A powerful network of the UK’s leading late-stage
tech companies

Future Fifty is a scaling programme for the most promising UK-based technology ventures.  Established as the nation’s most prestigious programme for ambitious founders and their leadership teams, the programme’s new ambition is to showcase and celebrate the best of British tech while providing founders access, growth, and a community that fosters founder wellbeing.

We deliver valuable peer-to-peer learning, facilitating an open dialogue between experienced entrepreneurs and founders, with in-depth masterclass sessions run by seasoned coaches, who can help guide you on your way. You’ll be joining the ranks of household names such as Monzo, Bulb, Deliveroo, and Zoopla.

The programme is free to join and we do not take an equity stake in your company.

Please note that applications for the Future Fifty will be by invitation only. 

Watch this space for further information coming soon or email johnnymayo@technation.io.

Introducing the previous Future Fifty cohort

Our latest cohort present a network of leading companies that are transforming the the UK’s tech sector. Together, they deliver value in a wide variety of sectors. Click on the logos below to read more about each company.

  • Faculty

    Faculty logo

    London | Data Analytics & Cyber security | @faculty_ai

    Faculty is an applied AI company which builds industry-leading AI that helps organisations turn their data into deeper insights, better strategies and smarter decisions. Its Frontier product provides a systematic approach to decision intelligence, helping organisations make robust, proactive decisions on the things that matter.


  • Florence

    Florence logo

    London | Ecommerce & Marketplace | @@WeAreFlorence

    Florence builds the technology to power the healthcare workforce. Its goal is to use technology to solve the dramatic challenges surrounding a shortage of healthcare staff globally. It does this by creating software that helps healthcare providers build, train and operate a flexible staffing pool. Its core product, Florence Flex, is a temporary staffing marketplace that connects care providers to nurses and care workers looking for extra shifts. It has supporting SaaS tools that help care providers onboard, roster and train their internal staff pools.


  • Graphcore

    Graphcore logo

    South West | Materials & manufacturing | @graphcoreai

    Graphcore has developed an Intelligence Processing Unit (“IPU”). The IPU is a completely new processor, specifically designed for AI compute. Its IPU lets innovators create the next breakthroughs in machine intelligence to enhance human potential. Graphcore believes its Intelligence Processing Unit technology will become the worldwide standard for machine intelligence compute. The Graphcore IPU is going to be transformative across all industries and sectors with a real potential for positive societal impact from drug discovery and disaster recovery to decarbonization


  • Huboo

    Huboo logo

    South West | Ecommerce & Marketplace | @huboofulfilment

    Huboo is a fast-growing ecommerce fulfilment provider, enabling retailers to access a complete fulfilment operation. It takes care of the picking, packing, and posting of products to customers all over the word via a global carrier network, so that online retailers can focus on growing their business. Huboo has transformed traditionally complex fulfilment solutions with its revolutionary and unique micro Hub Model. The model combines best-in-class tech with brilliant people to deliver exceptional service to their clients, creating a cost-effective solution that helps democratise ecommerce. With fulfilment centres across the UK and mainland Europe, its seamless software and intuitive dashboard provides everything from transaction management and quality control, order tracking and real-time billing, to integration with sales channels and marketplaces, enabling it to receive and process retailers’ orders directly, in real-time.


  • Paragraf

    Paragraf logo

    East of England | Materials & manufacturing | @Paragraf_Gr

    Paragraf’s patented contamination-free deposition technology, developed by CEO Simon Thomas, delivers game-changing opportunities for the commercialisation of graphene by allowing it to manufacture high-purity 2D graphene sheets at scale. Paragraf not only specialises in the manufacture of high-purity graphene but also its seamless integration into ready to use products that can be quickly adopted by customers and partners to support the advancement of their technologies. Paragraf is committed to materially transforming electronics through the development of high-purity graphene products that will facilitate massive improvements in the performance of technologies across all aspects of life.


  • Speechmatics

    Speechmatics logo

    East of England | Deeptech | @speechmatics

    Speechmatics is a global expert in deep learning and speech recognition, providing Automatic Speech Recognition technology that understands every voice. It offers its speech recognition for solution and service providers to integrate into their stack regardless of their industry or use case. Businesses use Speechmatics around the world to accurately understand and transcribe human-level speech into text regardless of demographic, age, gender, accent, dialect or location.


  • The Modern Milkman

    The Modern Milkman logo

    North West | Ecommerce & Marketplace | @ModernMilkman

    The Modern Milkman takes all the eco-friendly positives of the traditional milkround and gives it a modern twist. Tech makes it easy and convenient for the customer to reduce their household waste. The Modern Milkman is committed to revolutionising consumer habits by delivering fresh ways to return and reuse packaging, shop ethically and feel good about convenience.
    It has expanded its return-and-reuse range and incorporated the latest mobile tech to make ordering easy. New customers are joining the fight against plastic waste every day.


  • Wayve

    Wayve logo

    London | Automotive | @wayve_ai

    Wayve develops self-driving technology. Wayve is on a mission to reimagine autonomous mobility through machine learning. It is first to deploy autonomous vehicles on public roads with end-to-end deep learning. It is pioneering the AI software, lean hardware and fleet learning platform for AV 2.0: a next generation autonomous driving system that can quickly and safely adapt to new driving domains anywhere in the world.


