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The Visa toolkit: practical guidance to support your journey

Welcome to the Tech Nation Visa toolkit! Here you’ll find all of our practical tools and guidance to help you to understand and gather all of the information you’ll need to be ready to submit your application.

PLEASE NOTE: Tech Nation has to remain impartial from the application process and so members of the team cannot comment on your suitability or likelihood of endorsement.

What’s in the toolkit?

Readiness checker >

We recommend you use our Readiness Checker before you start your visa application.

Guide >

 Our visa guide clearly outlines the criteria you must meet and the evidence you must provide in your application. 

Legal Support >

If you require any legal support, our partners Fragomen will be only too happy to help 

Alumni >

Speak to a Visa Ambassador, who has first-hand experience of the application process. Connect with a member here.

UK Visa options >

Discover whether there’s another more suitable route available for you

More info >

Reach out directly to the Global Talent Team at the UK Home Office

We encourage any applicant to seek any support that will allow them to feel comfortable in submitting an application. However, whilst often advantageous, it is NOT a requirement for you to work with a lawyer or agency to apply for the Global Talent Visa.

  • If you feel you have received bad immigration advice from a third party during the course of submitting a visa application, you can register a formal complaint with the UK Government here:
  • If you feel you have received poor immigration advice from a third party not registered with the OISC (Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner), Law Society or Bar Council, you can refer your case as a potential Immigration Crime here:

Before you start…

Our readiness checker is there to help you understand if it’s going to be a good use of your time to apply for the Global Talent Visa, before you begin the process.

Simply answer all of our questions and you’ll be given a score and tips to improve your application. This is entirely separate from an actual application and will not affect the outcome in any way, should you decide to apply. 

It only takes about 10 minutes and you’ll be given your score immediately. 

Whilst our readiness checker is designed to help you prepare, it cannot be taken as guarantee of endorsement.

The application process

All visa applications can take a while and so it’s important you give yourself enough time to prepare your application and for it to be processed.  We recommend  that you give yourself up to 12-weeks to prepare your application, to ensure you have enough time to gather all of the necessary documents.

Some top tips for when you apply:

  • Make sure you understand the criteria you need to meet 
  • Give yourself enough time to gather your evidence (12 weeks) 
  • Ensure you’re asking the right referees 
  • Think about whether you need legal support 

Please remember that whilst Tech Nation are the ‘Endorsing Body’ for the Global Talent Visa, the only decision making-body for UK Visas is the Home Office.

As such, all of your points of contact throughout your application will be from the Home Office – this includes all communications in relation to your ‘Stage 1’ outcome and submission of evidence.

Also, should your application not be endorsed, it is written into UK Immigration Law that you have the legal right to review your application decision if you wish to, which can requested via the Home Office.

Once you’re ready, our application process has two stages for you to go through:

The Visa Guide

Our visa guide provides a huge amount of information to support you in creating your application.  From detailing the criteria you must meet and how you can meet them through to the types of evidence you can provide in order to do this. 

There is also a handy checklist for you to keep track of all of your evidence as you build your application.

Need legal support?

We know visa applications can be quite daunting and so if you would like some support in creating your application, we have partnered with Immigration law firm, Fragomen. 

Tech Nation has to remain impartial from your application and so, unfortunately we cannot advise you on specific evidence. That’s where Fragomen comes in.

Fragomen’s global team is on hand to support new applicants and current visa holders with their immigration queries. 

“At Fragomen’s, our top-ranked immigration team has been at the forefront of UK immigration law for over 20 years and we are recognised as experts in the field. We regularly consult with the Home Office and actively lobby for our clients’ interests, whilst also advising technology businesses and individuals on all aspects of UK immigration. We’re here to discuss the best immigration solution for you and offer fixed fees to assist with financial planning.”

John Kiely, Senior Partner, Fragomen

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48 hoursresponse time
606Queries supported from Tech Nation referrals

UK Visa options

Whilst open to a wide range of individuals, skills and talents, the Global Talent Visa may not be the best option for you. This does not mean your skills are not incredible and it certainly doesn’t mean that the UK isn’t the place for you. If, having gone through our toolkit you feel the Global Talent Visa may not be the right route for you to work in UK tech, we’ve documented some other popular visa routes, often used by tech professionals wanting to relocate. For a full range of UK visa options, please click HERE.

Top Tier

Attached to: Individual 

Term: 3-5 Years

For: migrants wishing to work in the UK bringing a significant level of achievement/body of work with them. 

Available for Digital Technology, Arts & Culture, Academia and many other areas. 

Cost: £608

Option at end: Extend your stay or ILR

Attached to: Individual

Term: 3 Years 

For: migrants wishing to setup/ run an innovative business in the UK, different to anything else on the market.

Cost: Upto £1277

Option at end: Extend your stay or ILR

Attached to: Individual

Term: 2 Years

For: migrants wishing to establish a new business venture in the UK, different to anything else on the market.

Cost: Upto £493

Option at end: Switch to an alternative visa 

Long term

Attached to: Organisation/Job Role

Term: Up to 5 years 

For: migrants working in an ‘eligible occupation’ for a Home Office-approved UK employer, earning a minimum salary (variable) 

Cost: Variable – depending on role and family relocation

Option at end: Extend your stay, seek an alternative Visa or ILR 

Attached to: Organisation/Job Role

Term: Upto 9 Years (depending on salary) 

For: migrants coming to or staying in the UK to perform an eligible role at your company’s UK branch 

Cost: Variable – depending on role and family relocation

Option at end: Apply for a new Intra Company visa or seek an alternative Visa route

Short term

Attached to: 

Term: Up to 2 Years

For: migrants aged 18-30 wishing to work in the UK, with no less than £2500 in savings 

Cost: £244 

Option at end: Seek an alternate Visa (cannot be extended) 


Attached to: 

Term: Up to 5 years (Degree level) Up to 2 years (below Degree level) 

For: migrants over 16 wishing to study in the UK at an ‘approved student sponsor’ institution, who are able to financially support themselves. 

Cost: Upto £475

Option at end: Extend your stay or Seek an alternative visa 

If you still have questions…

Please note Tech Nation cannot respond directly to applicant enquiries or advise regarding individual applications or likelihood of endorsement. If you have a question regarding your application, please contact the Home Office and they will contact Tech Nation if necessary. If you have a question regarding the Global Talent Visa or application process, we strongly recommend consulting the various resources available on our website and the official Global Talent website.

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