suite.

Empowering CSOs and senior sustainability leaders is not merely a matter of granting them a seat at the decision-making table; it is about recognising their expertise and providing them with the resources and authority required to drive sustainable transformation.

In response to this pressing need, Tech Nation and Climate Tech held the inaugural CSO & Sustainability Leadership Breakfast, ahead of COP28 Dubai. Its findings aim to empower sustainability leaders through the sharing of collective knowledge and shared insights.

Our report, Empowering Sustainability Leaders To Drive Lasting Change, identifies the key levers needed to empower CSOs and spur climate action.