  • Yapily

    Yapily logo

    London | Finance | @YapilyLtd

    Yapily is an open banking platform allowing companies to seamlessly access financial data and initiate payments. Designed and built for open finance, its mission is to become the central nervous system of the global open economy by building scalable, reliable, and secure open banking infrastructure and tools of the highest quality, broadest coverage, and deepest capability to power the next wave of innovation. It aims to be the European market leader in open banking infrastructure, enabling customers to build better and more accessible financial services and products for everyone.


  • Yoti

    Yoti logo

    London | Ecommerce & Marketplace | @getyoti

    Yoti offers a secure, privacy-by design, scalable identity platform with a range of complementary solutions - reusable digital ID, identity & age verification, and e-signatures authentication. Yoti operates a world leading, free, reusable digital identity app with c.12 million installs. It enables onboarding with 5,500 identity documents from over 200 countries and support 17 languages. Yoti provides embedded identity verification, leveraging automated processes (95% automation rate) and a team of two hundred 24/7 Security Centre operatives. Yoti e-signatures offer the convenience & simplicity of e-signing with the security of biometric verification and cryptographic signatures. Yoti is a world leader in age assurance services to social media and live streaming platforms, adult, gaming, dating and ecommerce sites, physical retailers and gambling terminals, enabling platforms to meet their regulatory requirements


  • YuLife

    YuLife logo

    London | Health & Wellness | Insurtech | @yulife

    YuLife, is the tech-driven insurance company on a mission to inspire people to live their best lives, transforming financial services into a force for good. The global wellbeing crisis, exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic, has meant that there is a huge gap to fill in the market. YuLife’s flagship product, group life insurance, has achieved rapid traction in a market lacking in innovation.
    YuLife has fundamentally changed the nature of life insurance, creating an innovative new ‘win-win’ model which benefits individuals, businesses and society. The highly engaging, game-like YuLife app enables YuLife policyholders to complete everyday wellness activities in order to earn YuCoin, which they can use to buy gifts for themselves, friends or family, or to improve the world through planting trees and donating to charity. Over a third of YuLife customers engage with the company every single day, compared to once a year for the average insurer, and 87% report an improvement to their wellbeing.


  • Zilch

    Zilch logo

    London | Ecommerce & Marketplace | Finance | @PayZilch

    Zilch is revolutionising the payments industry by merging the best of what people love, desire and trust about debit and credit cards. Leveraging a direct-to-consumer approach, Zilch empowers customers to pay on debit (with up to 2% cashback and rewards) or credit (pay-in-4) for no interest or late fees, anywhere Mastercard is accepted online or in store. As one of the UK’s first pay-over-time providers to be granted a consumer credit licence by the FCA, Zilch’s transparent and customer centric credit alternative is designed with regulators to ensure consumer protection and financial health. Utilising sophisticated Open Banking technology and soft credit checks, Zilch uses its real-time view and understanding of customer’s affordability to give accurate recommendations of what they can afford to borrow.


  • Zuto

    Zuto logo

    North West | Automotive | Finance | @Zuto

    Zuto is passionate about bringing market leading technology to the industry to make the car finance experience as transparent as possible for customers. It aims to eliminate any confusion surrounding whether a customer is actually approved for finance, what APR they will be offered, how much they can borrow, or which selection of lenders customers will be offered. Its platform connects customers with the best lender for their circumstances in seconds and uses extensive customer data to return an APR and monthly repayment, with an upfront approval. Integrating seamlessly with lenders in this way enables Zuto to deliver a faster, customer-first experience.


Who is Future Fifty for?

Your business needs to meet the following criteria to be eligible: 

  • Series B+ funding stage
  • OR If revenue focused generating annual revenues over £5m
  • Achieving 50% year-on-year growth
  • HQ’d in UK

What does the programme involve?

We aim to deliver a format that enables you to nurture your leadership skills, and apply those learnings in your workplace straight away. Companies selected to join the Future Fifty programme will benefit from:

Recognition as one of the UK’s most successful digital businesses

Peer-to-peer networks, including intimate C-Suite roundtables

Masterclass workshops led by global experts

Sessions with government key officials and exclusive ministerial roundtables

Access to a dedicated Tech Nation Visa team

What people think about the programme

“It’s a fantastic network of great people and companies. Great support from the Government which is doing a fantastic job in the UK tech industry.”

José Neves, CEO, Farfetch

“We’re really excited to be working with other entrepreneurs from top notch UK businesses through this programme. Amongst other things, it will help us stay up to date with the evolving needs of our country’s top talent; continuing to deliver on our promise of making our products as enjoyable and relatable to them as possible.”

Chieu Cao, Co-founder, Perkbox

Our previous judging panel

Scroll through to see the calibre of our expert judges

Our previous programme partners

HSBC UK is a financial services organisation that serves more than 40 million customers, ranging from individual savers and investors to some of the world’s biggest companies and governments. Their network covers 64 countries and territories, leveraging their unique expertise, capabilities, breadth and perspectives to open up a world of opportunity for their customers.

Evelyn Partners have been looking after the financial affairs of entrepreneurs and businesses for more than a century, delivering imaginative yet pragmatic advice and solutions tailored to your circumstances. They take the time to get to know you and to understand your objectives, needs and aspirations, as well as the longer-term challenges you’re likely to face.

Our previous supporting partner

Slaughter & May are multi-specialists, equipped to handle a broad range of legal matters. They put the needs of their clients centre stage and are client, rather than product, focused.